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Nice plugin, do you have this as php script?[without wordpress]

Thanks =) The Standalone version is not planned to be released, at least for now.

Very interesting plugin! A question… only admin or also others users (eg editors) can use and publish “live coverage” on the wordpress site?

Because a live update is content related, the editors also have the permission to publish updates. There is also a setting for each event in particular to show or hide the wordpress user name that posted each update.

Now you can set user rights globally and for each particular event. That means that you can grant permissions per user per event.

another question… can be embed/publish a google map into the “live feed”?

sorry this other question it is unuseful… there is already a “location” feature ;)

First buyer! I have been waiting this for ages! I have one important suggestion in hope you can do it in the next update. Please can you support the plugin for pages as well? It only works on posts, but would be good to have on pages too. Cheers

Will do in the next release. Thanks.

Awesome! Thanks :)

Will pm you a preview of ours! :)

Picking this up after I finish weekend work – this looks amazing! cant wait – on a side note – what camera did you use to shoot your demo video – it. is . awesome.

Thanks a lot for appreciation :) We’ve put some effort to make it as good as it gets and will continue the same on updating the plugin. P.S. the camera is a DSLR – CANON D700 with a 24-105mm Canon L series lens.

Good plugin but how do you edit this bit of the plugin? I want to change the capitalisation and add ‘ago’ on the end.

I cannot seem to access your support site so that’s why I am posting here.

This doesn’t seem right too:

Writing in PM for details

I updated the plugin to get the page feature and this now shows so I can’t use it. “Warning: Creating default object from empty value in html/wp-content/plugins/livedojo/livedojo.php on line 1330”

Please provide the login credentials via support center and we’ll fix it asap.

Can’t authorise you to our website due to data. We will await an update and use the old update. Cheers

Will write in PM.

Hello, it seems for me that the broadcast plugin can not be inserted in custom post types .. Is this true ? or is a bug on my side ?

Hello, it seems for me that the broadcast event can not be inserted (shortcode) in custom post types .. Is this true ? or is a bug on my side ?

It is true, it works only for posts and pages for now, we’re adding the custom posts until the end of the week.

Curious how often does the plugin “ping” the server for an update? How different is it than ?

Hi, pinging the server for update is set for 5 seconds in the demo version. Everyone can change/adjust the ping frequency, we can assist you with that.

Technically speaking: Unlike the plugin you named, WPLiveDojo doesn’t use the comments wordpress table to store the data, but uses a custom database structure that has it’s indexes optimized for particular purposes therefore it generates significantly less load to the DB Server and can serve more concurrent users. The plugin you named database structure needs to alter the indexes everytime anyone posts a comment on the site WPLiveDojo alters the database index only when a new update is added. This means that our proficient ping time can be set lower (specially for high usage wordpress sites).

Judging only from the “ping” point of view – this is the difference.

From the features point of view (rich content, images, galleries, videos, google maps, facebook and twitter auto post, etc.) ... I think it is very clear that WPLiveDojo is net superior :)

Can a page holding the event, as an option in settings have numerous users posting on the same event page? ie; a single event on a single page with more than one person posting to the event simultaneously? Also can the same event be closed and then re-opened at any time from front by approved user?

You cannot add a specific user to a specific event, at least for now. If your user is an Editor, he can post to all Events. But you can see who posted each update.

The desired functionality is available in v1.0.7, enjoy :)

Very awesome, I will install and start testing…thank you so much. You have helped me out in such a big way by adding in this functionality. :)

Hello, nice plugin, i like to add a hashtag or user from twitter for example and the live feed will autoupdate whenever a user or hashtag are used, is it possible? Also can i add youtube video, instagram, embed content to the feed like the embed by default with wordpress.?

It seems like a nice feature,but this plugin is unable to deliver such a functionality. It only posts to twitter and not reverse: twitter cannot post to your page via this plugin. You can add only youtube and vimeo right now. Not embeded like in wordpress, you just paste the link in the VIDEO field and the plugin does all the rest.

Hi. Purchased and installed, had an issue with the “ago” time displayed on broadcasts, started a thread on the support forum for it.

Feature/bug: When it shows the author for each update, it shows the username. Most multi-author sites out there use display names (i.e., John Smith and not jsmith) so this is useless. It should obey the WordPress profile setting for how to display the user’s name. Technically a feature request, but very near the bug level. Thanks.

The permissions funtionality will be available soon. The users will be assigned per event.

The desired functionality is available in v1.0.7 ;)

Great, thanks! I’ll check it out later today and finish up my tests this week. I’ll be sure to rate and review the plugin when I’m done.

Hi, basically I have a problem with that plugin. Adding posts working properly, but the termination of broadcasting and changing to Pending and so on simply does nothing. Absolutely no response. I tested on my two websites with the same result. Completely no change. Still “live”, still “last updated”. Any idea why this is happening?

Ended: Still “Live”:

No hurry, I neded to change just one file (a few words) for front-end, so no biggie. I can wait.

As for mobile support, I applied a couple of quick fixes, so I’am good for now, but it would be nice to improve this in the future.


Could you please open a ticket on translation and mobile view in our support center?


Will give you more instructions on translation in there

It would be nice if I had the php version

i can put a live dojo inside a widget?

Unfortunately not, because it is hard to style them. The live content is available only in posts, custom posts and pages.

Hi, you can embed Twitter posts in this plugin right?

I have a directory project, where users can subscribe and post their business, how would i go about making this automatic? where a new event is created when a new listing is published by the user, based on the title of the business that user created., this way the plugin seems seamless..

Unfortunately this is custom integration of the plugin in a theme, it is more theme related. If you are a developer and are familiar with the WP codex for the theme you are using, we can offer you some guidance in customizing and acheiving this integration.

Hello, When I try to place an image from my phone ( Android, Samsung) using the camera, I get an error after upload: “Error file type, please upload: jpg, jpeg, png” I do not have a setting to choose the file type for the camera but from the files I see in the archive they are jpg ..

Also, can I get a way to upload a picture from the phone archive ?

Thank you,

Please open a ticket in our support center at and we’ll fix it asap. Would you please also attach some screenshots/screencasts with the ticket and mention your phone model or OS version?

hello im interested in purchasing your product can how can site user use or broadcast event useing plugin

Please read the documentation provided in the main download archive.

Hi, is possible edit one update in an event? Only see “Delete update” option. Thanks!