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Nice work GLWS :)


Hello! I am really interested in your phone application. But I was checking in the live preview and It doesn’t have the seach button neither the option to search. Can you please tell me if you don’t have that feature? Because I really need it! Thanks I hope you can reply me as soon as possible.

Hi The search feature is under the topbar.It only search withing the current listarticle. Does this respond to your question? Thanks


Search page is now included in the latest version Android source code is also included

if i open click my site link from facebook : mysite.com/page-name is there a way app to start and to show that page in app.

like youtube app , if u open a youtube.com link on facebook it will automatically open the youtube app and show video inside youtube app

Hello Sorry for the delay. I did not receive this message to inbox. The response is NO. However the app allow you to read and listen to youtube directely from the app

New Version release include:
1. Search Functionality
2. Search page
3. Android source code

do you plan to release it in Ionic2 RC0 ?


whats the eta?

Hello Auscomp, we have not yet defined the date.

is push notifications supported and is i build with phonegap

Yes. Push notification is done by onesignal.com and build with phonegap. U can test the app of one client https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.burkina24.mafromedia