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thanks for the latest update. i fixed some of my issues, but not all of them. i can import products just fine, but the external checkout is broken. even in your demo the external checkout does not work. it tells me there is a syntax error in the code

so i was able to code a fix for the external checkout not working bug. in frontend.js replace the following Line: JSON.parse(‘main’) ); with:‘main’)

now everything works as expected! yay! this is an Awesome plugin by the way! good job on it :)


Thank you for this suggestion. We are happy that you’re enjoying our plugin.

Regards, M.

is it working whit version


Yes.It is working.

Regards, M.

Hello you wrote this “Mandatory! Amazon Access & Secret Keys – in order to use the Amazon API”

but how to have it?

I just registered on my affiliate account but he did not give it to me, so how?

waiting to read you,


con este modulo puedo realizar la importacion de producto de amazon mexico con mi ID de Afiliado

Hello, is there a back office demo to test, please? Thanks

Unfortunately we do not have a back office demo.


Works with already existing products in prestashop? I mean to connect via EAN13


Hi – I just started using WZone Lite and am considering purchasing the paid version. How does the paid WZone integrate with the Lite version? I’m just worried about losing all of the Amazon products that I’ve imported, or formatting etc. Hoping you could give me some feedback on what to expect on the transition. Also, could you let me know the main difference between the Lite vs. the paid plugins – I’m trying to decide if I should move forward with the purchase or just keep the lite version. I am new at e-commerce so learning as I go. Many thanks for your feedback. Maggie

sorry I meant this question for the wordpress plugin – I will leave a comment in that product section as well.

Hello, The options are saved in the database, so you won`t loose them when switching versions.

Regards, B.

hi live preview and demo problem.pls follow

Access the demo with http. It doesn`t have a valid ssl certificate installed at the moment but we will solve it asap.

Regards, B.

Customer support is not good at all.

They are avoiding providing solutions and are closing tickets without fix the issues.

I cannot use the module, because it always redirect to website and NOT to the localized (as I set in configuration).

The ticket was closed and no solution was provided. In addition, some text strings of this plugin cannot be translated.

As you know, every Prestashop’s plugin, if properly coded, allows to user to translate in every language.

It is not the case for this module that has some text strings hard coded in english (they did not used the Smarty {l s=’text that can be translated’} directives).

In addition, the support seems that still cannot understand that this is a PRESTASHOP module and NOT a Wordpress plugin…

Probably, they are used to provide support ONLY to Wordpress users and they don’t know at all Prestashop.

So, in my case, this module is totally useless and I want to receive a fix or a full refund.

good job But I want to do this work but the customer can not get out of the pages of the site to another site Should I complete the payment on my page? is that possible ?

Currently, it doesn`t support dropshipping. We have this feature only on Wzone for Wordpress/Woocommerce.

Regards, B.

can i have you affiliate api credentials?

Hello, Please generate your own set of PA API keys.

Regards, B.

compre el modulo pero no viene el pais de mexico habra alguna actualizacion del modulo por favor ayudenme

compre el modulo pero no viene el pais de mexico habra alguna actualizacion del modulo por favor ayudenme

compre el modulo pero no viene el pais de mexico habra alguna actualizacion del modulo por favor ayudenme habra alguna actualizacion que incluya el pais de mexico

Hello, Please open a ticket on our support platform.

Regards, B.

any future plan to make it work without API ?

I have the following error:

Message: “AWS Access Key ID: XXXXXXXXXXXXX. You are submitting requests too quickly. Please retry your requests at a slower rate.”

Hello, i have see your demo, but i haven’t find a product direct linked to amazon. I’m looking for create an e-commerce where my clients, buy directly from amazon and are not able to add products on my shop’s cart. Cna you create a product with this setting in demo version and link it? this version, have the same functionality of wordpress version, import without api key, for example.. I’ d like also a discount for prestashop or wordpress version. Thanks.

API 4.0 from Amazon is deprecated and this module doesn’t work anymore, when will you release the module with tha API 5.0 support? Thanks and kind regards.

Amazon has banned my account becaus your module import names without accents (eg: unión) on trademarks, they say I infringe the copyright names. If you pretend to release a new version please keep in mind that spanish people need this on your product title.

Otherwise, I have lost the faith on a new release. Maybe should I move to wordpress, there you seem to offer better suport

Does this module work or not? Has it been updated, is it supported?


SZCK Purchased

Hi ,i am stucked at CHECKING KEYS its loading and loading and loading, all API informations are correct. i used 2 different to test. both didnt work ..

what to do. ?