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Good luck with sales :) my item also got approved today :D

Thank you. lol. good luck

Very nice app. Can i disable the welcome screen?. Is there a live preview with ionic?

1. Yes , you can do that in the app.js file. (see documentation)
2. Yes, you have apk file include. However you can see the app from IONIC view.

To see the live version: First, install the ‘Ionic View’ app from the App Store.

Then use the ID 0f549234

Does it send push notification on every post edited or posted?

Push is used by onesignal . So you can configure with your onesignal account

Push id done through onesignal. If onesignal allow you to configure that , you are good to go!

Hi!.. great work, congrats!.. works with woocommerce too?..

I did not try but i guess. The good thing is that you can customized to use any api

wow, useful stuff ;) very nice, all the best for your sales !


Is this using WP REST API V1 or V2 ?

Hello This is V2. If you are looking for V1 tou can take a look at my other product


Is the project files for Android Studio?


Hi, Pre Purchase question here… It stores online data and work for offline or not? Also, it is native or not?

Hello jubershaikh123 Only bookmarked is store offline. It is called hybrid application, The same as most of the app build with html5 and phonegap. So you use android studio to modify or Xcode. Do not forget to test with the APK provided https://github.com/davidzongo/WpZV2---Wordpress-Mobile-application-Android/blob/master/WpZV2-release.apk thanks

Can i see your documantation

I, Documentation is available in the Folder after purchase. DO you have any specific question?


Thank you

where is documentation?

Please check your email. We have sent it. Sorry for the enconvenient

detailed documentation? it just says where to change the site url and i did that but nothing is showing up in the app, i have installed both plugin as well

Please respond throught the email i just sent

full of bugs, no support and no “detailed” documentation

Hello @The3dLab Sorry to see this comment. We have pushed a new version to CodeCanyon 3 days ago, waiting for them to release. You can also receive the latest through email. Sory for the enconvenient


“( included) IOS (on demand) • Fully customizable;” what does it mean? when I buy this porject, will I also get xcode project? thank you

Hello This is an Ionic 1.xx You can run the build for Xcode. ionic add ios If you need customization our team will be able to help on paid version

Do you any plugin for preview on wordpress before buy?

Hello No need to go in wordpress for preview

To see the demo version: First, install the ‘Ionic View’ app from the App Store or playstore

Then use the ID 0f549234

just try to install but still many bugs, many error and deprecated code, can not build apk cause many error. (use latest android studio v.2.3.3) . please update your code. thanks!

Hello Nusapenida Thanks for the purchase. Also thanks for letting us know about this issue. Our developper is schedule to look into it as soon as possible. We will update the all code and let you know asap. Have a wonderful journey

We just release the new Version with fix Please bare with us while Codecanyon is Validating Thanks again

Hi! Thank you very much for the update. Now the application work well.