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Can you give me a chance to try? Because I do not know whether it can work with my Bootstrap 3 template.

Yes, as your theme is not based on LayersWP. It is LayersWP extension as it names shows, it works only with LayersWP themes and its child themes.

I hope you will get the point.

Can you change this plugin support Bootstrap 3?

It is already supported for that but that theme should be Bootstrap + Layers.

Hi i’ve a pre-sale request. Can i see the backend layout and how it works on LayersWP? Thank you. Francesco

You can view preview screenshots to get the idea of its options. It does not have any backed layout rather its an extension, and its for live customization on real time without going back and forth.

Hi it does not work on my wordpress, i can not find it on the wp-panel in the sidebar, can you help me?

Can you please inbox me the link where you have installed WordPress, with Admin Panel details?

I’m not familiar with Layers. I have Visual Composer using the Lambda theme. Does this work with a non-layers theme like that?

How does the hover state work on iPhone and Android mobile devices?


Hi mrgillard, This extension works only with Layers theme or any of its child theme. For mobiles, it is responsive and hover state actually depends on the browser support by iPhone or Android. You may test the demo on the mobile to see the capability of browser and plugin response on it.

Hello! This plugin I can link the posts of users on the team card? I need to put a link to the posts of registered users on my site. Thank you!

Hi, You can put Social Media Links on the team card.

If you need further assistance, PM and & send your website link to review and analyze your requirement.


I have sucsess install plugin, activate it. When I want to use it, cant find it in widget menu. Dosent exist. Whats wrong?

You’re using a non layers WP theme i.e.,

As mentioned in the description & category listing, this plugin works with Layers WP theme and all its child theme. More details can be seen at the following link:

Thank you for. That mean, it is imposible to use this plugin on my platform.

Hello, I’m using the Team Plugin and saw 3 things: 1- The members apears vertically insstead of horizontally. I saw the demo page and probably you miss a float:left in the CSS. I put that line and work apparently .column-flush.span-3{float: left;}

2- I can’t add another team member but you put the button for adding an extra emember. This in the widget configuration.

3-. In the widget configuration I’m unable to put a custom link when someone click on the picture, is really frustating that you send the click to the main page by default )=

At firs glance is what I saw most important. I have the Layers WP 1.5.1

Hello!!! Thanks for the quickly soport =) The Issue 1 and 2 are well done (=

Only I can’t see the Issue for putting a custom Link when I click the image =( Its really important for me because I could link the image with an internal Page, Post or outside my site.

Kind regards and thank you

Hi ricardotrejoruiz, This feature is not supported in the current and previous version but on your request we are planning to integrate in the next release within upcoming week. If you need any other feature in this plugin do let us know so we will be able to develop a quality plugin.

Thnaks for the update =) I think the Plugin is great with a lot of beauty efects. Enabling the capability of putting a Link for the navigation of custom Link ehn clikc over the image is a product call (=


SOS! I tried to installed the plugin as the video shows but it says:

“Unpacking a package …

Installing add …

Unable to install the package. No valid add-ons found.

Install add-on failed!”

It’s the first time that i’m facing a problem like this in my site. Please Help!

I already given 50% discount on the product and you get this in a cheap price so it is requested that to keep our developers motivation up do not ruin. If you give 1 start we will still not mind because there is no mistake at our end.

Layers is mentioned all over in text, graphics, tags, images, videos. Still if you have query must clear it before sales. Its not about $4 sales its about ethics. There are other people also who purchased this extension are this plugin is working on their website. This is my last message in this regard I hope you will understand.

If you want need support of the item, I will always be here to assist you.

I don’t care about the discount and you will not judge if the price is cheap or not. Your plugin is okay only with specific themes so you can not compare it to other plugins. I already explained to you that I don’t need it and I will never use this plugin. You could desable my licence and give me my money back. With your behaviour you seem to care only for those 10$... I’m 100% sure that it could be such better for you to give me my refund so do not discourage the next prospective customers who are reading the comments.

Dear TKP23, We are not liable to pay for your mistakes. We develop these plugins in 2-3 month duration and you will get it in cheap price. Your communication is very demotivating for us. We have not forced you to buy plugin. You have the full source code and you are asking for refund. This is not the way. You will not get poor and we will not get rich with your $4. So please realize your own mistake and the rating you have awarded is very demotivating for us. We have other clients as well.

Hello, I’m using the Team Plugin and saw 3 things that I cant seem to fix on my own:

1- The members appears vertically instead of horizontally.

2- I can’t adjust the size of the member thumbnail.

3-. In the widget configuration I’m unable to put a custom link when someone click on the picture. Currently, when you click on the member picture, it takes you to the home page by default.

Can someone help. PLEASE!!

Can you PM me the link of your website where you have uploaded the plugin and its admin panel details for review, please?