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Hello, can I add caption on the images from image gallery?

No, at the moment it’s not possible.


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I am very regret, but the plugin doesn’t work with my theme. I already check if there is any js conflict or anything affect it but I’m not a professional programer, and I didn’t find anything. I also asked for help an engineer of my hosting, he examined a few times, and he also didn’t find any problem on the server side;

My problem is the live page didn’t update, I try to add anything new, but nothing is happening after I click the Broadcast button.

I know you have the support forum, but can I contact to you by mail or skype? I replicated my site for you, but I don’t want to pass the credibility on the public forum.

Could you take a look and check why the plugin doesn’t work? I love to use it if it only works.

Thank you!


Yes, write me an email at
Include please your codecanyon username, to keep thing clean in my inbox.

HI, weill you release an update soon?

At the moment plugin works as it should. The work on updating it, I think will begin in some month.

Can I buy it a modify it with my own coders and sell it? I see a market for this plugin in my country.

No, you can not do it.

I’ve tested with different browsers and different computers but insert / edit link function doesn’t work for me. Do you have any idea why is that?

Best regards

Send me please an email with administrator credentials to wordpress. I want to test it.

My email address is

We purchased the plugin – It is amazing. But 1 issue. It slows the site to a halt on front page load. Even if it isnt on the front page. Inspect Element – Network we see it is the css file that is causing the issue. How do we fix this?

Now I can not see the plugin on your frontpage, and can not test it, can you create a test page with plugin?

Please, in future use our support forum for such questions, our support forum is As we do support only there.

–Roman Bitca
ThemesDojo Developer/Support Team

I cannot send a support ticket. Even after signing up. That is why we emailed you back with logins.

We gave you FTP and wp-admin logins – you said that the plugin was installed correctly and works…. it isnt working for us – it does not locate where you are posting from – it always sets default to NY. Please help before our support time runs out.

When I try to install it – is ‘The plugin does not have a valid header.’ a common issue I need to create a ticket for – or can you reply a quick fix?

What version of php your hosting use? I recommend to contact them, and to ask to update it, because I think it’s outdated.

Hi I’m unable to log in to your support formu (didn’t recieve any confirmation email), but I have problem with adding links to live stream. There is no window with possibility to add link. Can you help me some how ?

I think that email goes to SPAM/Junk folder, check them.
If it’s still empty, then email me at with:
1. Link to this thread/post.
2. Your username.
3. WordPress Administrator Account.

–Roman Bitca
ThemesDojo Developer/Support Team

Hi I just saw in the comment section that you can post embedded Tweets and Links. How exactly? I only see the code popping up as update. Thanks

Hello is there a possibility to display less posts per page ? 10 is quite a lot for me. Thanks

Pagination function was added in this update:
v. 1.0.10 – 05/07/2016
- Added Pagination for updates

If you are using the last version it must be there.

any updates planned? 5 event promoters want to use that plugin, but it doesnt have new added features

there no updates since one year, so nobody is keeping up the development and the “time based posts” are announced since some month but no release. wordpress is getting new version and when its not updated its maybe not compatible

At the moment our plugin is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress (4.8.1).
And in future we will continue to work on our plugin.

you already said the same three month ago, but nothing is happening

Hi, Is it possible to add this post to a page say using Posts in Page plugin?. This is for the end user not the administrator Vijay

No, it’s not possible.

Is it possible for an audio alert for the view/user to be done for each new post that way a user doesn’t have to stare at the screen waiting for one… they can do other things and when they hear the sound, they will know when to look. Also, can this successfully post to my Twitter and/or Facebook accounts on each new update? Finally, when do you anticipate an update… it’s been over a year since the last one? Thank you.

No, our plugin do not have sound notification.
Yes, it can auto post on Twitter and Facebook.
At the moment our team do not work on update, but we will update it in future. Anyway, we support this item, and you can contact me any time for help.

Hey there, i ‘ve purchased your plugin in order for us to cover a live event:

we get the following error:

Failed to load plugin url:

so there is no way for us to embed the plugin.

If you cannnot help we will need a refund tbh

Thank you in advance for your help and feedback

This is server side problem.
You need to give some access to “www user”. with chown or chmod.
Better contact your hosting, they will help you.

Hi, I purchased this some time ago. However, downloaded again and installed, when trying to active, it says this plugin doesn’t have a valid header?

also done it with FTP and still no change.

I’m trying to get it to show on the homepage sidebar, ive had it on their in the past but it doesn’t even show on the test page I sent you…and it’s pretty much ruining our event for today.

I have managed to find the issue. This plugin when active stops your plugin from working. Is there something you can look into as the plugin is very popular.

Hello, does each live post has it’s own unique URL? or are all updates within same url?

the plugin doesn’t work with my theme and I have sent 3 emails to with: 1. Link to this thread/post. 2. Your username. 3. WordPress Administrator Account. and got no answer and have a deadline and there’s no support till now

Is this plugin supported? Seems like a lot of customer complaints about no support… anyone experiencing can report to Envato and get a refund. This plugin advertises something amazing, so it would be great if there was visible support and response from the developers.


We do support this plugin. We offer the support on


Thank you, that’s settling to know as the comments section misrepresents that. I really like this plugin and have got 2 clients who will be using it very soon. Please do consider replying to the comments so someone doesn’t mistakenly think you’re not supporting customers – I really, really do like this plugin and wish you all the success.


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Hello, any answer on your support forum guys? I’m having an issue with google maps…. Any help?... any?

hello, sorry for late reply, email me at with your question, I will help you as soon as possible. Thankyou.


mzaheer Purchased

Hello, sent an email to you with the details. Thanks beforehand.

Hi I bought your plugin, but it doesn’t embed or display twitter posts? I tried: normal url

twitter embed code

Nothing seems to work can you please help me out we have a deadline> Thanks!

I’m unable to embed tweets. I have tried the [embed] shortcode but nothing works… can you please advise ASAP please? Thank you. Rhys