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Dont work with ipad…..pelase fix and update plugin….

Let me check, it work fine for me :)

thanks for your support, I tried your last upgrade but still does not work with ipad and iphone

can you sent your problem to support@wpbuz.com? Please attach with screenshop
Thank you


looks very nice!

1. The social icons are a bit out of design (Google+ falls down under the bar)

2. Can we get rid of the X sign so that the customer can not close the bar?

3. When I choose the iPhone as a viewport & then switch to another product (via the upper left side) it would be nice if it would remember my decision (to use the iPhone). Right now it “forgets” it. Can this be fixed?

4. Tested you demo on a real iPhone it doesn’t seem to work. The products to show are not visible, any plans to fix this? When I close the bar the product shows up again.

Thanks! ;)

This is correct, but unfortunately I didn’t received it. Can you give me your email to test it?

Kindly send email to support@wpbuz.com

Email sent! ;)


Have just bought plugin and installed it and tried one preview. It has taken over my website … and the main site has disappeared.

But having tested it I’m thinking this is what it is meant to do? So I may have misunderstood your description.

What I am looking for is a way of easily adding a preview frame to suggested activities (3rd party websites) in my travel site. So this would mean being able to have a portfolio item open a window to a 3rd party site but with my own branded preview bar at the top.

This is what I thought I was able to do from looking at the demo. Is this possible? Would it need a slight modification to work like this? Or do you know of a different plugin?

Thanks, Nick


Sorry I’m not sure I understand. I’ve been looking at this thread: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/introducing-item-switcher/42612

Is it possible for the plugin to work in a similar way? What I mean is for my portfolio 3rd party links to put something like this http://www.mysite.com/wp-preview?site=http://www.examplesite.com

And so it would show www.examplesite.com with my branded preview bar at the top?


May you sent to support@wpbuz.com, lets me know what you wanna customize?
Thank you

In case anyone is reading this the author has very kindly offered to customise the plugin for what I need. Looking forward to seeing the results.

Thanks very much for the rapid reply!

Have just bought plugin and installed it and tried one preview. It keeps reloading and refreshing but nothing appears.


Hi, Thank for your purchase :)
You’re missconfigaration your setting
Kindly you send support to support@wpbuz.com

Could you please add a changelog to the items details page? Since v1.1.6 is the most recent version by now please also change the preview image which still states v1.1.5.

Thanks! ;)

Just want to confirm v1.1.6 works like a charm on iDevices! :)


1. right now the icons of the simulate screen resolutions are vertical. Is it possible to have them horizontally ordered within the top-bar?

2. Right now I don’t need the view documentation icon, can we switch it off?

3. When choosing to define our own logo or setting our own preview images it would be nice if we could choose one we have already uploaded via the WP Media Library rather then having to upload them again. So the direct connection to the WP Media Library is still missing.

Would be awesome, thanks! ;)

I sent an email to the address indicated above but I never received any response … the plugin still does not work on ipad and iphone …... help

Not received email yet…
Please PM me again

Hi newkarir,

it seems you have overlooked my questions above. Could you please recheck & answer them?

Thanks! ;)

Please PM/or send to support@wpbuz.com for customize it
Thank you


hi, if i add more than 200 themes for example, there will be a scroll bar on theme selector?

I like to be like this: http://s9.postimg.org/gw1xloom7/991.jpg

Yest is it :)

Hi newkarir,

tested on the IE & Firefox there is the problem that you always see two times the scroll bar. On Safari it’s better where you only have one scroll bar. But the ultimate goal would be to not have any scroll bar visible at all on the mobile devices like this example shows:


What do you think, is it possible?

Live Preview doesn’t work for me…

Live Preview doesnt work for me either. No replies here for 4 months. Guess I’ll check back in a years time …

it work ok, may you send us ticket to support@wpbuz.com

Hello, PreSale question, Im wanting a top bar on my main site URL or actually throughout my whole site. In the TopBar I want items to be linked to subsites. So example: I go to: www.mysite.com

The topbar I want to showcase:

Make sense? Can I do this with this plugin? I thought the plugin FBar would work but the dev said it:

Its not a just top bar. Its demo bar and working with a subfolder / subdomain.

You can not show this bar on main site like www.yoursite.com

Its working only like this www.yoursite.com/demos etc.

Please let me know?


Hi, May you explain more and send it to support@wpbuz.com?


1. v1.1.6 was released long ago. Now we got an update which states v1.1.1 – can you please fix this?

2. Where can we find the changelog?


I’m sorry will fix it.
changelog: Update for WP 3.7.1
Thank you

Thanks for the fix! ;)


Does your plugin work with WP multisite?


not for this time :)


Is it possible to have several different galleries within the same WP setup?


Hi demo not working link is broken Thank you