Discussion on WPForms Repeater Field

Discussion on WPForms Repeater Field

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Hi there, I’d like to contribute financially to you releasing the option to use a repeater in a “Save and Resume” field. You mentioned you’ve already done the work, in your comment I’ve emailed you at the beginning of November, again in December, and sending a third email now. Please release it, and I’ll happily contribute $50 towards it. Thank you.

Hello, I’m trying to reach you for few weeks with no response.

It’s possible to use repeater inside repeater?

Thank you.

Nested repeater field is not supported because of the UI limitations in WPForms as well as data structure complexity which may cause tremendous impact on performance of conditional logic. Hence repeater field inside repeater field is not supported, my friend :)

Hello, I have been trying to reach you for months now and got great reply the first time but then radio silence. It is very important for us that the repeater functionality works with the “save and resume” feature of wpforms. Right now we lose all repeater entries if someone decides to save and resume.

This feature was missing on our end for the long time and have finally achieved from the development team and that was the reason we were silent. Now when it passes the QA process, we will definitely process a version update. Thank you for your patience :)

Hi there. What a fantastic product! And the support was amazing too, with quick replies. However, something seems to have changed, as I have not heard back from my last 3 emails, over the past 8 weeks! Please respond urgently, as the bug in your plugin (which you had told me you were fixing) is detrimental to my workflow. Thank you.

Thank you for the reply! I’ve emailed you now.

The issue occurred while adding 10+ conditionally repeated fields had been patched and a development zip has been sent to your email attachment. Please verify and let us know the result, my friend :)

Thanks @WPCanny! Fix working beautifully. I’ve sent you an email back, offering to add some $$ to development if the plugin is updated to work with the save and resume plugin, as well as being able to edit the repeater field content in the backend. Look forwarding to hearing from you.

Can I use this plugin om multiple websites ?

Hi Prashant,

You can use this plugin on multiple websites. But in future, we will be checking the purchase code to allow plugin updates directly from the website and during that period you still have to download the plugin and update it on the site which have not set up purchase code as license, my friend :)


can I make repeat form with files upload

Hi avnet613,

We are really sorry for inconvenience caused but file upload field is not supported for repeater.

Thanks. Can i get a one day trail before paying?


I have purchased the WPFORMs calculator plugin ( and although I can see the differente fields in the entries page, in the front page when the user adds numbers to be calculated, it only shows the first row.

For example I have a row with Number 1 Field, Number 2 Field and Total Sum Field This row has the following numbers 1, 2 and the WPForm calculator plugin shows 3. Then I add another row which repeats the fields above but I add the numbers 4, 6 and the total is still 3, not 10!

Is there a way to fix this? If not, then I’m afraid this plugin is not what I will need.

Kind Regards, George

Hi SerialPixels,

This is a conflict with a premium addon especially one we don’t even have access to. Can you please provide the site admin login link to so we can fix it over there? You can use this plugin to pass the login link without sharing the password

I want to purchase WPForms Repeater Field. Is that plugin compatible with ACF pro? I want to map WPForms Repeater Field on the Repeater fields of ACF pro.

No my friend you cannot map ACF Pro repeater fields to WPForms repeater because of its plugin scope. We will give a look if this can be possible in the future run but at this present version it cannot be done with other plugin besides WPForms. You can only repeat the fields available with the WPForms only.

Hello, I will need a REFUND. The Plugin is conflicting with WP. The Add is not active. It is showing an ERROR on the page.

Please can you contact so we can know the errors and help you assist with the the issue

​​I would love to set up forms repeater with a maximum number of repeats choosen by the person filling the form. For example, if I create a form for a conference, and users are adding names to the reservation form, I would love to the user to denote in one field how many attendees, e.g. 8 attendees, and have forms repeater stop at 8.​​​

Is this possible?​​​​ ​​

Thanks for your speedy reply! Unfortunately, I didn’t ask my question very well. Why I meant was to dynamically change the maximum based on needs. Right now, I would set the maximum but I would like to make it so that the user (form filler) would not be given more repeats then needed. Alternatively, it would be awesome if I could put a counter on each field so that the user would be able to see how many repeats they have already done. The reason is I have an event with up to 40 participants and it’s tedious, as a user, to manually count through each iteration to insure they were no duplicate names or omissions

Currently this is not possible we will add this as feature request which will be available in the upcoming version, my friend :)

awesome :)

Hi, I installed the wpforms repeater but it is not shown in the wpforms. I have wpforms lite installed. How can solve this? Thanks

There is a very series issue in the WPForms Reapter. I created a form with a repeater containing 4 widgets. When I fill in the form and clicked submit, I expect to see message say that “submit successfully”, not nothing changed nothing in the webpage. Second, the received email does not contains the repeater field information.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Can you please export the form you are having trouble with and send it back to us through the message on the profile page so we can trigger the issue and solve it as soon as possible?

Also please do mention the steps to replicate this as a bug, my friend :)


There was a problem with lite version support and we have fix those issues and since version 1.3.0, lite version is officially supported. Please see FAQ for more details

This seems to be such a needed feature for WPForms, is there some reason on 77 sales?

Hello, maybe i’m interrested in this plugin. I’m not surre if i understand well; dooes WPForms Repeater Field also work on the /wp-admin/users.php?page=bp-profile-setup page? Can i create repeaterfields there?

Hi Bastingsemile, You can create repeater fields any where you want but with WPForms.

Is it compulsory to have wpforms paid version?

Currently, it is compulsory to have the WPForms (Pro) version to get WPForms Repeater Field working because displaying entries and part of conditional logic is not available in WPForms (Lite) version. Anyway, we will be supporting the WPForms (Lite) version from the next update and will not support WPForms (Pro) lacked feature if WPForms (Lite) version is active.

Since version 1.3.0, lite version is officially supported. Please see FAQ for more details

in essence looks good but a few bugs encountered. .Date picker not working for required repeating fields.. and so to phone number. Date field works as drop down

Any updates WPCanny?

Hi @italianstallion, we have submitted the plugin updates with all the above bug fixes and other additional features like conditional logic and payment fields support. You will be notified sooner the update gets approved, my friend :)

Thank you for your patience!!

Thank you so much for the prompt action to fix the errors. Functionally very good.


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