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Hi, does this work in a subsite of a wordpress mulitisite network? ie. its enabled in one site only and not network activated

yes it works on Wordpress Multisite. An example is our Demo website which is a Wordpress Multisite

Pre-Purchased question: How will I add the hooks, I don’t have much experience using the code. It was not stated clearly on the documentation page how to use/insert the action hooks

Are you looking to extend the plugin? U use the action hooks the same way as you would with the default action hooks build in Wordpress. We will try to update the documentation asap

Hello, I have got also the payment problem : when we click on “ckeckout” button (in the payment page) nothing happens… I am on the last step before to deliver the website, I can not wait 5 days more. Thank you

I replied to your ticket.

Question, Is it possible to use this plugin to allow users to make deposits without seeing the balance?

There is no option to hide it.

I have send you a mail, please check. :)

We received your e-mail.

Hi, I’m interested in your plugin, but one thing that is key important to the way my blog works is that the users would be able to withdraw their deposited funds.

As I can see from other comments it has been in the pipeline over a year, but is this feature finished and ready to use ??


version 1.8.8 is coming around the corner and after that it will be version 1.9 which we hope to release this month, it will include the withdrawal option and other important updates. It was not implemented at this time because we are still trying to figure out what should be withdrawable (we finally decided that this will be available as options to specify what a user can withdraw, as we cannot make that choice for the clients).

When will 1.9 be released? I am unable to say at this point, this month for sure (probably around the last week of March). The withdraw feature WILL be implemented. But your assumption that the plugin won’t be updated as soon as people stop buying is certainly NOT appreciated!

We are at version 1.8.8 for a reason! We try to keep up with everything but as partial freelancer we can only work a few hours a week and therefore it takes a while. We are also busy providing support, help clients get started, update other add-ons and create custom projects or versions of the plugins/add-ons sold on Codecanyon. Please take this under consideration as well. Thank you

perfect, thank you, I’ll keep an eye on the update.

Because of some important updates 1.8.9 will be released today and 1.9 is delayed for a week or 2.

WPDeposit 1.8.8 was released.

Hi dear, I have update new version of WPDeposit. The reward option no working on woo-commerce. How to link both together ?


Here is the list of action hooks for woocommerce. http://docs.woothemes.com/document/hooks/ Find the hook you need and add it to the ‘Extra rewards’ tab.

User will get point when buy a product; different point for different product. Which hooks I need to add?

Contact woothemes to check which hook you should use. I would say after a checkout so I would say woocommerce_after_checkout_form but I’m not sure.


Looks very good plugin :) I have question. Can it be implement with standart register plugin? Example need 10 USD deposit with registration to special role? It’s my situation – http://pbrd.co/1cZDvoG (transliate – nick, password, email, and role name )

Thanks for your name.

We have added a reward system in version 1.8.8 where you can specify how much a user would earn when they register. But we did not an option to specify which role could receive the reward and which could not. Contact us through our profile and we will talk about this feature.

The plugin works with easy digital downloads?

Yes. It rewars user based on certain actions performed in the easy digital downloads plugin. http://imageshack.com/a/img834/2606/yqiz.png We will update the documentation page asap

Hi, can you make this work for http://themeforest.net/item/fundify-the-wordpress-crowdfunding-theme/4257622

if you can this will boost your sales ;)

If the author implemented action hooks you can use those in the reward section of the plugin. If no action hooks are available the author of the theme will have to implement this in his theme. I will contact him and see if he is interested.

I have receive a response from the author. Unfortunately it was just to say i needed to contact another person … just FYI

Can user transfer points or deposit to other user’s account ???

Yes there is a donation option.

Please kindly update me once donation function is available.

One more version (1.8.9 – updates to the donation) will be released before the long awaited 1.9 (which unfortunately will be delayed for a few weeks)

I’m lost. How do I setup setup the deposit page? I used the shortcode but I only get the text. There is no deposit form, select amount or a submit button? HELP?!

