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Hello, I’m an excellent designer but I do not have much knowledge in Codes and Programming, I know CSS. As with this Framework I will be able to build themes to be sold in Themeforest? Is it software that will generate the file with thema? How does this part of thema creation work using this framework for sale in themeforest?

Within Envato you should contact me via email and I send you a code, nothing difficult, just send us an email to when you theme is ready and we reply within 12h.

I confirm you the Framework will not die shortly, this is a big project and it’s just started, on 2018 we will provide big updates and in next years we also have a roadmap.

I’m afraid to start and not adapt to use! Is there a cheaper package to get me started?

There is the HTML version but is not WordPress. If you want WordPress the cheaper version is this one of $36

Why am I getting fatal error when I try to activate hybrid composer plugin?

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /var/www/html/kelseyico/wp-content/plugins/hybrid-composer/index.php on line 362

Hi, your php version is too old. Min is 5.6

Thanks for the quick response! I apologize, I saw that you had answered this before. Can I use PHP 7?

Php 7 is not fully supported unfortunately

I have a question. Your framework does not work with fields or taxonomies… How can I enable users to create posts in frontend?

and: i do not have an “edit archive” button


WPTF use the Lists( for the archive and for taxonomies, you not need no more an archive page due you can use the POST TYPE components, you can anyway set an archive page from Lists menu.


Wow, this is incredible! I’ve seen a theme builder like this. A while ago I did exhaustive research into theme builder software. All of them create older type themes. This could be one of the first theme builders with all features of a regular high end theme! Wow

First page is part so my customers can select from demos?

Csn I get a package deal for both extended license to this and support chat plugin?

Regarding steps for themeforest…

If I just want to build a theme, customize, zip ready to upload to wp, what steps are neededa. Themeforest ready is mountain of work, it seems. I just want use the install and show a live page to sell my themes. No themeforest.

Please kindly provided detailed answers, as this is a big deal. If 20 steps and tons of css changes are needed and I have to do manually, won’t work for me. I want to be able to control dev by using admin console. Ad does say No coding experience required. I’m not afraid of basic code but I spend a bulk of my time on front end design Thank you

Sorry I didn’t see this. WP Are there starter full site/page templates already built that we can further edit and build? What I mean here are done page templates with placeholder text and images, with styling already built in, that we can preview, open to edit and customize. I’m not referring to a demo setup for themeforest. Do you have links to demos that ship with framework? I have yet to find a site built with framework. I must be missing it

On demo, I see the page builder, which is awesome but I don’t see theme settings tab, or template option.


Hello, anyone home? Dude has his wallet open!

Hola. Hace tiempo, compré la plantilla Gourmet. La instalé en un dominio pero ahora estoy intentando instalarla en otro y no me deja editarla. Como puedo hacerlo??


Hi, please send wp accesses and purchase code to and I will check

Ok, I’m about ready How could I take an existing html website with basic html and php wnd using your framework, convert the html to a wordpress theme?

Is this possible or would I need to create from scratch a theme that has same content? If the latter, what content from html site could I copy over to make task easier?

Ok I got it. This is a theme we install inside the main package. We design here wnd then bring into WPTF to make a theme right? I’m getting it. And if I publish to html as well as wp, I need extended for hybrid Am I correct? Never answered my question but that’s ok. I would have to build my funnel from scratch inside hybrid

WPTF is what builds our theme and hybrid builder can build either or snd can get it like demo by installing all plugins Right?

I checked u add new feature “copy and paste components on the fly” Is this like I can copy any exisitin Component and paste in new page… but I am not able to do.. can you please provide screenshot or any tutorial

Hi if I got the extended licence does that mean I can make unlimited themes to sell on themeforest do I need to pay extra or is $99 total ???

Hi, $99 is for 1 commercial theme only. Thank you


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Hello! Could I have the please?

Have a good one

Hi, I think the PHP version of your hosting is too old, try to set a newest PHP version on your hosting.The minimum PHP version is 5.6, the max is 6.9. Thank you


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Hi and thanks for your reply.

I´ve just updated the PHP version to 5.6 but still doesn’t work, any other hints?


Hi, please send wp accesses to and I will check. Thank you


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Greetings. I’m following your installation guide that reads the following: Go to WordPress menu > Apparence > Themes and click on top button Add new Click on top button Upload Theme On Y | The Theme package you will found the zip file, select it and click on Install now Wait installation and when completed click on Activate

The problem is, there’s no folder , the only folders I see are Starting Theme>wpft and wpft-child

I bought WPFT, not Y, not sure what Y means.

Hi, i’m sorry for the wrong instructions.You need to upload the folder “wptf” inside the Starting theme folder, zip it for upload via WordPress. After this upload the plugin


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Thanks, my main goal is to create custom themes. Is this process the correct one to follow?


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I downloaded all the theme files, followed the instructions, uploaded and installed the theme zip folder. I tried to create one page, and after saving nothing shows up, only a loader but the page never loads. Demo imports don’t work either even though I have slider rev installed. Logo doesn’t show either. Can you let me know what’s going on?


Hi, please send wp accesses to and I will check. Thank you

You could have put with the given package. Why does it say I have to contact support and get them. Please send the demo files ASAP. Email me at

Ok, you need first to buy After the purchase ask a refund here: and we will accept it in few minutes. Thank you

Ok Im doing it. Wait

I have bought the theme and made a refund request. Please do the needful.

Hello. How to use your framework to stylize the product page in Woocommerce? Can I add my stylized blocks with it to my product page?

and why it does not work Show a full single product page by ID or SKU.product_page id=”99” page freezes after insertion Shortcodes (

Sorry for the problem, it’s a bug. Please open the file wp-content\plugins\hybrid-composer\global-content.php and replace

function hc_apply_content($content) {
    return hc_get_hc_content();


function hc_apply_content($content) {
    global $hc_loop_init;
    if (!$hc_loop_init) {
        $hc_loop_init = true;
        return hc_get_hc_content();

Thank you

Thank you very much. It was a great help for my work. Best regards, Vitaliy

you’re welcome


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When i try to download component file or Download example i get 404 PAGE NOT FOUND ??

Hi, i’m really sorry. We restored the links, please try again. Thank you!


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Its ok man, thanx!

hi, Its a nice framework… Thanks for the moment.. You made it. Actually i was interested in creating one like this, but not a wordpress and php developer.

I am interested in buying the framework, But little confused with the licensing…

I want to get an extended license, I like to develop themes for others too. Saw the extended licence for 99. but in website its 150 usd which one to buy. Plz advice.

Anyway its a nice framework.. Superb

Ok it’s only the static HTML version not the WordPress one.

Thanks, for the reply, So the wp version is 99 usd the extended one, Can i install visual composer in this. Please advice

You need to use Hybrid Composer. Visual Composer is not supported.