Discussion on WPTF - WordPress Theme Framework

Discussion on WPTF - WordPress Theme Framework

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Salve avevo presto tempo addietro una versione .. adesso noto che con WP 6.1 ci sono dei problemi cu Hybrid composer, però non vedo aggiornamenti/compatibiltà.. lo aggiornerei VOLENTIERI se però appunto avessi la certezza che viene garantito il funzionamento sulle nuove versioni e supporto per i rilasci futuri…

Hi, I’m sorry for the issue, please go to Appearance > Theme options > General and on bottom check “Disable Gutenberg” or installed the plugin WP Classic Editor and try again. Thank you!

hello. my hosting service disabled the hybrid composer plugin due to a curruption. seems an valid backup does not exist, how can I download a not currupted version installed (1.4.7) ?

they installed WP 6.1.1, is this a problem of compatibility? I use Gourmet theme,

Hi, please write us via the comments area of the product, or from, and use the Envato account of the purchase, or send the purchase code. Thank you, regards

Mi sto rifacendo il sito con wptf, sto riscontrando però tre bug fastidiosi: anche se nella sezione imposto il centramento sulla verticale, per allineare due immagini di dimensioni diverse, questa non funziona in una griglia di immagini, viene ignorata la voce “mobile columns” e quindi se guardo da mobile mi ritrovo con delle icone che vorrei piccole e invece occupano tutto lo schermo se imposto uno sfondo come video, come intro del sito,. a tutto schermo, questo su mobile non funziona

Hi, I bought this to make a fullpage website, is this feature gone?

I advise to use for that. You can get a refund for this and gat that one if you want.

Hi there, For some time now, almost each time I try to make changes to a page in my website, it breaks the page when saving and I have a json object displayed on the website instead of my page. Then, I have to revert to some previous revision to get the page back. But, even there, a revision that was previously working fine can fail after revert… :shocked: That this very annoying and maintaining the website is becoming a nightmare. :cry: I’m using Hybrid Composer Version 1.4.7, on WordPress 6.1.1 with Structura theme. Any idea what could be the problem? Thanks!

Hi, please write us via the comments area of the product, or from, and use the Envato account of the purchase, or send the purchase code. Thank you, regards

I’m trying to enter social reviews on the site but I entered the id code of my facebook page but it doesn’t display any comments


m6ml66 Purchased

hi ,I just bought WPTF ,But How to install Hybrid Composer plugin ? Thx

Hi, thank you for the purchase, it should show you a message when you activate the theme. If not the plugin is inside the /inc/ theme folder. Thank you!


filip79 Purchased

Hi again,

I am sorry for my not ending questioning, but I downloaded the files from here. Inside the zip is this Is this right? I zipped the files inside starting theme, successfully installed theme and HC, but when I visit page, it keeps loading and nothing happens. The UI of editing looks very different in compare with your provided demo. I am running WP localy with recommended app Local. I tried running it with XAMPP, wordpress worked but your plugin not. Theme options does not show anything. When switched to another theme and save the page, it throws php error Warning: Undefined array key “page_setting” in **.

Can you provide some better donwload link, or something. I do not know if the installation files are corrupted or what…

If you use better environment for local development, can you provide some recommendation?

Thank you in advance.


I confirm the files are ok. Upload it on a live server and send WP login to and I check. Thank you!


filip79 Purchased


what version of WP and PHP it supports?



Latest WP version and PHP 8.0


filip79 Purchased

Thank you very much

You are welcome!


filip79 Purchased


In downloaded zip are just folders “starting template” “starting theme”. So worpdress wont install it. What should i do?

Thank you

Filip Kemza

Hi, Install the starting theme and Hybrid Composer plugin . Thank you!


filip79 Purchased


thank you for quick response. Its all good now.

Thanks :)

You are welcome!

Hi, I think something is wrong,

On woocommerce shop page only title is visible rest blank page.

even in your demo too.

Same happening on my website. wordpress 6.0.3 and latest woocommerce


Can I kindly ask to renew the support? Unfortunately it’s expired and you need to renew it to get support. You can also hire us for $30.

