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Hello, i want to use this for my news website so i can cover local news, i like to embed content from social media to the event, like facebook post, twitter, vine, instagram, can i do so? i see that you didn’t update the plugin, is it compatible with the latest wp version? Any new updates planning ?

tomawebdev, will check it, (the last time I checked twitter and facebook were embedable) and give you a feedback via email you registered in the support center in 12 hours.

It doesn’t work for me, i was in a live event, trying to embed social content without success, it was very embarrassing situation.. Can you please look at this, as i buy this plugin just for this. Thanks for your help

You can embed content from the following sites: Animoto, Blip, Cloudup, CollegeHumor, DailyMotion, Flickr,, Hulu, Imgur, Instagram, Issuu, Kickstarter,, Mixcloud, Photobucket, PollDaddy, Reddit, ReverbNation, Scribd, SlideShare, SmugMug, SoundCloud, Speaker Deck, Spotify, TED, Tumblr, Twitter, VideoPress, Vimeo, Vine,, YouTube

It is all done according to the official Wordpress documentation:

This is a screencast on how to post embeded updates:

If this doesn’t work for you, be sure you are running the latest version of Wordpress and the plugin or add a ticket to our support center:

Good day team! Possible to add to CPT? or is this still pending? Thanks

Disregard it, i saw your changelog :) Sweet thanks

Presale Question, Is the form front end or is it all backend? I would really love this if the broadcast form is frontend.. Thanks

You can broadcast from frontend

Presale question: Whats the pagination like? is there infinite load option? can one define pagination ajax after lets say 5 published items? It would look sort of funny to have a huge scrollbar just to see all items one has posted.

what is shortcode structure like? is there a backend demo?

The pagination is available in version 1.0.10

Why dont i see it on your demo? I need to view and interact with pagination.


Will set up a demo specially for you in 24 hours and come back with a link for you to interact with it.

Hi, how can I translate this plugin? I have done translation and put in languages folder but this isn’t work.

To start the translation we recommend to use the following plugin Codestyling Localization ( to be installed in your Wordpress.

After activating the plugin go to:

Tools Localization find: WPLiveDojo choose: Add New Language choose Language create po-file do a “rescan”

I see there is no pagination for the display, any news about adding this feature?

It’s scheduled to be ready (submitted) on Wednesday the 8th of June 2016.

The pagination is available in version 1.0.10

Hi. Plugin is not working ok the last 2 days. “Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons”. When i tried to install one by one the plugins, after activating it, the default wordpress editor dissappeared.

I see you started a ticket in the support center. Will follow up there.

Like what this plugin does – But the impact it has on the overall speed of the website is shocking.

Can you be more specific in our support center by opening a ticket with the issues described?

Pre-sale question: Is it possible to watermark images uploaded trough live dojo? I want to use this on a football news site, as i’m in the stadium i want to use images i just shot on the pitch but those need to be watermarked due to copyright reasons.

No pagination is available yet. Pagination is scheduled in the next update (the first days of June 2016).
Any news ?

Sorry, We got delayed updating the other themes. Until the end of the week.

The pagination is available in version 1.0.10

Hi! Im intrested with this plugin but i have question about ended streaming. What happend with them whend its ended? That what im need is the archiving each one stream on a unique page or post (or sometning with uniqe URL) acessible for everyone. For example: i want send to my friend lik to archived stream about my trip from a three months ago, is this posiible with this plugin? And another question: If stream is archived search engines robots have acces to them? Thanks for reply :)

The “stream” is attached to a post. Whether you are broadcasting or not anymore, the stream is available in the post. The only thing that changes is the event status – from Live to Ended. So you can share the “stream” by sharing one of the posts that contains it. The plugin is Search Engine friendly, and the content streamed is indexed.

Hey, I just buy the plugin, installed to my website, and trying to broadcast, its take just like forever, loading… and text for adding description its not working, i try to add title, image click the broadcast.. and its keep loading without posting anything

W3 Total Cache needs to be tuned for WPLiveDojo to work. We will do that for you, just add a ticket in the support area.

I am in so when i ll add my credentials, it will show in public ?

Just describe the problem/scenario in the topic, send the credentials and URL to mihai [at] securitate [dot] md

HI, is livedojo compatible with SSL (https) ?

Of course.

Looks nice. I am interested to get this asap, but i want to know, can one use mobile phones or Tablets to record a live voice and videos as its happening, and post directly to the blog? Because i didnt see it on your demo. Tank.

Of course you can post videos, but only embedded ones from youtube / vimeo and YES it updates realtime =) Just like in the video:

So I just purchased, and i came across “enabling Facebook and Twitter Automatic Posting”. Please explain what this mean..

This means that when you post an update to an event you can also choose to post this update on twitter and/or facebook status on a page or profile. To setup facebook / twitter connection just follow the documentation. If you need any help with that, open a ticket and we’ll provide assistance ASAP. For faster answers to your questions, please address them in the support center:

Hi, is it possible to permanently delete an event?

Hi, of course you can permanently delete an event, For that you need to go to Dashboard > WPLiveDojo > Events. Move the mouse over the event you want to delete and press “delete”. For faster answers to your questions, please address them in the support center:

But it is still here: page=livedojo&state=deleted how can I delete it from this “archive” And is it possible to edit html code in single live post?

For faster answers to your questions, please address them in the support center: The Deleted events don’t show anywhere except there. (kind of an archive that acts like a protection from accidental deletion of events). You cannot delete them from the UI. If you want to delete them from this archive, create a ticket in the support center and I will give you further instructions (screencast) or will delete them myself if you can provide the credentials to your WP installation. For faster answers to your questions, please address them in the support center:

While trying to add images to the text, it makes me upload from my computer every time I try it? How do I upload from my wordpress media gallery?

For example, I might attach a clipart with goal icon everytime i post an update on goal but I don’t want to upload one everytime a goal is scored adding to the overall memory!

In the next version we are adding images and video via wordpress media. This feature will solve this sisue. The next version is scheduled on the 14th of september 2016.

Ohkay. Thats a bit of wait I have to go through :D The tournament starts today. And, is there anyway I can adjust the spacing in my body text? Its too large!

Its simple and neat but I hope you add details to it :)

Please open a ticket at: (Our support center). Provide a link to a sample page and mention the “body text” and we’ll provide the answer there.

Pre-Sales Question: We use SSL and also W3 Total Cache. Will it work? If not, do we need to do any modifications?

The Plugin is SSL ready. It should be compatible with W3 Total Cache but not tested yet. If any issues appear – we will make it fully compatible by ourselves you don’t have to make any changes.

Lovely looking plugin! Pre-sale question: Can I post a saved video directly from my phone, or must I first upload it to youtube or vimeo and then embed it? Thanks :)

Thanks. For now you have to upload to youtube/vimeo, but we are working on this and you will be able to upload directly in the next version :)

Fantastic! And thanks for your quick response.

presale question, I would like users to be able to share selected individual post on social media.

Hi – I opened a ticket in your support forum 5 days ago and still have heard anything. Can you please check this? I’m waiting on hearing from you so I can start using this plugin. Thanks! :)