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Love the ease of use.. but i don’t see any changes to SPEED or style, ie… VERTICAL, VERTICAL-REVERSED, etc…

Hey John,

Thanks for purchasing my plugin.

I’ve never had any questions about options not working so I’m just going to explain how the options work (;

- The target option will let you define the target(s) of the plugin. The target needs a background to function. the target(s) can be defined by class (.element), id (#element) and/or tagname (element). you can define multiple targets by separating them with ”,” (.element, #element, element). if the field is left blank, the body will be targetted by default.

- The speed option will change the speed with which the background will move. 1 is the fastest and 10 is the slowest.

- The vertical option will enable or disable the background to move vertically.

- The vertical_inversed option will invert the direction of the background when enabled (Note that this option will only take effect when the vertical option has been enabled)

- The horizontal option will enable or disable the background to move horizontally.

- The horizontal_inversed option will invert the direction of the background when enabled (Note that this option will only take effect when the horizontal option has been enabled)

I hope this explanation will suffice.

Hey there Martin! Hope things are going well with you and yours. (-:

Got one quick question: Can I only hit one element per page? I’m trying to get two different backgrounds (I’ve tried the same class and 2 different ones comma separated in your plug-in) to run the parallax effect.

It’s not working. Just wanted to figure out if it was a limitation of the software or not.

Thanx (again) for your help!

Hey Jonhardison,

I’m kind of in the middle of something right now but I will look into it later this day.

Could you send me an example of the problem over mail? It would be much easier to test what the problem is (;

Surely. I’ll get that over to you within the hour. Thx.

Alright! Got it working. It was entirely my fault. LOL! Typos in every conceivable place so it was me that didn’t work, not your plug-in. Don’t suppose you have a fix for that, do you? ;-)

Sounds like a great plugin. Just one question there. Could I have multiple instances of it on a single page? In another words can I make “Element a” scroll faster than “element b”? Thanks.

and also, would I be able to manipulate multiple background layers on the same element? Thanks again.

Hey pdavid82,

Manipulating multiple elements with individual parallax effects won’t be possible for now.

I’ve had the request a few times already and I’m still looking for some time to create this functionality. The feature will be implemented in the near future and won’t bring any extra costs.

The site I want to use it on is HTML5/CSS3 ~ is wp-justParallaxplugin for Wordpress responsive, or can it be made responsive?

Hello Terence. The plugin itself does not need to be responsive for it only adds an effect to your existing elements.

So if your website is responsive, justParallax will be responsive too.

Hello, After I installed the plugin, the location of the background image changed. How can I fix this?

Without the plugin -> http://universoracionalista.org/ (appears the moon).

With the plugin ->[link removed] (not appear the moon).

Ps* Sorry for my english. Thank you.

wp-justParallax manipulates the background-position style to make the background move. In your case the moon is just too far from the side to be visible when the background is placed directly to the left side which causes the moon to be placed under the container.

Consider moving the moon a little more to the side using a program like photoshop.

I hope this solved your problem.

Okay Martin, I’ll try that. Thanks for the helpfull support.

I too would like to limit the effect to just one page (home). Is there any quick way to achieve that?

Hi again Martin,

I was trying to find a way to disable the effect for IE alltogether but failed miserably (tried with conditional comments and fixed position). Do you have any idea how to achieve that?

Good luck with your exams :-)

You could add a statement in the js file if you know how to do this.

If so, paste this in the top of the initParallax() function: if(window.navigator.userAgent.indexOf(“MSIE “) >= 0) return;

it should work (:

Thanks, got no bad grades (yet)

Thanks a lot, I will try that.

This looks great!!

I’ve read mobile devices do not support Parallax scrolling, true?

Multisite OK?

I’ve built a test semi-parallax page (background is fixed) http://goo.gl/lQQqpP using the Visual Composer http://goo.gl/YP1kBD

I can give each row a background image and class, would this work with your plugin?

Short video of how I used Visual Composer: http://goo.gl/6YEj4h

It would be really great to see your script as a module in Visual Composer!!! You guys should team up!

Thank you very much!

Hey csborgman,

thank you for your enthusiasm about the plugin but I’m afraid I will have to bring you bad news.

The website you mentioned in your comment uses some kind of “hack” to scroll over the page. Usually you scroll over the body element but on your page the body element has been disabled and the user scrolls over the div with the .site-inner class. Because of this unusual way of scrolling, my plugin can’t catch the scroll event which results in that it can’t position the background images.

I will look into a way to make this work somewhere within the next 2 weeks since I do see a possibility for a fix (I am sorry about the timespan but I will have to make some time between my exams).

Kind regards, Martin Drost

Hello Martin, I’m sorry to bother you. I’m not very proficient in html :-( I’m not sure to well understand the operation of the plugin. Is it possible to configure the parallax effect only on one part of the page please? And if yes, I don’t understand the way to do it and especially how to name the area to animate. I think the need to define a background as a picture for example, write content that had marched over and indicate to the plugin the name of this area. Is this correct please? Thank you in advance for your help! Regards, Jed.

Hey Jed,

You can target elements to apply the parallax effect by their tagname, id or classname. This is covered in the following link: http://www.martindrost.nl/wp-justParallax/#customize

The easiest way to find the required target is by using the element inspector of your browser.

I hope this has answered your question.

