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how to install the script? i don´t understand your to easy/quick doc´s…

Hello Modeagent – we haven’t had an email from you! Whats your email and we can contact you!

sorry, I don´t want to give my Emailadress in public places. how can I contact you else oder send me your Email address, your “support” Link to https://wildrocket.ticksy.com/ dos´t work…

How did you send an email before then?! Go to our Author Page (https://codecanyon.net/user/wildrocketdev) and use the Email function on the right hand side.


NBAY Purchased

Having a problem with install not working for me. I’m hoping you can help me finally get this product up and running. See email from info@n**ay,con Thank you!


NBAY Purchased

I can not find an email from you. What is the subject and can you re-send instructions on how to go about getting this up and running.

Sure, I’ve resent it

We have also sent a reply to the email you just sent.

I have done all the steps, but go to the /install/home and it gives me a URL not found? Also your support link isn’t working.

Send us an email through our author profile and we’ll help!

when you plan to updating ? i’m waiting new update before buying

Updating? What sort of updates would a new customer want?

I’m am interested in purchasing the commercial license for a SAAS service to my customers. Please advise when next update is due.

msg you as instructed.

Best Support I have had on CC in a long time. This is a great product and delivers exactly as described. I wish more Authors on this market place would delivering high standard products and high-level support such as this Author does. @WildRocketDev – your Rock!!!

Not sure why you felt the need to email and post it as a comment on the product page for the product, but I’ll help as soon as I can get in front of my laptop.

Hello, I wanted to look at demod version and registered, unfortunately the link in the email did not work

How is it, each user has his own account and domain management system or anyone can view any domain statistics, which I ask just because I could not be registered?

I liked it very much, would like to create own account and test to see how safe it is and works.

Theme is also something, the results display is much too long and unclear.

So I am looking exactly the same as the here but missing a lot. I am looking for months and tests, I would look at some settings of Piwik, maybe you can adjust some functions to the WRanalytics.

Multi language unfortunately missing :(

So I will continue to observe the developments of WRanalytics. Maybe someday it suits my requirements. I would like to share my ideas, if the programming has interests and also as tester I would with

Hello PlayChat – shame about that, we’ll contact our email provider and see what the issue is. At the moment there are no planned upgrades for the system, as we think it is already fully featured.

Hi, I am unable to install. There was no mention of composer in the description of this product else I would not of purchased it. How is a normal person supposed to install this?


Making an assumption about our infrastructure, and accusing normal people to somehow be relying on something, whilst ‘not answering the question sufficiently’, is very telling of someone displaying a defensive attitude.

Please read this, not assuming that I am having a go. I am explaining: All I asked was how can someone not able to use composer install this? I have bought many products that did not require this and they were up and running in minutes, and when I have found a product that needs composer I have avoided it since my first time where I was left spending £50 on something that was not usable based on the Requirements listed in the description.


Thanks for explaining again. As we explained above, If you need help, feel free to email and we can be of assistance.

For the public record, I did get this working and it is really easy to re-skin. Fully recommended system.

Hi, I can’t see any login details you have on the website or on codecanyon page. Thanks

They are on the Live preview page – in the middle!

Ups i see :)) Thanks

The tool does not work! Can not install! Have already contacted several times via the support function, but no reply! I ask again in this way, the tool immediately to get started!

I keep writing to Envato about support, but I NEVER get a response. At the comments already. Funny. Why do you always want manb to contact you if you do not answer?

Hello Marcus – we have received your contact, please make sure to contact us back this time :)

Now i have an answer and i hope it will be run