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hello, i have some questions

1- Can you make category filtering? 2- Can you do slide left and right ? 3- Can you integrate search box?

If say “yes” i want to buy this app :)


have a skype adress? thank you.

email me iappsdevelopers at gmail dot com

php admin demo dont work sir /public_html/codecan/wpgal/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1192, whats is new on update?

Hello sir. We have updated our code and back end take a look at our new demo. If you have find any query than let us know about that.

Hi developer, I already have WordPress wallpaper website, 1) Does default categories work for this template, Or will I need to upload images again to different folders 2) can I use my website with wallpapers or need to create new backend for WordPress.. Thanks

Hello sir, Can you share your website link to us. After visiting your site we will identify your current back end is working with our app or not.

Backed And Demo App Url is Not Working Update Download Lind And Backed Demo Url…

Hello Sir, We have updated our code as well as back end. All is working now please check it. And let us know if you have find any problem.

Is this still supported ? admin site been down for 3 months !

Hello Sir, Yes we are supporting this product and all is working now. If you have any query than message us.

hi, i have a wordpress website which shows albums around 1500 posts. your app works for me ? Also which api like JSON api you are using? Thanks

Yes ofcourse. App will work for you. And we are using JSON API to fetch data and display in app.

demo not working http://www.iappsdevelopers.com/codecan/wpgal/wp-admin/

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home4/jinaldab/public_html/codecan/wpgal/wp-includes/functions.wp-styles.php:1) in /home4/jinaldab/public_html/codecan/wpgal/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1192

Hello sir. We have updated our back end detail as well as our android app to latest version please check that.

Hello, I want to buy this app code, before buying I would like to check the wordpress backend demo but getting error on that page. Kindly fix that and let me know if it can work…

I’ll suggest everyone to Not buy this code,
First of all its not working.
Secondly no support from the author, so don’t expect from him to resolve any issues related to this app.
I’m thankful to Envato support team who helped me to get the refund .

Hello sir, We have updated our back end detail as well as update android code to latest version.