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Nice item. GLWS!

Thank you very much, any questions please just let me know.

Thanks, Andrew Codethena Software Ltd.

very nice plugin! Before purchasing this; i have one question. I have over 10,000 subscribers in Mailchimp and i am planning to move away from Mailchimp to your plugin but i am hesitant on how to take care of my emails going to spam folders? Thanks

Hi, thanks for your question!

Mandrill if you don’t know is actually the same company as Mail chimp and offers the same great reputation tools such a dkim and spf.

They offer some good advice at this link and subsequent links

Thanks, Andrew

This looks very interesting!

A few pre-sale questions:

1. Does it work for blogs that send both plain text and HTML email?

2. Can you confirm it will work fine with sending Gravity Forms Notification Emails?

3. Fully supports Woocommerce emails? So that all Emails (order confirmations, password reset, etc.) are not still send from WordPress and therefore also from Mandrill?


Thanks for your fast reply, will report back soon how it went. ;)

So happy, works like a charm! :)

Great thanks for buying our plugin!

Thanks, Andrew


mails are sent as www-data@install.install Can you point me to where i could fix that?


Firstly thanks for buying our plugin.

That’s an interesting problem, my gut instinct is that whatever is sending the email is setting www-data@install.install as the from name. Do you get the same result if you send a test email from WPMailDrill settings page?

If you would like to open a support ticket just email and someone will be happy to help.

Thanks, Andrew

Hi, i solved problem with plugin WP Mail From II. Maybe you could put this functionality in new version of plugin. So we dont have too many plugins installed on system.

Now its working perfect. Everibody should use this plugin because many mail messages sent from shared servers are being sent to spam folder… and this solves the problem perfectly!

Thank you for plugin.


Great to hear that you got it working and thanks for updating us.

We’ve added those features to our list for the next release!

Thanks, Andrew

Can I use this to blast newsletter to my mailing list?


If you have a plugin on your site to send newsletters then yes you can. This plugin converts your site to use Mandrill.

Thanks, Andrew

hi, pre slaes question :

specifically for multisite, this seem what the original wpmandrill plugin is missing that i require.

my idea for multisite is this, network activate so all sites will send email (wordpress and plugins) through mandrill on the same mandrill account.

also each site admin will not have to configure or even have a mandrill site and in fact the WPMailDrill plugin and its settings will NOT show in the is sites but only the “main” site or “superadmin”

is this how your multisite support works ?

kind regards.


Thanks for your question.

Currently WPMailDrill is configured per site, we are looking to add a global settings system in the next version.

Thanks, Andrew

I am interested in buying it , I have a question, with the traditional plug wpmadrill when send to hotmail mandrill reach spam, this plugin already tested to not reach the spam?, thanks

Hi, Thanks for your question, whether you reach spam filters will ultimately depend on your email content. Mandrill will do everything that can to keep your emails out of spam filters and as long as you don’t send SPAM emails you should be fine.

Thanks, Andrew

I am having trouble with getting this plugin to work with WP Better Emails. It overrides any email template that we have setup through WP Better Emails. I look notice that wpMandrill plugin does work with this plugin and the author found a way to make it work. See below.

Given this information, please let me know how to get this working right so it shows the template by WP Better Emails.

Hi Jason,

thanks for getting in touch unfortunately we do not offer free support for compatibility with other plugins.

We have however looked into this one for you, the issue is that WP Better Emails accesses PHPMailer which is what Wordpress would usually call to send emails.

However WPMailDrill is not designed to overwrite PHPMailer but rather WP_Mail and is therefore incompatible with WP Better Emails by nature.

You could try a similar solution to the forum post, alternatively you can get in contact with us to discuss a quote for a custom integration.

Once again, I’m very sorry and we do try to offer compatibility updates wherever possible but unfortunately we cannot in this case.

Thanks, Andrew

Pre-Sales question: When trying to use the official wpmandrill plugin, at the time of installing it, I receive the following message: “Mandrill: wp_mail has been declared by another process or plugin, so you won’t be able to use Mandrill until the problem is solved.”

Would I be having the same issue with your plugin?



Hi Jose,

I imagine you would have the same issue if another plugin was taking over that method.

Thanks, Andrew

Is this compatible with woocommerce and Wordpress 4.2.2?

Hi, sorry for the delay, yes it is fully.

Thanks, Andrew

Would you mind to clarify the most important differences between this plugin and WooDrill? Which one is better? Which one you recommend? Thanks in advance.

Hi, thanks for the question the simple answer is that if you are using WooCommerce you should get WooDrill, its only $1 more currently and has more features for WooCommerce. If you don’t then save the $1 and buy WPMailDrill.

Thanks, Andrew

Hey There,

Quick Pre-Sale question… Mostly regarding multisite. Curious to know if there is a global set of options so that no configuration is needed on a per-site basis? Also does the plugin function like this with multisite: 1) Do network admin emails (site registration, confirmation, etc) show 2) Sub-sites emails (user registration, password change, etc) show 3) I’m using domain mapping so will the mapped domains show instead of the sub-domains so instead of

I’ve tried using a couple different plugins to find one that would work correctly with multisite. They usually change the from name and from email globally not accounting for sub-sites.

Thanks in advance. Just kinda need more info on how the plugin is “multi-site compatible”

Hi, thanks for the question sorry for the delay.

The email override is set for each ‘site’ so one wordpress installation can have multiple from emails set.

I hope this answers your question, if not let me know and we can have a chat about what you’re looking to do.

Thanks, Andrew

Hello, i have purchased both woodrill and wpmaildrill, however i am running into a issue: in woodrill_settings i have configured “From Address Override” with the store email That email i want to use for “Transactional” Emails such order confirmation etc.

in the wpmaildrill i cant find those setting and figured that its using the same email as i configured for woodrill (

However, for registrations and login pages i wanna use:

What are my options?

Do i even need those 2 plugins? or woodrill will be enough?


Thanks for buying our plugins currently wpmaildrill does not offer the ability to set the from address. However since both plugins take over all the emails wordpress sends only wpmaildrill or woodrill is required.

If you have Woocommerce installed we suggest sticking with woodrill.

If you’re still looking at splitting emails by Woocommerce / wordpress email our support guys at who may be able to offer a customization service.


Hi, I wonder if you plugin works after mandrill app started charging their service for wordpress 6 months ago. If it still work, do I still need the mandrill subscription? Will definitely buy if this works well. Thanks very much

Hi, thanks for your quetsion.

Yes this plugin definitely still works after they moved Mandrill over to Mailchimp. You will need a Mandrill subscription but you can still get 2,000 free sends on their trial account.

If you;re looking for a cheaper alternative, we now offer the same plugin for MailJet and SendGrid available at: WPEasyEmail MailJet or WPEasyEmail Send Grid

Thanks, Andrew

Hi Author,

I’m planing to host email or email server like yahoo and gmail. I want to use our domain name as email host/server not WPMailDrill. Can we do that?



I’m not fully sure what you are looking to do sorry. This plugin will allow you to send all of your WordPress emails through Mailchimp / Mandrill. You can use your domain for the emails too!

If I’ve not answered your question just reply with a little more detail and I’ll do my best to answer!

Many Thanks, Andrew

Is this plugin still supported? I just purchased it and it gives me a link to > which does not work; the entire site doesnt work.

Hi, thanks for your question, the plugin is definitely still supported!

The documentation site has recently been moved to

Thanks, Andrew

can i customize SMTP headers using your plugin?