Kind regards, Martin

Hey there! Before purchasing this plugin, I wanted to know if I can use this to apply parallax to the header image in this post, since this is the theme that I am using – http://thehappybit.com/demo/bigfoot/2013/03/25/he-who-has-overcome-his-fears-will-truly-be-free/

Hello Muditk,

I’ve taken a look at your website and it seems that implementing justParallax on your header is currently not possible. You are using an tag instead of a background-image.

If you use the a background-image instead of an tag for the header parallax will be possible for your website.

I hope this anwered your question.

Hi Martin,

Is there a simple way to disable this plugin when viewing my website on a mobile device?

I thought the following would work – but it doesn’t appear to:

@media only screen and (min-device-width : 768px) and (max-device-width : 1024px) { }

.className {
        background-attachment: fixed;

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hey TannerDigital,

Thanks for purchasing my plugin.

The trick is targetting mobile styles instead of the desktop styles like you are currently doing. The plugin needs background-attachment: fixed; to function so if you just overwrite that style for mobile devices it should be fine.

I hope this information wil suffice.

Kind regards, Martin

Do you know if this works with the genesis framework? I have tried many classes nothing seems to work.

Hey Ellissajayne,

Thanks for purchasing my plugin. I’ve taken a look at the genesis framework and I can’t know for sure if it would work since I don’t have a demo page.

could you send me a demo page in my mail where I can test? It would help me help you (;

Kind regards, Martin

Is it possible to do something like this?:



Hey juanrane,

Sorry for the late response.

The plugin only reacts to scrolling vertically and does not (yet) support parralax while scrolling horizontally.

I will look into implementing such a functionality, it shouldn´t be too much work (;

kind regards, Martin

Hi Martin,

I have been trying to get this plug in to work with no luck. I want my background to be full width and responsive. I have the tage in the plugin set to .page-id-8 #container. This is my css for the background:

.page-id-8 #container { background: url [link removed] repeat-y center top; -webkit-background-size: contain; -moz-background-size: contain; -o-background-size: contain; background-size: contain; }

[link removed]

Does my background have to be longer than my content? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

hmmm strange, I only have .page-id-8 #container called out. Body has not been targeted. Thanks for the help!


Hey Martin!

I got it to work. Great plug-in by the way. Is there a way to install the plugin twice so I could assign both horizontal and vertical sliding elements on one site?


Hey Chelsea,

That’s not (yet) possible. I’m currently in the middle of my exams and when I’m done I will put some more time into extending the plugin. This feature has been requested a lot of times now so I will probably start with that.

Kind regards, Martin

Hi there!

Just bought the plugin and we are trying to target certain elements on our page but nothing is working??

[link removed] – Trying to target background image? Even when we target other elements it does not work?



Hey Ole,

I’ve checked your website and it seems that justParallax is being overruled by another script. When you inspect the elements you can see the background position of the image tryng to change but it keeps getting pushed back to position “50% 50%”.

I couldn’t find which script does this so you’ll have to play with that yourself (;

I hope I’ve been of help.

Kind regards, Martin

Hi! I just install the plugin… and it doesn’t seems to influence the selected element…Anything special to do in the HTML or CSS ?

[link removed]


Hey bioniqueultra,

I just checked your webpage and the plugin seemed to do it’s work just fine.

What do you expect it to do other than givingthe background a parallax effect?

Kind regards, Martin

I just changed the ID for a CLASS… and it started to work!


I have a client that wants to duplicate the parallax effect at the top of this page where the circles are. There are different elements that move up down or horizontal at the same time when you scroll down.

Thanks Dorys Can your plugin accomplish this.

Hey Dorys,

My apologies for the late comment.

This feature has been requested once but I haven’t been able to work on it yet. I will implement this feature when I have time but I’m in a really busy time right now so it might take a while.

Kind regards, Martin

Hi Martin,

great plugin!, However I am having difficulty in targeting more than one element?

On the following site we have a background layer with bg image. Ontop of it we have another div with background image. This layer is called #bg but we can only seem to target the underneath div called ..hero-section-wrap

We want to basically make the layer on top move upwards more as we scroll – rather than both the elements move at same time, same speed etc..

Hope this makes sense?

Would appreciate your help.


Hey fireworxcreative,

My apologies for the late comment.

This feature has been requested once but I haven’t been able to work on it yet. I will implement this feature when I have time but I’m in a really busy time right now so it might take a while.

Kind regards, Martin

Can you generate a short code with this plugin that would work on a single page, or does it only work for full background images?

Hey Nusserstudios,

Sorry for the (really) late comment.

The plugin will be included on every page. If you want to target a specific element on a specific page you will have to give that element an unique class or id and target that in the settings of the plugin.

I hope this comment was helpful.

Kind regards, Martin

Is this a plugin or just a jQuery?

Hey Joeydono,

I’ve been a bit busy lately so I haven’t been able to reply that often anymore.

For your first question. What do you mean exactly with “a jQuery”? If you meant if the plugin requires jQuery to function the answer is no. The plugin has been created with raw Javascript and does not rely on any library as mentioned on the product page and in the documentation.

As for your last question. The plugin is called on every page, if you want to target a specific page you should change the paralllax target in the settings so it targets an element which is only present on the page you want the plugin to work on.

I hope this comment was helpful.

Kind regards, Martin

iv entered the target area, doesn’t do anything. is there any way to have multiple pictures trigger and certain points when scrolling?

Do you have the page you want to apply the plugin online? If so, could you send me a link in a mail?

This way I can see what’s wrong instead of just guessing.

Kind regards, Martin

Hi Martin, I need to use a plugin like this but i need the content (not only the background) to move horizontal. Is this possible with your plugin? Thanks!