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Wonderful plugin, it will have a great future!

I have some pre sale questions:

1.- Does the plugin work with the last version of wordpress? (Are you planing to update)

2.- Can I give a custom Css Style to shorcode “[wplinktrade_list]”? (for example horizontal orientation or background)

3.- I pretend use it with my community (Buddypress and bbPress site), I wonder if there is a way to allow just one banner for user? Maybe a custom function depending in roles?

4.- Can I allow a partner submit his own banner or image to show in my website?

5.- What Today In and Today Out means? and stats are from my partners right?

6.- In case I have to many partners, can I create a shortcode to show 5 of them randomly?

Sorry for that questions, but I just want to be sure about the plugin options.


Hello Arutam,

1. Yes, the plugin works with the latest WP Version. We will update the plugin immediately if there are some issues.

2. The shortcode doesn’t allow CSS parameters but you can define your styles in your style.css file.

3. Currently there is no option to limit banners per user.

4. Yes, of course. That’s the main feature of this plugin.

5. Today In shows how many visitors you have received from a partner. Today Out means how many visitors have clicked on a banner on your site.

6. Yes, you can do that like this: [wplinktrade_list count=”5” order=”RAND”]

Best regards, Powerfusion

Thanks for the answers.

Just one more, what about adblock plugins? the banner will be displayed even if an user has adblock in his browser?