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Good luck with sales, looks good :)

Looks great. What happens when an unauthorized IP tries to view the site? Do they get forwarded somewhere?

No, they will see your servers default 403 forbidden page unless you have custom error pages setup.

Hi, I’m interested in this plugin, but I have a question, how do I get the IPs. The plugin automatically displays a log of IPs that visit my blog??

Thank you very much for your time, I hope your answer.


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but I don’t get notifications of new comments.

To allow access to your site with this plugin installed you would need to ask the users that you’re allowing for their IP address.

No, the plugin will not track analog visited IP addresses. However your server log’s might.

Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Hi, will your plugin let me restrict just a section of a site to IP addresses? I have a membership I’d like to restrict without members needing individual user/passwords. If they come in from the correct IP they go straight in, others see only the pages intended for public viewing. Thanks in advance


the restriction is active of all website or just page / post ?

Also, your plugin is compatible with wp 3.9 ?


Yes it works with 3.9.1

and restricts the whole site.


The plugin is compatible with version 4.1.4 or later (4.2.1)?

Tested with 4.2.2 and works as expected.

What happens when an authorized IP tries to view the site? Do they have to login?

Is this plugin up to date? Also, is there a way to unrestrict a list of pages so you can have sales page and registration to get subscribers?