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pidde85 Purchased

HI, I bought a install service from you. And you installed it and in that it included a free SSL certificate. Now it is not working beacuse the SSL has elapsed about 10 days ago???

How is that become?

Shoot me a support email, and we’ll sort it out!

Check the demo site please. if have too many sites, left side bar can not show all menu items since no scrollbar for select.

Thanks, we have changed it.

No PayPal or Stripe integration?

Paypal comes with Braintree. No stripe for now.

Hi, do you use nodejs+socket.io for real-time tracking? If not, what do you use then? Ajax… LOL?

The internal API can use sockets, but due to cross-browser issues they fall back to ajax when needed. If an Ajax fires every few seconds, compared to a live WS – I don’t see the problem.

We have built realtime engines inside PHP, Ruby and Erlang – the technology doesn’t matter at all if you are good at your job. NodeJS does a good job at real-time because it is asynchronous – but it also hides a lot of stuff, making it good for poor programmers.

Instead of trying to troll my software because you think you know better – trust me, you don’t – publish something of your own so I can make silly remarks like you did :)

I did mention my project as a reply for your offer that I should sell something here. I don’t have a celebrity symptoms so I flagged my comment. No need that everyone will know who I’m and what I have done. What I meant is ajax is not a right tool for analytic software to track data in a real-time. It will create a bottleneck very fast even with a few thousand active users.

Thanks for the email in response! I’ve also flagged my comment in kindness.

AJAX is not required for the actual tracking of active users, that is done inside the API. AJAX (or web sockets – again, this is the admins choice) is used to provide the display code. I have tested up to 100,000 users using Apache Benchmark, and it works as intended.

My Share Host its PHP 5.2.17 that scrip works on?

Where is the channel? I do not have login access on the documentation link

I send email 4 u jus now

Hi there. First off, this is a amazing script. A pre-sale question. Is version 2 out yet, so we can translate the script? Best regards, Dennis

Hi Dennis – I am afraid not, although it is incredible easy to do this yourself.

Okay thanks. What about future plans for this script? Will there be new versions and features soon? Best regards, Dennis :)

There are no plans for any future development work. For $25 you are getting an incredible system already.

Hi, Pre sale question. Can we add and track multi pal urls from same website . Like word press posts urls separately . Thanks

Hey – not sure what you mean! Contact us via email so we can discuss further!

Hi, Does your analytics script supported google keyword referrer and IP address (include ISP name) ?? thanks

Hi mazbron – no, it does not at the moment. The documentation does tell you how to add this yourself though!


Please let me know if your analytics script working for the version PHP 5.3.29 ??


Hi – you can check the software version needed on the right side of the page.

Hi there – is capability to read visitor IP in yet?

Like actually seeing the IP and doing a look up for it?

Where in the demo does it show incoming IP? Interested but need that in order to buy. Thanks!

Any chance we can get a working demo?

Massive apologies – it appeared that the SSL certificate expired. This has been rectified.

Any update coming soon to this ?

There are no planned updates.

A client question, why use you solution instead Google or any those Analytics avaliables ?


hassajo Purchased

Is there any way i can get help to install this? How to: On the command line, run composer install – this will install all the dependencies for the project.

Of course! Email us on our author page, and we’ll start a conversation

is your system show?

Search query etc??

Might be worth checking out the demo!

already checked that’s why i asked you about it. Is it have more option.

First of all congratulation for starting a good thing :)

Hello, pre-sale question: does this app does the same as https://codecanyon.net/item/embedalytics/17762061? What Laravel version is it built on? and is it possible to access demo with an admin privilege to see how the backend work? thanks


fjmn Purchased

I have your script 10 month ago, but I don’t know install fine. Could you help me please? thank so much. best regards.

The demo is very slow and does NOT display properly. Poor work!