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Hi, I have considered this plugin a few times. However, with the most recent updates of WordPress, going to 4.0 I am wondering if this plugin will still work. It seems the last update was 2012. Has anyone tried this plugin with any of the Beta releases of WP 4.0?

I’m even nervous about 3.9.2. Anyone with news about that version of WP?

I could really use this plugin if it works with recent WP releases.

Thanks :)

I have not tried it with 4.0, but I can confirm it still works with 3.9.1

Will it save the WP custom post into Word while preserving the layout, fonts, images to give exact replica of the WP post?

Sorry no, if you view the screen shots you will see the format that it outputs.


Just bought the plugin, but cannot install it.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in public_html/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php on line 628

Please help :-)


What version of wordpress are you using?

What install steps did you take?


Did you ever add Word to WP feature? I saw that you mentioned you were going to as a future update. I have a few hundred Word documents of blog posts that need to be put into WP and I can’t find any plugin that for it. Naturally it would also need to scrub all the MS Word garbage out of the files on the upload too..

Greetings EightAmRock – Is there a simple installation guide? I just purchased this tool but need to know how to add it to my Wordpress site

Hi, apologies for the late reply. If you unzip the downloaded file, you will see a installation guide. This plugin was built to be uploaded via FTP to your server.

Please let me know if you have issues with the instructions.

Hi, I was going to purchase this plugin before i do that please confirm few things: -Will this plugin export the post images also. -Can we export posts ordered by the date. -And is it compatible with the WordPress 4.2 latest version.

I’m waiting for your prompt reply. Thank you!

It will not export the images directly, it will export links to them though. It has not yet been verified to work on 4.2.

Ok, So i’m using that plugin now it is working on WordPress 4.2. I have an question this plugin is not adding paragraph breaks while exporting content into .word document, please advise on that.

Waiting for your quick reply. Thank you!

this plugin can be updated wordpress post by word file or not?