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neilmcg Purchased

In screenshot

Is it possible to have the pop up message and the buttons be language specific to the country?

e.g. (1) Hello UK, This website is available…. (2) hej Sverige, Denna hemsidan är tillgänglig


neilmcg Purchased

Great Alex! Looking forward to trying it out.


neilmcg Purchased

The strings work well, thanks Alex.

You’re welcome and thanks for suggestion, also replied to your email.

can i use it on page to page basis? for example, i have a webpage, i want that when someone visits it from U.S, it should show them this page, but for other countries, it should redirect to another defined page of my website?

no, this is sitewide. see my WP GeoIP Country Redirect for page/posts redirects.

very cool work ! all the best for your sales ;)

thanks and the same for you

Good job! If I can suggest you something, please add .svg for the script responsible for displaying the country flag on a popup. This way it will be shown :)

It would be awesome to add some kind of custom delay, e.g. don’t prompt the user for 48 hours.


I see what you mean! Add .svg extension as I missed that.

Custom delay will be implemented for sure (November)

Thanks Alex

hi just baught it i have a probelm

1- when the plugin redirect it redirect to/?lang=he and not /he/ 2-the redirection stop after wards

question: do ineed to set somthing on wpml ?


hi, contact me via my profile page form for debugging. alex


1) Does this redirect to specified URLS? In the demo it looks like their is no option so how does it know where to redirect?

2) Does this work with SSL enabled websites

Welcome to the club!

Great – so how to do we add country sub folders now :)

Just contact me via my profile form here on codecanyon.

After purchase

I got the same problem that pinkgerbil (above) has. My site is structured as /en, /fr, /cn. But now the plugin setting doesn’t allow me to redirect visitors to these links. Do you mind helping me adjust a bit?

My email is I’ve just emailed you.

Thank you so much.

Hi, replied. Talk there thanks

Thank you. Just reply your email. Please kindly check.

I’m using “A different domain per language” in WPML (not sub directory / parameter) – seems like the plugin is hard-coded to parameter only ? can’t you check on the method via code with WPML API and redirect accordingly or something ?

Thank you!

case still open

No pressure needed, please allow up to 1 day for a fix. It’s NOW FIXED.

Hi, does it work with caching plugins? There is no info in the description. Thanks!

Hi, GeoIP and caching don’t play well together. Sorry.

Hi! I have a pre-sale question. Does the plugin remember the user’s country, so they don’t have to get the pop up message and make the selection every time they visit the website?

Hi, it’s up to WPML if the country is remembered the popup will not appear again!

Terrific. Thanks so much for your quick reply!

You’re welcome!


My site is structures as (different folders for languages).Before purchasing, I just want to know whether this plugin would work with /en-us//fr/ url’s? And how much time it would take for you to implement this if i buy this plugin? Thanks,

Hi there, just contact me after purchase and I will amend it immediately.

Bought the “WP GeoIP Country Redirect” plugin, could you amend the changes i asked for? Thanks,

That’s a separate plugin and has nothing to do with this one.


values Purchased

When I checked, WPML Plugin Menu > Language URL format > Different languages in directories ( /fr, /de,...url? “Discussion on WPML Redirect Based on IP Country” Plugin does not work ? Redirect to ( )/?lang=fr


values Purchased

How to?

Just contact me via my profile page form and I will assist there.

I’m planning to purchase one of your auto redirection plug-ins. I am a bit confused which one to purchase.

I have WPML already purchased and I planned to redirect user to a country sub-domains based on IP (only if the user comes from selective countries).

Which one should I go for “WPML Redirect” or “WP GEO IP Country Redirect” ?

Also by looking at the comments above it looks like this plug-in supports only if I use langauge parameters /?lang=he at the end of the url. (same point which pulsemedialucas has raised above). Is the support available for sub domain?

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

You can buy either one. With WPGeoIP Redirect it will work out of the box if you enable Once Redirect feature from plugin wp-admin.

For WPML Redirect one, I need to adjust it for you to make it work with subfolders structure after pruchase.

Thanks, Alex

Nice, good sales ;)

thank you :)

Hi there,

Can you setup multiple country and language combination for the same country? Is it possible to create the following check:

Country Belgium language french => some action

Country Belgium language Dutch => a different action

And also can the user still change the language (with a language switcher) if desired?



Hi there,

Unfortunately not, only 1 language per 1 country . But indeed they can pick their own language after initial redirect.


Hi, I’ve got a pre-sale question!

If a customer is redirected til a different (country-specific) domain, will he/she still be able to choose amongst available language-translations? And is it possible to limit available languages by domain?

Hi there,

Yes they can freely browse any language they want after initial redirect.

Not sure about limiting languages per domain? what you mean?

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otium Purchased

Bro, I’ve got the same problem - redirect to/?lang=de instead of /de What do I have to do? thank you

Sent you an email.


creaded Purchased

After purchase

Hi, I have the same questions as the most here have

1) Would it work with /en /de /es?

2) Can I redirect to specified URLs?

3) Is it possible to have the pop up message and the buttons be language specific to the country?


Hi there,

1) contact me via my profile form

2) No, it would only redirect to language. You can check Wp geoip country redirect for custom landing page selecion

3) yes this is already possible

Thank you


creaded Purchased

Sent you an email

Hi, pre-sales question:

Website is made up with subfolders (/en/ for English, no subfolder for standard language Dutch). Say someone from England visits . Will they get redirected to ?

How long is the cookie stored? If the customer selects another language with a language switcher, will your plugin respect that choice?

Thanks in advance!

Yes & Yes. However you have to contact me for subfolder structure for a slight change.