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Bafta la vanzari :)


Tibi – FWD.

Noroc, TIbi

Multumesc, la fel si tie!


how many themes has this been tested on?

Hello, Ian

I’ve tested it on WP’s defaults, some of my custom themes (one of them is actually where the live preview is installed) and some other themes. I would say around 10 themes, but this is a common WordPress plugin, so it should work on all WordPress themes without any problems.

Regards, Costin

Thank you! :)

Just a pre-sale question! :)

My scenario is as follows:

I am working for photographic agency that has their website at site1.com address. Their photographers have sites at site2.com, site3.com, site4.com etc. where they store their images.

Now, can I using this plugin, to pull and display all those images from site2, site3, site4 etc. to pages located at the main site site1.com?

By sound of this plugin this is possible but could you please confirm?

All the best

Hello, XXNephilim

Absolutely! That’s the whole purpose of this plugin :)

Regards, Costin

Great product. I just sent you an email. I wait for you response.


Thank you :)

I’ll check it out and let you know!

Regards, Costin

Does this plugin allow for external image urls to be added for WooCommerce Variations? So, if I had a main product, it would have an image URL, and each variation of that product would have an image URL. So based on the selected Variation, the featured image would change based on the variation’s image url… much like Amazon. Can your plugin do this?

Hello, penjetti

Unfortunately no, it does not.

Regards, Costin

does this work with google maps? when i tried to display google maps pictures i got a placeholder but no image

just pull up any google maps listing for example a hotel and click on see photos each of those photos should have a specific url i am also going to try to embed the pictures from a google images search but i need to make sure they are the pictures used in maps for copyright purposes

Okay, thank you for the info. I’m going to test it and let you know.

Regards, Costin


It seems that that image is not loaded even in the wp editor of WordPress (??) so I’m guessing this might be coming from Google (?). Please have a look here: http://coderevision.com/demo/test-with-google-maps-images/ , I’ve tried to add an image in both ways (using the Share Image from GMaps), and the image doesn’t show. You can register for an account on the demo site and try there different things if you want.

Regards, Costin

Hello, is there a way to add captions to thumbs or full images, like filenames and original time stamp?


Not really, the main reason is because the EXIF extension must be installed on the server and if the server is Windows then mbstring extension must also be installed. Besides that, there will be too much computation in order to retrieve an information that can easily be added to the image when creating the gallery (that because the URL to the image is added manually and not picked up by an automated script. If this was the case then your request would have been already implemented long ago).

OK, I understand but I have too many images to add this data manually.


Sorry for the late reply, I was extremely busy today.

I completely understand what you mean, but the plugin is not providing an automated process.

I must be brain dead or this plugin is awe-full. Just how does one get full image aspect ratio thumbs instead of cropped or squished thumbs? I tried various column numbers and percentages and nothing but ugly thumbs. What is so hard about enabling scaled full-size thumbs inside a container? These were available a long time ago in free plugins. It appears that I have wasted more money on plugins that just don’t work in reality.

Hello, jpinches

Can you please let me know what is it that doesn’t work for you and what is it that you’re looking for to achieve? The gallery is providing multiple options on how to display the image in the thumbnails so the image will be shown properly.

Please visit the forums and open a thread so I can have a look.

Thank you

Regards, Costin


I am building an affiliate site. Van i create galleries with external images. And set an affiliateurl for each image and after click go to the affiliateurl?

I saw the demo. The image is popping up in a lightbox. But is t alsow possible to hyperlink the image to an affiliaeurl?


Having a closer look, the current version won’t allow it because the image itself pops up in the lightbox, but I’ve tested it now and added the link in the caption and it works from there. The only problem is that the whole link is displayed when hovering the image, so I’ll implement and fix this in the next version.

Regards, Costin

Hello again,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve implemented this functionality for the Captions and sent the update to Envato for approval.

I’ve updated the demo site, so you can test it and see if it suits your needs.

Thank you

Regards, Costin

is possible to use for image remote feeds ?


it’s not, because there are endless possibilities of creating those feeds, and the script itself could not possibly be able to parse them all.

I will consider adding this feature in a future update, using a standard feed structure.

Regards, Costin

hi – is there any way to add an entire folder of images rather than one by one?


Thank you for purchasing!

Unfortunately, this functionality is not supported by the plugin, but I am working on adding the possibility of displaying the images from an RSS feed.

Regards, Costin

Hi, is this plugin still in function? As I understand I can use it with shortcodes anywhere in the content area? Thanks. Ed

Hello Costin, the utility of having the gallery on just one column is on product page as you can see here http://autoinovacije.com/fullpleasure/product/women-scarf

I’ve bought a plugin so please tell me what change do I have to make i order to have one column gallery.


Regards, Ed

Hello, Ed

Thank you for purchasing, I hope you will enjoy using it!

I will send you an email about how to do that during today.

Regards, Costin

Hello, i wish you happy new year. I want show remote gallery in post or page and i want put download button bellow image then if user click download Is possible download image from remote to my wp-content/uploads/ ? If you planned to next version please inform me when ready. Thanks.

Hello, ersineser!

Yes, it is possible to do what you want, but it will require a few lines of custom code, but I don’t intend to add this functionality since it will defy the purpose of this plugin (same thing can be achieved with a right click > save image as, and then use the WP Media screen to upload the image/s), If you’re still interested in purchasing this plugin, I could provide you the code you need for that button though.

I wish you and your family a happy and successful New Year!

Regards, Costin

Hello! I was looking this for life! I have a photo store in the cloud and able to link to my website… the thing is… Wordpress library did not support external link! I keep looking any plugin and most of them outdated.., I was wondering if this plugin still compatible with latest WordPress or the development has stop? because I am interested to get on if it working!!!

Hello, diden

Thank you for your interest :) The plugin is still supported, and yes, it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

You can register for an account on my demo site (http://coderevision.com/demo) to give it a test and see if this is what you are looking for :)

Have a nice day!

Regards, Costin

Hi Costin, I will use the plugin for Pabrik Kancing with the retailer theme and WooCommerce v3.0.5. Please advise.

Pre-installation questions. I am insterested in this plugin. My scenario is: - WordPress 4.7.3 - WPML. My website has three languages. - Bakery Visual Composer, to edit posts and pages.

If I want to use the same picture in French, English and Spanish, do I have to load it 3 times? If this is not the case, can I use a different Alt and Caption for each language? How can I add a gallery using Visual Composer? The galleries can be shown like a Slide? And finally, can I insert galleries in pages also?


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leotito Purchased

Great plugin loads fast , light script, can add external images to the galley very easy, the caption will add the meta title to the images automatically great for seo thanks