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Hi Im looking for a pool system that get the answers from a pots list , filter by custom type, tag , category …. can your do it ? thanks

Hi angelizbiza,

Yes, it is possible. You can create a ticket for an item customization or request with the detailed explanation about your needed item.


I mean out of the box….???

I’m so sorry…

I am unable to log into your support site, it does not send a confirmation email to register on your site. I have purchased your plugin and had a few questions.

1. The widget stretches too long on my home page sidebar – is there a way to change the height of the widget?

2. After voting the results do not display. This is both on the widget and on the archive page I created. How do I get the results to display after the user has voted?

Thank you for your purchase!

There might be some conflicts out there. So you are needed to provide us with your web address and a test admin account on your WordPress website so that we could check the issues you are experiencing. Waiting for your email…


am I able to submit a message with my poll result?

Do you like the rain?
Yes: 5
No: 15

“I don’t like the rain because it is cold”
“I like the rain because it is wet”


Sorry, this is not possible in current version.


Just buy the plugin, but after activating it, not working properly. pleas chek it

ticket done

hi i have sent them tickets, but so far no response

hi i have sent them tickets, but so far no response

Hello, Can I set that only registered users can vote? and Can I limit the registered user to one vote per question?

Hi, thanks for you purchase!

Go to your poll settings and select User must be login so only your registered users can vote. For limiting your users to only one vote per questions you are needed to change the value of the Number of voting for a user from 0 to 1. Zero here means that there are no limitations.


This looks like it’s still supported but has not been updated in a year. Updates, even if to say they’re compatible with recent WP upgrades would help you in sales…

Thank you for your advise

Is this compatible with Buddypress yet?

So sorry pal but we have not tested it with Buddypress

Hi Codstack, thank you for that nice Plugin! If the Plugin is active in newer WP-Versions, the WYSIWYG-Editor for Postings is not working. Do you have a solution for that? Thanks and Regards, Sven

Hi, thank you for your purchase.

In which WP version are you facing this issue? As we have tested, it is working fine with new versions; by the way, please provide us with a test wp admin account so that we could check the issue from your side so that we could solve the issue asap.


Hi, thank you for the fast reply! I just used your support website to give you access. Regards, Sven

Great Support – Many Thanks! Best Regards

We’re considering your poll plugin, however one important question: we need to whitelist certain IP’s since we’ll be collecting votes at a few locations. All users there will enter vote on same computer. So they need to be whitelisted somehow. And ofcourse all other users (at home) should be restricted to one vote. Is this kind of whitelisting an option? Even manually (in the php code) should be no problem for us with some short instructions from your side (which template and line # for example) Thanks in advance!

Yes, it is possible to do so and we will surely help you with the needed instructions.


Hello, I purchased your product right now, but it dont work… When I try to add new poll to system I get only error message: New poll has not been added.

Can you help me or do something?

Hello matuskrizo,

Thank you for your purchase. Sorry for any inconvenience but you should submit a ticket here please.

Hi there,

I was wondering if the Buddypress intergration has happend. The question was asked a year ago.. and I am in need of a survey tool for my BP members.


I should humbly state that we have not applied this integration to the app and we can not unfortunately do so at the moment.


I purchased the plugin but no good instructions anywhere to be found. Can you please tell me where to find.

Hi, thanks for your purchase. The documentation file is there inside the package you have downloaded. Yet you can submit a ticket here if your questions are beyond the scope of the help file.

Hi, this plugin haven’t been updated in a year… is it safe with the current wordpress version?

Hi, thank you for your comment. We have not tested it, yet we have not also received any reports about it.

Hi, the Last Update has been made 4 August 2014. This plugin is still functional with WP 4.4.1?

Hi, we have not tested it, yet we have not received any reports about the incompatibility of the item with WP new version.

Hi, we have not tested it, yet we have not received any reports about the incompatibility of the item with WP new version.

Hi, How can I display the vote results directly, instead of displaying the radio buttons for the users that already voted?

I did sent you the email this the bugs. No answer yet

I did sent you the email this the bugs. No answer yet

Please check your email pal

Hi there, interesting plugin. Does this plug-in support Custom post types such as Courses created in LearnDash plug-in? I want to add a review / rating to my courses.

Also, does this plug-in tie into MyCred at all or can it, e.g. voting action can be hooked as a myCRED activity for points attribution. Let me know . Cheers.

Hi pal, I am not unfortunately familiar with LearnDash plug-in you mentioned but you can use the star rating option of WPolling plugin in your custom posts. And as to your last question I should say that I have not checked it so I’m not sure about it. Cheerz

please update your plugin. so many bugs!!!

delete poll is not working correctly + error log is full from your plugin + shortcode for tinymce problems

if i click poll system in admin menu, plugin redirect me to add new poll page, but not to all polls

Are you planning on supporting or further developing this plugin? It’s a nice plugin but it has not been updated in 2 years. Thank you.

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how to can show number not percentage ( 37% ) i need show numbers

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how to can show number not percentage ( 37% ) i need show numbers