Discussion on WPIF - Wordpress Plugin For Creating Conditional Actions (Events triggered)

Discussion on WPIF - Wordpress Plugin For Creating Conditional Actions (Events triggered)

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Hi, I try to register my code and it does nothing, dont show error or any message

im looking for something like, if toxonmy = location and location = wp-users location and location = florida then redirect to this page

is this possible?

Hey there ! I would like to create a conditional quick form as you can see and use on this website on the menu and header with radio buttons :

Such as a select list of options : “I am” > Fileds : Entrepreneur or Working for someone > THEN if the person chooses “entrepreneur” it would redirect the person to a specific URL I choose. If the person chooses “Working for someone” it will redirect to another specific URL.

Do you understand my needs ?

I would like to buy your plugin, however, I tried the DEMO and I did not find an option to actualy create what I need, please kindly let me know if I can use your plugin to create the quick little form I need.




When will new version be available?

this plugin is not updated since April 2018 – does this actually work or is there something wrong.

Hi, it works good also in last wordpress version… We are working on a new version to improve it

Hi, We need to trigger an event up on, 1. new product added[woocommerce] 2. user details edited. can we achieve it with this script? or can you do it as a custom work?

Unfortunately, this plugin is not integrated with woocommerce. We can schedule this for a future update, but I’m not sure it’s easy to integrate. Eventually I’ll contact you.

hi don’t have you any plane to develop this plugin and add new features??? the changelog of this item is very weak and bad

We schedule a new update in the next months. Bugfix and support is always guaranteed.

Hi – I bought the plugin to use the following trigger “If user role is…” with the action “redirect to”. the problem I’m having is that the plugin only uses the standard WordPress roles. It does not “see” the additional roles I’ve created. Is there any way to add this?

Hi, we are sorry but you it can work only with standard users role at this moment

Hey, what are all the conditions?

Because under the details there is the information:

Possible conditions and events (that can even be combined each other) : . . User role is … ...and more!

What is in the point «...and more!».

Maybe also «User is in group …» or similar? Do you have a full-list of conditions and actions? Or a website with details?

Hey~ I want to buy this plugin, don’t know if it is still being maintained? I saw the last update date is 2018/04, I am a bit worried.

Hi have this item this if conditions: 1-Page visitis as 1st visit 2-Timezone for example Los Angeles 3-Location for example USA

1. nope. But you can manage it with a custom javascript on any page that write in local storage 2 and 3: not now… you should use a thirdy part service to detect location

Hi 1-is this item compatible with last wordpress version? do you have any plane to upgrade this plugin? 2-I want to translate this item but it have not any language pot file! please help me

Yes it’s compatible. We schedule some upgrades but still work in progress… probably will be release in the next 2 months.

How do I change/swap the domain my license is connected to?

Send us old domain and new domain (privately) and we will update your license.


My goal is to create a marketplace using Woocommerce Bookings (or YITH Booking for WooCommerce ) to create a marketplace with Product Vendors (or YITH Multi Vendor)

Workflow: User create an account as a Vendor and is automatically assigned a duplicated version of some selected unpublished products (product created with Woocommerce Bookings). Duplicated product is cretated by post Duplicator @

The concept will basically work like the default/dummy post shipped with Woocommerce when the plugin is installed (some dummy products are included…)

Question: Can your plugin help me do that?

— GM

Does it work well in a multi-site?

What do you mean with “multi-site”? License is valid only for one domain and the plugin has been tested on a clean installation with default theme. Feel free to ask assistance if something won’t work as expected.

Hi. Multisite is when you make a WP website that has version with different themes. They can be Sub Directory or Sub Domain. I am speaking of a sub directory install. These set ups are good for development, testing, designing sites in a sandbox for showing clients several full site design options before you take a site into a production environment.

As we said, this plugin will work for 1 domain or subdomain. If the backend is in the same domain it should work correctly, even if frontend are in different domains/subdomains. Let us know if you encounter any problems…


If i set the option “no movement and click for 5 seconds” in mouse interaction for the particular post.

Its not showing any messages. Please support me

Please give us more information: url of the page, screenshot of how you configured that applet. Optionally give us ftp access or wp-admin access to check it.


I just purchased WPIF in hopes that is would do User Agent OS (Operating system detection). It appears to only do Browser detection. Is this something you could add?

In the next version we will add more controls. Now it’s only possible to check the browser.

I just bought it, I have high hopes on it

little question

before I authorize my domain

can I use the license for my main domain as well as for my subdomain (which I use as development installation), or do I need to buy another license, one for each subdomain, one for each domain? Thank you

The license is for one url, so activate it on the production url.

Possible? If time between 00:00:00 and 04:00:00 display [shortcode x] else display [shortcode y]?

It’s only possibile to set a date range. We will integrate hours range in the next version.

Possible to add value to trigger button example user click button = 10 clicks in 10 minute will show popup goto page A

No, currently it’s not possible. The only triggers related to mouse are: mouse exits window, right click (one time), no movements or clicks for n seconds…


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