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Hello, can I add caption on the images from image gallery?

No, at the moment it’s not possible.


I am very regret, but the plugin doesn’t work with my theme. I already check if there is any js conflict or anything affect it but I’m not a professional programer, and I didn’t find anything. I also asked for help an engineer of my hosting, he examined a few times, and he also didn’t find any problem on the server side;

My problem is the live page didn’t update, I try to add anything new, but nothing is happening after I click the Broadcast button.

I know you have the support forum, but can I contact to you by mail or skype? I replicated my site for you, but I don’t want to pass the credibility on the public forum.

Could you take a look and check why the plugin doesn’t work? I love to use it if it only works.

Thank you!


Yes, write me an email at
Include please your codecanyon username, to keep thing clean in my inbox.

HI, weill you release an update soon?

At the moment plugin works as it should. The work on updating it, I think will begin in some month.

Can I buy it a modify it with my own coders and sell it? I see a market for this plugin in my country.

No, you can not do it.

I’ve tested with different browsers and different computers but insert / edit link function doesn’t work for me. Do you have any idea why is that?

Best regards


romanbitca Author Team

Send me please an email with administrator credentials to wordpress. I want to test it.

My email address is


TXTFox Purchased

We purchased the plugin – It is amazing. But 1 issue. It slows the site to a halt on front page load. Even if it isnt on the front page. Inspect Element – Network we see it is the css file that is causing the issue. How do we fix this?


romanbitca Author Team

can you share a link to your site please? I want to check it.

When I try to install it – is ‘The plugin does not have a valid header.’ a common issue I need to create a ticket for – or can you reply a quick fix?


romanbitca Author Team

What version of php your hosting use? I recommend to contact them, and to ask to update it, because I think it’s outdated.