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Very nice! Good job!

Thanks for your comment. Hope that you’ll always have best experience with it.

Thank you very much!

Would like to buy your extension, but the price is insanely high!

thank you for your comment! High prices but can shrink its functionality will make you contentment :)

Good for magento 2 . ! Rate 5 star. Good editor

tks u so much!

GLWS nice work!

thanks much!

Hi, as you know the default TinyMCE editor on Magento 2 has many issue (, in particular it disappears sometimes after product save. Does your module works properly?

This editor will be applied on any textarea or only on the products ones?


Sorry about this delayed reply. This editor will be applied on any textarea. Thank you for your interest in our module

Do you have any screen grabs/video showing how the enhanced widget works?

We will make the video soon to send you. Thank you for your interest in our module

Thanks, looking forward to seeing it.

You can see video here:

Hi, is it compatible with magento 2.2.1 please ?

We will update to magento 2.2.1 soon. Thank you for your interest in our module

Hi casabill, I have updated new version for magento 2.2.1, You can experience it now. Thank

Hi I have like your editor extension. I want to implement this extension one of my magento 2.1.7 project.

But I have few questions..

1—Your extension working fine on textarea fields on product, categories,pages and static blocks right?

2—I have some product attributes (Which also textarea fields) and these product attributes are assigned to products and can viewed on product edit page.

Can your extension editor will work on these custom attribute textarea fields?

For e.g.

For e.g. —Suppose I have a product attribute called “Specs” attribute code: “specs” which is a textarea feild attribute and it is also assigned to product set.

—How I activate this editor on this product attribute(Specs)..

Do you able to understand my requirement?

Please reply me..

Thank you for your interest in our module. Our answer to your questions is as follows: About question 1: => Yes, The editor work on all textarea in Magento Backend. About question 2: => When our module is active on your system, this feature many not work anymore. If you want keep this feature, we and you will discuss it further to help you integrate these features into our module.

Hi – does your extension support showing Magento Widgets in page as ‘icons’ and allowing them to be selected and edited as per the core Magento TinyMCE 3 functionality? Thanks!

Yes, our extension does support those. Click the following two links for more details : ; Thanks for paying attention to our extension.