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Very good work!

Thank you


Pre-sales Question – I have reserved this plugin for some time and I’m ready to purchase now only that I’m afraid if the developer will ever support this plugin again? Normally I need just the basic service, clients able to add funds to their account through Bank transfer and other basic transfers. I will wait until I hear from the developer. Thank you

Nice job I must say

I have been inactive for a long period for reasons beyond my control, I am gathering feedback of the last past months and will update the plugin based on that. But i am still supporting the plugin

Does this plugin support Stripe??? From the looks of everything this is a perfect wallet plugin. Is there still support as well?

yes there is support. And currently no stripe yet but will be included in a future version.

I installed the pludin but cant find user sign up or deposit page..please assist?

there is no user sign up page specific for this plugin. But if the deposit page were not created (see admin panel -> pages) then you can create them manually by creating the page and paste the shortcode, more info at -> (click on the shortcodes tab)

Hello, is there going to be an update to this plugin and the Product Shop example provided? The Product Shop example causes 500 server error in WordPress Admin when activating the downloaded example files.

Hi, this plugin support the iDeal payment to add money to wallet? Can i force user to buy product using the wallet? Please confirm.

Can this plugin be used for Money Transfer Agency service? I need something where people create account, and fill in information of receiver and we pay cash or via bank to receiver at our other office in a different country.

Is this plugin still active?

Hello from Spain, I love your plugin … but I have installed the latest plugin update and the addons do not work for me. WPDeposit shows me this message in each of them (see link to the image). Could you fix this for me?

Thank you and happy 2018!

I’m currently uploading a fix for this. My apologies for the long delay

Perfect, thank you very much :) Best, Miguel

Is this plugin live?

live on a website or active? both yes

pre purchase question: does the demo work? is it possible to add other payment gateway?

Hello, I am thinking about buy this plugin, but before, I would like to know several doubts and needs that I have. - I need the administrator to recharge the members’ wallets, through the member number. - The products that are sold, can be purchased by weight or by a specific amount of money. - Balance of the wallet daily, for each user and the total of the day.

Can user withdraw money back to their bank accounts after they’ve deposited?

No script updates or comment updates in 6 months? Worrying…

I have had several problems with my server and even lost my Main E-mail account, so I never received any E-mail and because of other projects failed to see the problem on time. I’m trying to solve this problem asap.

Hello am looking for a plugin that does the following: 1. allow registered use manualy deposit into there account ( i will confirm payment and credit acount after they creat an payment request from there dash board) 2. allow users request for withdrawal (I will manually do that) by raising a voucher 3. allow me add interest to there balance.

wanting to charge people to sign up for subscription and charge for user to post custom post type – i use gravity forms for both subscription and use gravity forms one time payment to post plugin – how would i use wpdeposit to schieve same workflow – can’t have both – that would not work – but i want to charge $5 per post on a particular post type i can charge each time using gravity forms but how would i charge each time with wpdeposit per post ?

my plan would be they sign up and they get $10 credit for registering – then i want to charge $5 to post a custom post type called entry form using gravity forms – and i want the $5 taken from wpdeposit balance… How do i do that?

If I follow want you wish to achieve you would need, next to the WPdeposit plugin, the WPD payperpost add-on -> . You would use the WPdeposit plugin to credit users on registration and use the WPD payperpost plugin to set a price to pay for a specific page/post. Crediting a user on registration is also supported as you can see on this screenshot ->

Also – I’m wanting to charge and allow payment with wpdeposit on gravity form payment – any ideas if this is doable and or on a roadmap. I don’t want to make a product but simply pay on form or maybe pay to post will work as the payment in form creates post when submitted – can you post demo or link showing this pay to post example. looks like demo is not working either

I am interested in this product.


After updating in 2018,

There is no update after that.

Do you plan to update this?

I updated it a few months ago I believe. some small updates/fixes are still planned. so long term this is still being updated. I also plan a major update around the start of next year (January/February), I’m planning on changing the core of the plugin, rewrite a few things and also move all the add-ons in the main plugin as it caused a lot of confusion. It will also be easier to maintain and update

Does this plugin work with the latest version of wordpress?

I have not tested with the very latest version yet. will keep you posted on that

Cannot use assign-op operators with string offsets in installed and activated but not working… fatal error… Any progress with confirming plugin is updated with latest version of wp

Please test/update..

sorry for the delay. I’m currently running the WPdeposit using PHP7 and WP 5.3.2 and having a look around to see what problems there are.

I’m also currently helping another client who contacted me trough E-mail. Send me a message through my profile and I will help you getting the plugin running

Hello. Greetings from Mexico! I hope you are OK! It seems you have the pluggin I need. Nevertheless I would like to be sure. Your Demo link is not working… Can you please be so kind to check it for me? Thank you! Have a nice day!

Greetings to you. For the time being I will not bring back the Demo. When the Demo was up it was heavily abused (in a bad way) so I might make the Demo request only.

Ok, I understand.I wish I couls see your features… in your screens you share you do not show how can somebody buy a product into Woocommerce, then paying with credits… This is what I need to see. Thank you anyway.

No problem, send me a message through my profile and I will send everything you need through E-mail