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Poorly coded plugin which has lots of bugs. Do not recommend to buy as developer denied to troubleshoot the issue and fix the problems. :(

Hi there !

Can I customize every language ?? Because in my language (spanish) does not translate very well . thanks and regards

Sorry, but the translation is powered by Google, there is no way to customize it.

OK. THanks and my second question is about… When I change to any page in my site, the translating returns to original language . How can I mantain the translation even when I move page to page in my website.

Please support me . Regards

Can you send a link to your site to support@windycitydigital.net? It should retain the translation by default

Sent via mail

I was not able to install your plugin directly so i did upload install in manually but now it is not working so can you please help me in this

Send an email to support@windycitydigital.net and we will try and troubleshoot with you! Provide a URL to the site in question, please!


Is WordPress demo site available?

from turkey

Yes, if you click the live preview, the demo is available. If you’re having trouble, here is the direct link:


Hi, Can I ask am I able to use this plugin to only translate specific pages on my site? I don’t want to translate the entire site.

It’s actually not a feature of the plugin, but it can be done relatively easily. If you email us at support@windycitydigital.net we can help you out!

There seems to be a major problem with this plugin, which is apparently the successor of WPTranslate. After upgrading from V2.1 of WPTranslate to V3.0 of wpMultilingo and activating the latter, when I move from my Wordpress dashboard to the frontend of my site, I’m being automatically logged off from my site. This is happening repeatedly. I’ve now deactivated wpMultilingo and reactivated WPTranslate and the problem has disappeared. Please advise.

You’re not actually being logged out of your site, the admin bar was hidden on the front-end for testing purposes. The code in the plugin has been fixed and resubmitted for approval by Envato.

If you would like the code quicker, email support@windycitydigital.net and we will email you the file.

Thank you for the quick response and fix! Much appreciated!!

No problem, sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi, the Plugin is not working on my site www.kanyouryu.com. I send you an Email. Please help!

Is there available hide the Top pop up menu from google? And is there available remember the languages that they cliked (will always remember, it just change when people click to the option to change another languages)

While you can technically hide the Google popup, we do not support this since it takes the translation credit away from Google.

Google provides a basic level of remembering the language. Once selected, you can browse the website and as long as each page contains the script, it should pass the selection along.

That only works if the translation script is on every page, however.

I see thanks.