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Hello, I am looking to buy Extended License but before purchasing it i am having few questions, -Can i easily import html to this? -Can i rename it on my own “like in theme option there is WPTF mentioned” can i make it fully whitelabled? -If i make website for my clients using your plugin will they get lifetime update or they also have to buy it? -i have also downloaded your HTML sample file and seen it, So i have to design every html template according to it? Regards

Sorry for the confusion, yes it’s like in Visual Composer, if you create your theme, then you can use it as you want for private purposes like your clients.

Can i see any live demo that how we can import html template to wordpress using your plugin? Do you have any video for it? I just want to see that how your html framework file can import in wordpress using your plugin.

There is not an import feature, you need to re-create again all the pages with the composer, the compatibility is related to the design and HTML, you can create your site with the HTML version and then by just copy the skin.css file and by creating the components with the composer it will appear as same as the HTML version.

Hello, i will buy the extended License. Before i do that i have a question. We have a other Page Builder for Integration. Can we disable your Page Builder and use the other one??

Not possible I’m sorry :(

Okay, that’s too bad.

Can we run the second page builder additionally or are there conflicts?

It’s not possible in any way use other page builders sorry

Hover Composer comes bundled with the Gourmet wordpress theme. Things were largely fine but now the right sidebar option (in a page edit screen on the backend) flickers when the mouse as much as hovers on it so i cant save, edit, upload a page any longer.

I’m getting a fatal error from Hybrid Composer on a plugin generated page (WP Job Manager)—wordpress-site/job/test-job-1/

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘css’ in /home/website/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hybrid-composer/index.php on line 83

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/website/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hybrid-composer/index.php:83>

Is there a fix for this error, or a way to disable hybrid composer for pages generated by the plugin?

Hi, if you send to WP and FTP access (and admin link that generate the problem) I check. Thank you!

I have one pre-sales question, Can this plugins setup header just like it setup in your theme “White Label”, I want menu starts just after logo.


kaslederj Purchased

Dear Schiocco I recently purchased your WPTF addon there is any chance I can upgrade to the Fullpage-fullscreen theme?

Sure, please contact me at