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hnex23 Purchased

Do you have plans to add an area where students can see the final result (grade) of a course?

This is already available.


hnex23 Purchased

I need to leave this message here, because I have been trying to get a customization app for more than 1 week, and I have not received a response to help me with it. They only send messages indicating the process that I should follow and they do not give any answer to my problem. WHAT SHOULD I DO OR WHO CAN I ADDRESS TO BE ABLE TO GET A CONCRETE ANSWER TO MY PROBLEM? I had to leave my post of the problem on the WPLMS Theme forum.


suit855 Purchased

i need help installing this app. Can i get free installation?


suit855 Purchased

I have updated my website to WPLMS version 4. I still need help installing my app? Where is the guide for the automated solution for the app installation?


suit855 Purchased


Replied in another comment.

Hello Support, Any update on video download/ cache, please advise asap. Please send youtube video on how this is done for download feature if released already. And advise if the videos downloaded are encrypted.

Thanks Vishan

Yes as of now the PWA does not have this feature, it does cache image and text. What i’ve always said was that it is possible but right now it is difficult to work on feature requests as we have to update our existing plugins for the v4.

Ok if not the PWA does the theme or ionic app provides it as yet? yes or no?

Ionic app provides this but it only caches around 200mb of video which is less to claim that we have video caching. In the PWA it is possible . PWA gets access to indexDB which can store 500mb – 2gb+ data, we are already using IndexDB for various offline caching so we need to extend the pwa to support this. example, also this video will only play in the PWA.


suit855 Purchased

You said that there is an updated and now installing the app is automated so is this course still relevant:

I have already updated my main website to wplms 4. Now, I need step by step instructions on how to install my app. Where do i find this?

For the version 4 we are releasing the one click app generation. Similar to this :


suit855 Purchased

Will this be for both IOS and android app? When is the expected release date?

Android is ready will be releasing it early next week, the automated solution. For iOS there will be a manual part required as the PWA are not accepted as it is in the iOS app store, so we’ll need to make some changes

how can i solve this “Your app currently targets API level 28 and must target at least API level 29 to ensure it is built on the latest APIs optimized for security and performance. Change your app’s target API level to at least 29. “

Edit the app in the android studio and set the levels. Optionally check ionic forums on how to change this from the config.xml


nirmalk Purchased

App in comparision with Theme seems very old. Whehn we can expect the next update?? Its been month

The Theme is now an App :

hello whole app is working like course display login registration working but after login profile not showing and start course Button not working please suggests me where is wrong

How to solve this.. Please…

see this is my ht access file

please take a look and give me suggestion

please respond … im waiting


UleMsee Purchased

I am yet to understand how the offline storage works. I have the app working but how do you implement the feature? Is the app supposed to work out of box with a specific vimeo plan?

Offline storage currently does not work for videos hosted on Vimeos. We are building something similar in the theme itself as the theme is now a PWA.

If vimeo does not work, what do you recommend for now as we wait for the the theme update.


man-man Purchased


Please email me via my profile form :


consp51 Purchased

Hii, team

I have build app data loading perfectly like home screen courses , login etc. But when I logging my profile account not loading and also when I’m click start course and buy now buttons nothing happened please give me an idea how I solve this

This is my .htaccess file

Please add :

SetEnvIf Authorization .+ HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$0

If above line does not work please change the above line to :

SetEnvIf Authorization .+ HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1

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