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micsunr Purchased

Will this plugin affect my SEO result?

Also can this plugin work with WP Super Cache?

Doesn’t affect seo. No geoip plugin works with caching (premium, free, custom). it is clearly stated in the item description page.

WPML redirects based on browser language. Could I use both based on IP and browser? So, English speaker in Canada can be redirected to en-ca URL and French speaker in Canada can be redirected to fr-ca URL.

Well I did not use this in the past in combination with browser based so they might conflict with each other. Do it at your own cost. Thanks.

[pre sale question] I have a WPML translated website. Main Language italian secondary language english, but not all posts have been translated in english.

Is possible with this plugin to redirect english users to english content automatically when this is available (like in posts and pages)

It will redirect english users to english content when this is available & when it isn’t. you have to translate all your content or you’ll get errors.

ok. I envision the following scenarios.

1) I translate home page (or any other page) in english and set it up so that it will contain only translated posts. English user will access website, english HP will be served and only translated posts will be shown. No errors.

2) english user arrives directly to translated post, either using italian or english direct link. English post will be shown automatically. No errors

3) english user arrives directly to non-translated post, using italian direct link. What will happen?

You’ll get a 404

Ah and also another question: my site is cached on cloudflare, which I think partially strips IP information. To your knowledge will plugin work anyway? (

Hello again. I finally bought it and installed but it seems there are issues. I have setup automatic redirect. Italy goes to italian Every othe country goes to English (a development allowing to add more countries to each language would be handly and would avoid to make one by one mapping)

But it doesnt work (it seems)

Take the url below for example. It is the italian url and the plugin should redirect any other country to the existing english version of it. What do you see?


Contact me via my profile page form with a screenshot of the mappings you’ve created.

I have sent you login credentials. Let me know, thanks


To use this plugin, “Multilingual Blog – $29” is supportable or should we need to buy “Multilingual CMS”?

And also we wanted to auto detect the currency with language. Is it possible with WPML?

Its not possible to autodetect currency. Only language. You need to buy/already have multi language plugin.

Is this plug in available with “the 7” theme? *my site is based on korean

This works with any theme (please note: no caching)

Hello, this plugin working only for the IP address. If the French visitor come to Holland and entered the website they get the IP address from Holland. But if you can add Browser settings than is that better. Can you add this feature?

My plugin doesn’t know if you’re a french visitor of Holand. All it knows is you’ve got a Holland IP -> then serve dutch language.

Users can pick their own language after the redirect anyways. I don’t see an issue with that -> Holland -> Dutch IP.

Hi, I read in a comment here, that you get a 404 if a post or page is not translated when some one gets redirected to it. Does this also apply if the setting in WPML is activated that visitors will get redirected to the start page when content is not available in a language? Thanks, Arne

Hi Arne, no in that case you’ll get a redirect to homepage. Thanks.

Perfect, thank you for answer.


Upbigup Purchased

HI, Is my problem: I have configurated to “Don’t show popup, automatically redirect”. When we first enter it, it actually redirects to the language, but when we come back to the site again later by the native address, it no longer redirects. I need it to always redirect, except if you choose another language.


Upbigup Purchased

But you should always redirect when you go to the page and not only the first time. How can I make it work every time I access the main domain except that I change manually?


Upbigup Purchased

Can it work like it’s always the first time?

I already explained you how it works and why it does that. The way you want it it goes into a loop