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This plugin is exactly what I need. But I need cache as well! So it’s out of the question that this will and can work with a cache enviroment?

Hi there, It’s either caching or GeoIP. Pick your preference.


Nice plugin… I intend to buy it but first, I would like if there is an update scheduled and if there is, when it will be released? I saw that the last update was on 21 October 2016 and I find it quite outdated. I would like to know that the product I’m going to buy is updated (wordpress 4.7.4 and also, very important for me, that the design of the popup is according with the latest web design practices as this plugin will be installed on a website that’s about design)

Thank you!

Waiting for your reply and depending on that, I’ll add this product to cart too. I’ll make all my purchases for my current project in about 1 hour, so please reply asap.

Kind regards, Cata

Hi Cata,

Having hundreds of updates doesn’t make the product special.

I buils my products with stability in mind so it doesn’t affect their life by constantly needing to update it.

So it works perfectly with latest technologies and does not require any updates just for the sake of it

Can i set wildcards? for example if i have my site translated only english and spanish. And someone visit from Germany can i set the default to english?

You can set that directly in WPML itself as default language and only set redirects for en and es.