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Do you have a live version of this so we can see it in action? Hard to tell how it functions from just the screen shots.

I just uploaded demo

I’ve purchased version ..And installed I was there a problem.! What do I do.?

Are you sure that you have entered all the parameters that are associated with SQL?

Yes, we have introduced data SQL I was still there is an error

I do not even know what is your problem, other buyers don’t stumble with this problem Send me email.

Few questions before I buy:

1) To someone who is a total noob to MySQL will I have issues setting this up? Do you offer setup assistance?

2) Is the file encrypted, so no one can look at source or do a SQL injection to get the file url?

3) When the download link is emailed to the buyer, is it a unique URL?

4) Is there a back end where you can see all past purchases etc?

Thanks, Matt


Is there a way to upload the files into a directory instead of though the admin/browser? Some are quite large.

1. You need to upload big file into wshop/files.
2. Then go to “Add new item”.
3. Click “browse” and write way to your file. For example
*Write some code before the file name because when you upload it with button “Browse” it makes automatic. For example “”

Installed very easy, is there a way to now test this?

Go to settings and check “Test Mode”. After that you can test it with Paypal Sandbox.

Is it possible for you to add a quantity to each item?

So you can set it so only 5 can be sold etc, and having different currencies would be good too. :)

It should also limit the downloads from each link, as you could just share the download link after payment with others.

Thanks for ideas. :)
I’ll try to bring all of this in the next version.

I would buy it straight away if they were! :)

502 Bad Gateway

Your demo or Live Version is broken, might want to fix that. Id like to know exactly what the front-end looks like before I even remotly think of purchasing this.

Unless someone has a site that is using this.

Ok, there is a flaw. If lets say you have music files to sell and you put them up for sale, there is a audioplayer to listen to them. If you take a look at the source code, you will see the file, though appears to be encrypted, you CAN still get the file without having to buy it. Ex:


I was easily able to get the file. So, it apears that it has one hell of a security issue.


Whenever I try to add a file, I keep getting a “403 Forbidden” error, even though I changed the /files directory to 777 Chmod.

Any help?

Still, your demo is down..

Is there a way to install this without the entire site using wordpress? My site is html but I’d like a way to receive payment for purchases.

Thanks, good job.

Its a terrible code, massive security issues, instructions are vauge to say the least, really bad

and wordpress plugin? for when?

The demo is not working, would you mind checking that out?

I can not see the demo.

I can not see the demo.

can i see a demo?