WSPay Woocommerce Payment Gateway

WSPay Woocommerce Payment Gateway

WSPay is popular Croatian company for credit / debit card payment proccesing.

Some of WSPay features

  • On-line authorization and payment of credit cards – American Express, Visa, Diners, MasterCard, Discover (only contracted accept Diners Club cards)
  • On-line authorization and payment of bank (debit) card – Maestro (ALL BANK), Visa Electron
  • Fixed costs of using the system regardless of the number and volume of transactions
  • 3 Types of connecting online grocery system (XML, Form, WebPos)
  • On-line transaction management (authentication, billing, cancellation, refund)
  • The ability to collect in several installments (depending on the card)

Benefits of using WSPay system

  • Faster authorization and delivery of services increases business results
  • Accepting multiple credit cards increases the number of potential buyers
  • Accepting bank (debit) card covers the segment of customers who do not have a credit card
  • Easy to plan and manage operating costs
  • Protection from fraud using stolen card
  • Different models connect to the system make it easy to implement in existing web store

How it works

The payment process is redirect one. Your customers will be redirected to a secure WSPay payment page, where they will make a payment. After the payments is complete the customers will be redirected back to your merchant store and presented with a Thank you/Receipt page.


No SSL needed, the payment process uses security hashing to transfer the data and the payment itself is made on a secure WSPay page.

V2.1.5 Released 07-12-2016

* 07-12-2016
* Fixed minor bug which was made during last update.

* 05-12-2016
* Minor bug fixes.
* Tested with latest WordPress v4.7 & WooCommerce v2.6.8

* 21-01-2016
* Tested with WordPress 4.4.1 & WooCommerce 2.5 - working fine

* 12-08-2015
* Fixed WSPay Sandbox Mode Issue

* 14-01-2015 
* Tested on WP 4.1 && WooCommerce 2.3.x and it's working without update needed.

* 20-11-2014
* Tested on WP 4.x & WooCommerce 2.2.x and it's working without update needed.

* 17-07-2014
* Fixed blank page after successful transaction
* Added transactions error handling (check screenshots)
* Improved wspay admin settings
* Removed WooCommerce support for 1.x versions

* 28-02-2014
* Added WooCommerce 2.1.x support
* Implemented description into hover tips in admin panel
* Removed return page dropdown select in admin panel
* Removed unnecessary code
* Plugin tested on WooCommerce 2.1.9, 2.1.5, 2.1.3, 2.0.20

* 03-11-2013
* Added WooCommerce 2.0.x support
* Fixed "Pending" status after successful payment
* Changed coding structure

Test card details & Demo

  • Card: AMEX (American Express)
  • Card number: 377500998821007
  • Security number: 000
  • Expiry date: 2018 / 10
  • Card: VISA
  • Card number: 4140852000076023
  • Security number: 947
  • Expiry date: 2017 / 10
  • 3D secure password: secret2
  • Card: Master Card
  • Card number: 5488661621675007
  • Security number: 000
  • Expiry date: 2017 / 03
  • 3D secure password: secret3

Demo url: here

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