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uWebic I need some hep with the wp deposit plugin please help because the plugin does not support refunds from woocommerce. I also would like the stripe payment gateway added i am willing to pay for these addons or if you can update the plugin i will love you so much more thank you. Your the best and if you want me to purchase the addons i will gladly do so, contact me bennet_2000@hotmail.com

Dear Sir/Madam,

In the comments I saw that some years ago a customer had asked for the ability to allow negative balance, so that the customer can still purchase if he has no funds and then he can add funds later.

Has this feature been added please?

Thank you

Hi, pre-sale questions : - Is it possible to custom discounts according to user deposits ? (I’ve checked that you proposed many hooks and functions) ?

Thank you very much :-)

1) Yes we have a bonus option in the plugin. When you add the payment options there is a field which you can specify an extra bonus a user might receive when depositing a specific amount.

2) We only have specific payment gateways for the moment. You can always contact me through my profile to discuss a custom integration.

Hi, uWebic. Thank you for your reply.

That’s a good new. But how many time and how much could it cost to make a custom integration ? Me alone I can’t do that. I’ve knowledge in PHP but I’ve never coded something like that (payment gateways). It is for a customer so I can’t make mistakes, do you understand ?

You can contact me through my profile to discuss the details.

You are currently in test mode??? I can’t turn it off?

Also when want to do withdrawal it says: Invalid address??? Last update?

I have mailed you the last version in the ticket you send.

Did a CLEAN WP installation with only installed: - Woocommerce - WPDeposit

Everything works, untill I want to do a withdrawal it gives this ERROR saying: Invalid address??

I answered your ticket. Further help will be provided there


See my response in your ticket. Problems you encountered prior to the expiration will be resolved.

Received File, will test later today and let you know. Luckely you’re still alive :)

Many thanks!

Satisfied as always, thanks again!

can deposit funds be used for automatic payments on woocommerce subscription products?

There is no automatic option. only a payment option is added on the checkout page. But I might look into this.


- I tried BITCOIN as currency, but can’t donate e.g. 0.001, 0.99, 0.01. or 0.000334 BTC since doesn’t allow that values? Could this be fixed or just not possible I was wondering?

- Stripe payment gateway coming too in update? - Which IDEAL provider I must or can use?

BUG? :

- When selecting multiple payment gateways, only PayPal is working, even if I select BANK incl IBAN nr. it doesn’t work?!?

no I did not :S

Oh i did receive through my ticket system.

.....found any solution yet?

This plugin not work with WPD Payperview add-on.

I will have a look but could you specify what exactly is not working?

Oh yes I see what you mean now. I will fix this asap

I uploaded the fixed plugin and it is currently in review. You will be notified of the update if you have selected the option to be notified.


Can this plug-in will allow customers to do automatic deposit every month?

So what I’m trying to accomplish is, customer sets up a automatic deposit to his account every month of certain amount and then they can spend that money on purchasing any products in our store…

Will this plugin accomplish the workflow above?


As of this moment there is no automatic deposit integration. But it is on my list.

That is the only feature that is preventing me from buying this plugin… Looking forward to it.

Why am I getting Address Error anytime i try to withdraw money. Also i cannot generate deposit pdf report. I t laways opens a page saying it can be accessed.

I have replied to your ticket

Hello uWebic, i have issues wit the plugin. I sent a mail but not replied. Kinldy email me here ankboateng@gmail.com lets resolve my issues. Thanks


- Since PayPal takes a fee of every transaction how to solve: I want to top up $100, but PayPal takes 3%, how to compensate this fee with CREDITS, if I WANT 100 CREDITS??

- Where to change text in generated PDF of remove it?

....text in generated PDF = SOLVED!

Hi, how does account withdrawal work? Via bank deposit? Thanks

A fucking waste of money on a broken plugin. Thanks for nothing.

Since last updates: The withdraw doesn’t work…”invalid address” and also the paypal deposit is stuck in sandbox mode.

Since last updates: The withdraw doesn’t work…”invalid address” and also the paypal deposit is stuck in sandbox mode.

Pre-sales Question -

We have a platform where we pay users a small amount of money for doing gigs. We have a list of paypal ids and would like an automated way of paying money to these users. It would be great if users can see their balance as well. Can your plugin support something like this? We are willing to pay extra if any customization needs to be done to support our requirements.


hi, can i combine this wallet with another payment method? if the amount in the wallet not enough. thanks


I’ve just bought the WP Deposit system plugin. Please send me the Guidelines/ Documentations for SETTING UP the plugin so that it can run on my site. Thanks.

I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards,

Mega Tjandra

Is there any support or development for this plugin at all? Latest blog post on official page is from 2013. I’d like to see some features like list of people who donated me. To be able to donate not only the money, but rewards as well. I’m missing public lists of latest deposits / withdrawals / donations. There is a bug in .pdf generator in € symbol(showing complete nonsens). Can’t figure why CSS is fixed to always be at the top of the page. Can’t add any content before your shortcode. Great plugin however I’d say its finished less than 50%

Thank you for your reply

Hi! paypal deposit is stuck in sandbox mode. tell me how to fix this. and I am currently in test mode. I can’t turn it off. -Thanks