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NorthernOptic does not currently provide support for this item.

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Screenshots, demo, anything would be helpful for people to look at. (NOT screenshots of the browser results.)

Thanks for the feedback Bejamin! I’ve added a demo of the rate limiting and WAF in the Live Preview.

Just chipping in… I need the same as Benjamin before I ca make a decision. Update when you can. Thanks! Appreciate it.

Really appreciate it. Added to cart. Could you send me a screenshot of the settings panel so I can see how it operates/ is implemented?

Ni Noah; The plugin is a simply install and leave plugin. The WAF rules are controlled by an XML file, other than that there is no configuration. The main reason for this is that many of the core functions of this plugin instantiate before WordPress does, this is vital to ensure a thorough level of security – and therefore there is no admin panel to get the options from.

That’s great because I don’t want to think about it, haha, lol. But I know security quite a bit and definitely know xml. And then I understand you not showing screenshot for this because it would be easy for some to copy/paste/create their own. Will buy for sure then soon. Thanks.

Not sure how ANYONE can know “it is really good – good work” when no purchases have been made and nothing has been shared that would be a reason to purchase this plugin. There is interest in the plugin, but you need to show a little more.


In case I decide to have installed other security plugins simultaneously: Any known conflicts with ‘Hide My WP’ and/or ‘Wordfence Security’?

Thank You!

There are no conflicts with other security plugins. This plugin acts as a WAF and Intrusion Prevention System, other plugins typically just do security through obscurity instead of active security prevention (like this plugin does).

OK. Thank you for quick reply. I am about to by it, (to help breaking the ice with sales).

I just have one last question:

The statement “NorthernOptic does not support this item” means that I shouldn’t expect any help-advice/assistance-advice from you? I mean in case I see it is useful for me but have some issues.

We don’t officially offer support. If you reach out to us, we will usually try and help though and are quite responsive to bug reports.

Amazing work, good luck with sales :)

Thanks very much. :)

cool work ! all the best for your sales ;)

hola! this sounds great _ admitted wp newbie here wanting to know if this is suitable firewall for a godaddy cloudserver free trial I am about to do. previously a managed wp godaddy user …but cloud set up is saying I need to do my own firewall…am I understanding that this is intended for a situation like that? or as a back up etc.? thanks in advance!

This product is a Web Application Firewall; it protects against Application layer attacks. It isn’t a firewall in the sense of IPTables, more like Mod_Security.

congratulations GLWS

I can’t help but smile at those people wishing GLWS but don’t buy themselves ;)

Is this plugin active? Are NorthernOptic still around? I was curious to see the demo site, but the website is down at https://northernoptic.com/ I would never buy anything, from someone who has closed down their own webpage/site!?