WPRM - WP RESTful APIs Manager

WPRM - WP RESTful APIs Manager

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What’s APIs and how it’s useful?

An API is a way to let you talk to a 3rd-party application, usually either to retrieve data or update that application.

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About The Plugin

WPRM or WP RESTful APIs Manager plugin is multi-purpose and can be generally used. It enables you to create, manage RESTful APIs data – whether it’s live currency exchange, weather forecasting data, google services data, Facebook or Twitter API or any other RESTful API – starting from establishing a connection to customizing templates and positioning the results.

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Key Features

  • Integrating most common APIs without researching for any custom integration.
  • Creating a connection with any restful API just copy the link and set the parameters.
  • Add dynamic data to your request such as post title, content, post meta and more.
  • Customize where to show the request output including using a shortcode [rm].
  • Handling repeatable results and templating all types of results.
  • Ability to save request results in WordPress database tables.
  • Check request results with dummy data using initial request engine.
  • Functional helpers to check and display your template better.
  • Ability to establish authorized requests with username and password.
  • Creating customized base URL connections. ex:{1}/{2}/ where 1 and 2 are dynamic parameters.
  • Support remote requests to all APIs.
  • Ability to add extra header data such as Auth key.
  • Added shortcode [rm_btn] to activate request on button click.
  • Added POST, PUT and DELETE Request Methods.

Quick launch and tutorials

Do you want to know how to integrate a specific RESTful API using WPRM? Just send the API’s name and link in the comments section and we will create a tutorial and refer you to it in a reply.

Change Log

= WPRM version 1.3.2 =
Added: POST, PUT and DELETE Request Methods. 
Added shortcode: [rm_btn] to activate request on button click. 
Added: GIF Loader while the request implemented.
= WPRM version 1.2.9 =
Added: new RESTful requests engine. 
Added: connection header extra custom data.
= WPRM version 1.2.6 =
updated: optimized request saving process.
= WPRM version 1.2.5 =
Added: custom url connection.
Fixed: saving data to database feature.
= WPRM version 1.2.1 =
Added: Ability to establish authorized requests with username and password.
= WPRM version 1.0.1 =
Added: new developers actions and filters. 
Added: new [if] and [ifExist] helpers. 
Added: new [section] helpers. 
Updated: templates section.