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Is there way I can contact you by email about connecting a api feed to my woocommerce site?

Yes, Go to my profile. send me email from the textarea in sidebar bottom right.

Hi Do you have any installation documentation?

Yes, please check out the links to examples in the plugin’s page under “Quick launch and tutorials” section.

Hi, I sent an email yesterday through your profile. I am having some issues integrating the api I want to. Also, when creating the connections and requests the requests are seemingly not formatting properly and I am unable to see the list of parameters on the request. Please can you come back to me and help? Kind regards.

Hi, while waiting for your response, in the interim I am now having a problem where when I enter the fixed values on a request and then save it half way through I get this error message “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/discovergp/public_html/wp-content/plugins/restful-manager/views/request/reqConnectionSettings.php on line 55”

I have checked line 55 in that file and it is:

foreach($params as $key => $param):

Any help on this matter?

I’ve responded to your email.

Thanks. I will respond now.

Hi i have custom post type called listing, can i add easily integration with api, eith your plugin?

Thank you

I am trying to develop a reporting dashboard for my clients. Can you tell me if your plugin will allow me to import tthe following data:

Google Adwords Facebook ads Facebook Insights api Google analytics Garvityforms api

Once imported, can I customize what is displayed?

OK, great. Thank you. I messaged you regarding some custom things and I also sent you an upwork invite. Please review when you have a moment. This seem to be a really great plugin. Thank you.

Just checking again, will you be able to help and customize some things for me?

I guess no response after a week?


gs79416 Purchased

iPage site is down with all the tutorials. can you email with pdf’s of those documents, please?

Best Regards, Gary

Hello presale question to see if it can benintegrated with the yummly api. Please let memknow thanks!

Hi just purchased your plugin of code canyon

im a newb (lee)

your tuorial reference this api, but its 404 not found, can you update the tut to include a API that is working, Cheers, Lee look forward to getting it all set up

regards how to add the adsense ID to the custom search engine as per the tut on cheers, Lee great plugin btw :)

Hi anyone got any more tuts please post here

Dose not display api data when not logged in?

add this to child functions to fix issue of ajax request not working when not logged in. I was following the tuts from DEv and viewing the results when logged in everything was OK, however when i checked in another browser not logged in I was getting a lot of 0,s. little bit of googling found this snippet pasted in child theme functons fixes the issue.

if(isset($_REQUEST[‘action’])): do_action( ‘wp_ajax_’ . $_REQUEST[‘action’] ); do_action( ‘wp_ajax_nopriv_’ . $_REQUEST[‘action’] ); endif;

modify – RM_displayController.php in folder controller of the plugin

line 9

add_action('wp_ajax_rm_data_display', array(&$this,'rm_data_display'));

to display results when not logged in

add_action(‘wp_ajax_nopriv_rm_data_display’, array(&$this,’rm_data_display’));



areesu Purchased

Hi, Please send me for your tutorial . here is my api document Thanks Aree

Hi , it’s possible to use your plugin for :

i sent you an email but i don’t receive response .



dryserv Purchased

I am trying to connect to this api but no luck.

I do have a user name and password for it. I believe it requires a token generated by base64encode. I went to if I enter the token in the header is that ok?


Hello. All the tutorial links are currently dead. Would you please send over, publish, or update the links to the tutorials for using the plugin.