Reviews for WZone for Prestashop - Amazon Affiliates Module

3 Reviews

for Customer Support

Customer support is not good at all.

They are avoiding providing solutions and are closing tickets without fix the issues.

I cannot use the module, because it always redirect to website and NOT to the localized (as I set in configuration).

The ticket was closed and no solution was provided.
In addition, some text strings of this plugin cannot be translated.

As you know, every Prestashop's plugin, if properly coded, allows to user to translate in every language.

It is not the case for this module that has some text strings hard coded in english (they did not used the Smarty {l s='text that can be translated'} directives).

In addition, the support seems that still cannot understand that this is a PRESTASHOP module and NOT a Wordpress plugin...

Probably, they are used to provide support ONLY to Wordpress users and they don't know at all Prestashop.

So, in my case, this module is totally useless and I want to receive a fix or a full refund.