Thank you!

Renewed. Please check

Thank you! Please follow the docs at and be sure to remove the shop from the WooCommerce settings


pawel93 Purchased


I bought a regular license of WPTF. Is it normal to see just blank page at the theme options and I need to make everyrything from start?

I want to be just sure, that is not a bug :).


Hi strange, please enable PHP 8 and the PHP debug and send me FTP + link of the blank page and I will fix it. Regards


pawel93 Purchased

I’ve sent you an email.

Somehow when I install hybrid-composer from execoore theme and change settings, then delete and install hybrid-composer from WPTF it suddenly works :). But i think it’s not the best solution.

Hi this method is ok to use, but I will fix also WPTF.

Good afternoon,

I started working with ‘lists’ which is a great way of creating your own type of posts. I now run into the following problem. I have extended an existing list and if I now try to create a post based on this list, the new posts shows an empty page.

I have run into this problem before and I resolved it by creating a new list. But this time it took a lot of time creating the list, so I would rather not delete it and create a new list.

I am using WP 6.0.2. with the Alpins theme.

Is this a known issue? And/or is there a resolution?

Kind regards, Dick

I am using the functionality ‘Lists’: The first integrated post types engine for creating any post type you want.

With a List you create a new post type. For instance: ‘Grouptour’. You can then design the page for this specific post type. This page will be used by every item of this specific post type. After creating this post type a new menu-items shows with this name ‘Grouptour’.

You can then create a new item of this specific post type. And the pgae will be used that you have designed when creating the post type (the ‘List’).

This is functionality that is part of WPTF ( which is part of the Alpins theme.

============================================================ So, I have create a new List and designed the (template) page for all the items within this specific post type. But, ... when I create an item of this specific List the page template is not used.

Kind regards, Dick

Hi, please send WP accesses (login link, user, password) with administrator privileges to + FTP and I will check. On the message add also a reference to you(Envato username or comment text/link). Thank you


tg170 Purchased

Hello, love this theme and plugin so much, thank you!

Question: for some reason the menu sorter for the “Advanced List” in Masonry List does not work as expected. It appears to be working as expected in “Images List” (see but not here (see

In that second example, do you see how I am not able to get the Menu items to appear? What should I try?

Thanks, Catherine

HI, strange, please send WP accesses (login link, user, password) with administrator privileges to and I will check. On the message add also a reference to you(Envato username or comment text/link). Thank you


Is it hybrid composer and framework still supported and ready to use with php 8.0 and wp 6.0? I would like to use it to create webpages.

Hi yes it works for PHP 8 and WP 6. Regards

Hello, I have been trying to understand how this works and I am having an awful time with the docs even. I spoke to you before I purchased this because I am NEW to theme development period. I figured I would buy the license and see If I can use the framework effectively.. Then aquire Extended License and sell on Themeforest. Is there a video or complete rookie docs ?

I am really interested in Learning but I am simply overwhelmed with getting started

Hi, the docs for it are here:

Alternatively I can send you one of my themes listed in our portfolio and you can use it to create your new theme.

Thank you!

Hi there,

If I build my theme with your framework, can the user then edit their website with any theme builder, like Elementor, Divi, etc?

Hi no sorry. Hybrid Composer is required

I have been looking for your help for many days. The theme is acting up and need your attention. You are not found. What’s going on? Please let me know you are supporting. Thanks!

Hi I think your emails are getting lost, write us from here:

Hey, I wanted some custom work and liked to reach you with this address:, but it’s not working anymore. How can I reach you?

Hi and sorry. Where did you find that email? Contact us at

wp-content/plugins/hybrid-composer/fullpage.php on line 72. Do you have any idea why this error? This happens when I select fullpage template on homepage.

Links are not working (403)

Please try now

Hi, please send WP accesses + FTP (login link, user, password) with administrator privileges to and I will check. On the message add also a reference to you(Envato username or comment text/link). Thank you


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