WPHRM – Human Resource Management System for Wordpress

WPHRM – Human Resource Management System for Wordpress

WPHRM works seamlessly with your existing wordpress site. It frees your time managing employee and keeps employee attendance, leaves, Holidays and payslips and much more in single system.

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User Role Username Password
HR Manager hrmanager hrmanager
Accountant accountant accountant
Employee employee employee

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Update History

  • 09-01-2019
    - [Feature] Added multiple language support with the translated word file.
    - [Feature] Added Alert Message Language Translate.
    - [Fixed] Twenty Nineteen Theme issue.
    - [Fixed] Gui issue.
    - Wordpress 5.0.2 Compatibility.
  • 22-10-2018
    [Fixed] Notice ,Holiday, Event listing on Dashboard. 
    - [Fixed] Dashboard menu link redirect issue fixed. 
    - [Feature] View Attendance with start Date to End Date filter.
    - [Feature] Custom Payslip Auto fill employee data when employee selected. 
    - [Feature] Create , update, edit Experience letter. 
    - [Feature] Send login link with user Registration mail. 
    - [Fixed] WP prefix on table issue fixed. 
    - [Fixed] hmgt_send_mail issue fixed. 
    - [Fixed] WordPress timezone issue resolved. 
    - [Fixed] Dashboard link fixed 
    - [Fixed] Conflict between WPHospital and the WPHRM plugin resolved.
  • 06-01-2018
    - [Fixed] Prevented from adding future attendance.
    - [Fixed] Project end year display.
    - [Feature] Added DOB validation
    - [Fixed] Event display format.
    - [Fixed] Label spell mistakes.
    - [Fixed] Frontend perfomance check module employee list fixed.
    - [Fixed] Frontend Add project and Add client employee formate changed.
    - [Fixed] Frontend Trainee print template removed cross sign.
    - [Feature] Frontend Add policty validatiob added. 
    - Fixed date-year selection issue
    - [Feature] Updated data table to ajax data table
  • 03-11-2017
    - Fixed Total working hour and out of working hour issue in attendance Module.
    - Fixed Holidays status issue in attendance module.
    - Employee birthday announcement in dashboard 
  • 10-10-2017
    - [Feature] Manually generate salary slip feature.
    - Fixed general settings page bugs.
    - Fixed labels.
    - Added project status "Complete" 
    - Fixed Security bugs.
  • 15-09-2017
    - Fixed add or remove button issue.
    - Disabled all date before start date.
    - Fixed message count issue.
  • 09-09-2017
    - Added Uniqure Employee Code.
    - Added Color helper label in attendance list.
    - Auto show Curent month attendace on click of employee in Attendance list
    - Fix Minor Bug in email template.
    - Added Date to notice and event list on dashboard.
  • 04-09-2017
    - Initial release