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good work, very nice ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you very much.

Good luck with selling! :)

Thank you my friend.

1. Does it allow paste image from clipboard? 2. Does it allow code style formatting? Thanks!

1. No. Since we need URL of the image, browser does not have access to local files or clipboard in this technology. But text can be copied.

2. For images, there is styling for border, margin etc. And for text I have plan to add styling option in future updates


WOW nelliwinne,, This may be the best script you have done :-). I like ALL your work anyway, But DAMN my friend, I may have to purchase this one too just so I have it in case I want to make a page the easy way ;-). Keep up the great work.

thank you my friend. great comment and appreciation. thank you.

Do you still have a copy of your .htaccess Builder on hand? You use to be Code Fusion right?

Nope. I have sound knowledge about how to program .htaccess. So I hard code .htaccess file(s).

FOI: I have a idea to develop a .htaccess Builder script in future.

Cool and awesome :)


Nice Plugin!! You have plans to add YouTube videos??

Actually not yet and no one requested such a option. Still it’s possible I hope. I will schedule this anyway. Thanks for the idea.

hi 1. do you have a wordpress plugin? 2. if not, will this work on wordpress. 3. can it support rtl? 4. is it responsive?


This has no wordpress plugin and I dont think that this will work in wordpress. Thanks.

Does the save feature actually work? If so, where does it save the file? What is the file format? How do I get the HTML code? The file manager shows no files even though I have “saved” many times. Error message in file manager: undefined variable $ActivecurFile

The save feature is to submit the form. Just like the submit button. So it does not save the data to somewhere. You can get HTML code after saving to database or flat file. For file manage issue please send me please send me a screenshot(s) or a link to check the issue to my email premasirinelliwinne@gmail.com along with your username.

I want to buy but i need to know if it works for something like https //: www.name.com (Domain SSL certificate)

Absolutely Yes. This is just a Javascript Library with some PHP files.