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hi my friend your plugin it’s good but not good demo and you can change Design

Hi, Thanks your like the plugin.

Demo in design was created for simplicity and highlight the capabilities of plugin. You may purchase this Plugin and create more stylish designs.


I am interested in buying this counter. Can I set it up with the numbers big, the labels small and no icon? thanks

Yes, you can do this.

Hello, I downloaded your plug in ‘Wpraas Counter – Layers Extension’ last night and it looks great, unfortunately though it seems to effect my Slider, creating a grey overlay on it. I’ve made sure that the background is set to ‘clear’ but this makes no difference, the Counter is even sandwiched between to layers of Content which it doesn’t effect but only effects the slider higher up the page. As soon as I remove the counter the grey overlay disappears. I would greatly appreciate any help with solving this please. Thanks, Toby

Thank you for your quick response, I’m actually using a Meta Slider plugin now as that seems to work fine but I’ve add a Layers slider onto the bottom of the page so you can see what I mean..

Thanks Toby

Hi Toby, For a quick fix, please remove the all code inside this file and make it empty. The path of file is below:

Clear the cache of browser and test. It will work fine.

I will also make an update in the upcoming version.

Hi Toby, I have released the new & improved version which you can use without any modifications as above.

Thanks for your purchase.

does this plugin only work with WPLayers theme?

Yes, this plugin works only on Layers Wp theme and its child themes

I didn’t realize it only worked on one theme – any chance you’ve created this as a stand alone plugin?

Thanks for your purchase. It does not work only on one theme but it works on every Layers theme. Layers theme itself is an open source free theme but premium theme are also available on themeforest. More details:

If the demand for a stand alone plugin is requested and market need we have no obligation to release a non-layers version of this product.

Each time I attempt to install, I receive the following error:

“The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.”

a link refers to a url (website address) where you have installed the plugin and seeing the error.

i know what a link is. that wasn’t my question. i can’t send you a link that will work unless i also give you a login for wp-admin and i’m not doing that on a public forum. if you are saying that you require a login to fix this issue, post an email address so we can continue this dialog in private. otherwise, when in try to install as your installation video directs, i receive the following error message:

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Please advise. Thanks.

Hi, You can send details of your wp login details along with the ftp access over or

your plugin showing install failed in my website

You may use this in future or any other Project using layerswp.

I have no use, can you refund?

Kindly accept my appologize as you have all the code.


I has been a problem because the icons appears verticaly instead of horizontaly because the propertie float:left was missed in the plugin for the class .column-flush. You have that propertie setted in the demo and works well:

.column-flush { float: left; }


Hi In the upcoming release of layers they have changed several things and introduced the flex grid system. By the end of this week I will gonna update the current plugin do testing and will upload.

I have the icons fixed to be horizontally now from another users comment, but I can’t seem to find where to make all of the icons, numbers and text alignment centered on each other, is there a simple option that I’m missing? to see what I’m talking about. Everything is currently aligned to the left. I have tried using the text alignment built into layers but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Hi In the upcoming release of layers they have changed several things and introduced the flex grid system. By the end of this week I will gonna update the current plugin do testing and will upload.

Hello, just wondering how the update is coming along?

Hi, Jhobizal, we were in testing phase and will upload the product for approval tonight. Thanks for the reminder and interest.


I am using “Wpraas Counter – Layers Extension” for my client’s website. I have installed the plugin. Kindly tell me the way to use it? Because I am seeing no option to use it after installation. Is there any documentation available for this? Kindly confirm. Thanks. :)

Kind Regards: Awais

Dear Awais, The plugin comes with the documentation. Each step is guided. Please purchase the plugin and let me know if there is still any query.


How can I use o add % or percentage and not only numbers

I did by myself without your extension, only by code because your extension did not support add % characters only appears number options.

any help? how make it works with % too

Can you please send me link with plugin enabled and widget created and I will try to give you a JavaScript code to embedd for that specific widget id

I did not realise this plug-in only worked with WordPress Layers. I cannot use it on my website and would like a refund please.

Dear CNCFWA, As you have the access of the code, you may use this for future project with Layers.

Hi, for some reason the plugin doesn’t count when entering a number. It just shows the numbers. The counting effect doesn’t work.

Hi, Thanks for the purchase. Kindly send me the ink?

I am interested in purchasing this plug in but I need to know if it can count decimals? See the following link: I need the plug in to count like the three rates shown on the link. Possible?

its can


lovely looking plugin. Could we use our own images instead of icons with your plugin? Also, is it shortcode based?

Yes, you can.

I installed and activated your plugin. However, I’m not seeing it on my WordPress sidebar navigation. Based on your video, I was looking for a Layers labeled tool. Let me know if I’ve missed it. Please email me at Thanks!

John Meirowsky

Dear John, I have responded on your email regarding any specific help required to install layers with this plugin.

Hi! I would like to know if its possible to make that one of the counter has an infinite value, that means, that it keeps changing, no stop. Thanks

You need to put an extreme value in it with set the time accordingly