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So I setup the WP Shopper and after setting up the pages, I am receiving an error :

Warning: Missing argument 1 for ProductsController::template_get_product(), called in /homepages/37/d532526205/htdocs/xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxx/wp-content/themes/vantage/shopper_product_detail.php on line 15 and defined in /homepages/37/d532526205/htdocs/xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxr/wp-content/plugins/wpd-shopper/controllers/products.php on line 126 Error: Product not found

what seems to be the error, yes I do have a couple of products setup. :crying: :crying:

Sorry for the long delay. Did you generate the custome template views?

Why nothing happens when we hit product link?

I found an issue. Go to your current active theme and open shopper_product_detail.php. in there change the word $obj->template_get_products() to $obj->template_get_product(). I will fix this in the next update but whoever generated those template files will still have to fix it manually

i cant make product and category

Sorry i must have missed your comment. If you have problems you can contact us through our profile (or directly at krike06[at]gmail[dot]com)

Having issues here too, can anyone help out, clicking on Product link takes you no where but loads and stays in the same pages again. Kindly anticipating a prompt response soon. Thanks

Thanks, I finally got it working..

If that wasn’t the issue what did you do to fix your problem?

Yes, that was the issue, Exactly what you said about is what I did to get it working, though I did something else before when trying to fix it so when I then Implemented your suggestions, it didn’t work because of what I did before but When I finally saw what I did trying to fix things, I returned it back and it worked, once again Thanks.

same issue as kacyblack clicking on Product link takes you no where and stays in the same pages …

yes i did but not working i was sent you message from your support form with logins .. please look into that if can be fixed or i have to switch to another solution

Strange I did not receive any email. could you send those messages directly to krike06[at]gmail[dot]com. I think we have a few issues with our e-mail adres.

I found the issue. Go to your current active theme and open shopper_product_detail.php. in there change the word $obj->template_get_products() to $obj->template_get_product(). I will fix this in the next update but whoever generated those template files will still have to fix it manually

Request of feature: 1. Considering to define max number of product availabilty 2. In demo i’ve seen that when the user would purchase the item it’s viewed the mesage no enough balance to buy this, without chance to make a payment. Please Make possible to do this like envanto that offers a discounted rate to force to make a deposit.

Thank you for these suggestions. I will have a look at them for the next version.

I think that these Product is still really much under Development as it is giving me more issues beyond taking another chance. 1. If someone is not Logged In and tries to buy, it will tell the person you don’t have sufficient funds to Buy this Product INSTEAD of telling the Person to Login first before attempting to Buy.

2. When Adding Product Details like Description, Tags and Images, they automatically disappears, I don’t know where the challenge might be form if it’s from my Installation of WordPress or

3. If one doesn’t have sufficient Funds to buy a Product, the Alert should tell the Person to Add Funds to his/her Account in other to be able to proceed and buy whatever he/she wanted to Buy.

4. If the Product is being view in Mosaic View instead of List view from the Product listing page, it shows a blurred icon or shrink icons of the Product. Is there a Specification for the Thumbnail size that will show well on both views or?

5. The tell a Friend Button pops up the useless outlook mail from my System and that alone sucks, will I be using Outlook to refer a Friend?

6. The Tweet Button doesn’t work, it loads and stops

7. The Facebook Share Button doesn’t share the Product but shares the Product Detail Page which happens to be a 404 error Page not found as a page like that doesn’t exist.

8. Please before counting more can you help me and shed some lights as regarding the list I have put up here MAYBE the challenges might be from my end. THANKS

I will look into this asap

I just installed the add on and i am having this messege in the main wpd shopper: The WPdeposit plugin is not up to date. The last version is 1.9, you are running 1.10.1. Please go to Codecanyon to download the latest version.

Note! Since version 1.5 the WPdeposit (and the latest version of all the addons) support automatic updates. All new version of our plugins will be easily updatable from the plugin or update page of your Wordpress site.

Cant do anything …

I have been inactive for a long period for reasons beyond my control, I am gathering feedback of the last past months and will update the plugin based on that. If you still wish to receive support (free of charge) you may contact me through my profile