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please add admob banner

It’s already there.

Is this eclipse project … and do it has intersitial ads… and i would like to see the backend in wp

Yes this is an eclipse project. I have installed small banner ads. Not intersitial. And I have updated information. You can see the wordpress admin.

Can I see demo admin panel ??

I just updated information.

Can you add start app ads?

Yes. Once you purchase, we can customize app according to your requirements..

Their is an android studio project ?

no. This is eclipse project.

Hello! I have a few questions.

Im not very good at english so i need you to explain me a couple things before buying this template.

Im a wallpapers maker google+. Ive decided to make a paid wallpapers app for android. So that brings me here!

So my questions are:

1. Why i need to buy extended license over regular if i want to make my app paid? What stops me to upload regural license app on google play and still make it paid?

2. Does extended license means that i have right to put my app on google play store and make it paid so other people can buy it?

3. What do you guys mean end product? Does this mean that i can only export this app template once on eclipse software?

4. I dont want to have ads on my paid app. Can i still make a Wallpapers app with this template without ads?

5. Is there a full guide somewhere how to use this app template?

- Well for Regular Licence and Extended Licence, you can ask more to Envanto Support team. - You can remove Ads from your Paid App. - Yes I have put documentation inside this app for how to use it - For more details about End Product, you can ask to Envanto Team


Can you pls add in the feature to slide left and right while viewing the image?

Add me on Skype iappsdevelopers

Hi, can this app support LiveWallpapers? I need source for LiveWallpapers what refresh online image defined time.

Well this application has feature to update wallpapers. So user can see new wallapapers. You can upload wallpapers manually.

Thanks for answer! I test this app, it not for me. I need source for live wallpapper, something similar for this: but less settings eg. image source, refresh time and background settings- stretch and aspect ratio.

Oh I see. Well this is way different from our application. Our application have feature of only wallpapers to set.

bought now. Demo is very good. You should add swipe function to change images.

app waiting on splash screen. I added you on skype.

Hello sir, Sorry for inconvenient we have updated our code to latest version . If you want customization in current app than contact us @

any plan to ios version ?

If you want, we can create it for you.

Hi, Do I have to create wordpress account? If so, can you provide any link on how to add images to my wordpress account?

Hello sir, No you have not require wordpress account but you need your domain for hosting your website.

Hi, Do I have to create wordpress account? If so, can you provide any link on how to add images to my wordpress account?

No you don’t need any kind of wordpress account. Can you tell me what purpose do you need wordpress account?

What is your recommended size of wallpaper image?

You can use any size of wallpaper. But it should be High Defination. Basically this app we have created for HD Wallpapers. You can also put yours.

Hi, Thanks for your quick reply. From where I can update new wallpaper images? You mentioned in description about “wordpress control panel userid and password”

Yes. That is for our application. You need to use Wordpress CMS.

You can download it from here.

And than you need to install Gallery Plugin.

before purchasing need to know. 1. In demo app saved wallpapers are visible in gallery after device restart. will it be fixed? 2. In demo app apk categories are repeating. 3 How many wallpapers can be places under one category? 4 All wallpapers category is missing can you add this feature. like recently added walls etc. 3 Can you integrate startapp sdk.

- Well which device are you using? Because for me it’s saving when I download - You can add any number categories and keep your name - You can add as many wallpaper as you want - You can add that category as well - Yes we can add feature for recently added walls but will be additional - we have admob installed. I guess startapp is similar to it

Nexus 5. It shows images in gallery after restarting device. It works well with other apps. Ok . I will purchase this app. I want startapp integration and recently added wallpapers category which has all the wallpapers with recently added ones on top. How much will you u charge for this.

Hello sir, We have updated our app to latest version. Please download it and message us if not working.

Man…. I can’t get this work … I put getWallpaper and getGalleries in the root directory and I installed the wordpress pluging but my app dont get galleries and wallpapers…. :(

Hello sir, We have updated our code to newer version. Please download it and message us if not working.

how i can update this app for use material design layout ? please quick reply

I didn’t get you by Material Design Layout ? Do you want to put categories ?

hi Bro I want Show admob interstisial Ad when user Click on Wallpaper View?

Hi, We have updated our code. If you want customization in your code than let us know about that. We will customize that code.

i cant login to admin demo. Is this stuff still supporter?

Just wanted to post here for others to see, this app is great, works great and the support is very good as well. Had an issue he solved quickly.

I am surprised this app has no more sales, wishing the developer more sales as it deserves it.

Thank you very much for your comments

Demo app seems nice. Is this still active? I see last update was one year ago

Yes ofcourse it’s working.