Yes I have, and this is all I get with the short code:


I figured it out thank you

What was the problem?

Is it possible to make deposits into a user account like the donate option but without logging in, so anyone can make a deposit?

There is no such option. A user needs to be logged in to deposit or donate.

I can’t transfer fund.I mean when i try to transfer fund to username, i back on same page without any message. Also,need some more help on finish level. Like when i test a place order then page will redirect to your cart is empty page.

I can not donate….am i missing something ?? Please explain how donate function works !! Thanks !!

Yes sorry about that. There was an issue which i fixed. I wanted to upload in codecanyon but there was an issue on the site which prevented this. Hopefully they fixed it. I will keep you posted.

Are you talking about donate page right ??

I want to purchase your plugin and intergrate it with sitemile project theme http://sitemile.com/products/wordpress-project-freelancer-theme/ .

My task has to do with credit system to users. If some user wins a project then some credits of his account will be redused.

Do you think that i can intergrade your plugin even with some code customisations?

Regards George

Most certainly. If the plugin has custom action hooks you won’t need to write any code as we offer a page where you can set options to add (or remove) credits from a user after a certain action hook has been triggered from a 3rd party plugin. If no action hooks are available it is still only a few lines of code that needs to be added to achieve this.

You can always contact us should you require assistance.

Can you help us on my pending two issues please ????

Donation function is not working and second is Getting error…...while adding deposits….

FPDF error: Missing or incorrect image file: http://www.jainbirds.com/wp-content/plugins/wpdeposit/resources/images/invoice_top_bg.jpg

If you downloaded the latest version and uploaded it to your site it should work properly. Are you receiving any errors? or does the page just refresh?

Page just refresh only !! I have a Version 1.8.9 !!

Ah yes I see the problem. it is cause by jQuery. You are using the jQuery no conflict version. I will mail you the update in a second.

Hi, I purchased the plugin and almost all of its add-on … but can not get it to work … well. I have written a ticket 48 hours ago, but I have not received a response. I guess it has not reached them … so I write here.

I set paypal … and it works “apparently” in test mode. However an error message when I decide to make a real deposit … appears on the page of paypal payment gateway:

“The trade only accepts PayPal payments on a website encoded. Could not afford to trade with PayPal buttons unencrypted. Contact trade PayPal for more information”

“Could not complete the purchase”

Sincerely, Awaiting response Miguel :)

Pre-buy questions – I’m just trying to figure out what I can do with the plugin:
  • I’m logged in http://demo.uwebic.com/wpdeposit/wpd-subscription-demo/ and both on firefox / chrome last versions for mac, the radio buttons are not working in subscriptions nor in advertissements samples. I can’t select any. Anything wrong? By the way, it’s working perfect on http://demo.uwebic.com/wpdeposit/deposit-money/
  • I saw the infos about self-configuration of custom gateways. I’m wondering if there is any chance you plan to insert SKRILL in the future? like in envato.
  • if I use a template, like a booking service, reservation system, like for a hotel, which has already a button to reserve and pay with paypal, I can’t see clearly how the credits system can be linked to this button process or replace it. Is there any php to replace the original button? Don’t bother if it’s not easy, I’m not a coder, just good enought to locate the button and copy past some understandable code.
  • I’m still hesitating between all your add-ons. I may go with the pay-per-post or subscription. I can’t see how pay-per-post works on the demo, there is no button, just a regular post http://demo.uwebic.com/wpdeposit/pay-per-post-premium-content-example-page/ Is it well working with templates custom posts types?
  • I saw you have a shortcode to hide contents manually, but I think I will need to enter some php into the template to hide several infos in the structure like the calendar, the booking button, the contacts, etc. Do you have some doc about php instead of the shortcodes?
  • just for u: your live demos links – example on http://docs.uwebic.com/products/efile_downloader#quick_startup is not sending to the demo, and most of the demo links in this website seems wrong

Have a nice day and keep up the good work!

Dear, it would be easier to reply to you if you send your questions to support{at}uwebic{dot}com. Thank you