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1-Demo not working ? 2- can the Admin Pay to users for every post ?? tha is what i need

The demo seems to work fine. But you can only buy a post once per user. so if you login with demo/demo you cannot really test it properly. You can always request a custom login to test.

The plugin however does not pay a user for a post. But we might create such a plugin in the near future.


When a user buys a post, is there an option to have that purchase expire after some time? So like the user only has access to that post for, say, 1 hour, and then they would have to purchase again?


is there a way to limit the access in the time ? E.G. access provide for 24hours only ?

Currently no. But it’s a good suggestion so we will implement it


Does this plugin ask the user to pay to POST a page, or pay to VIEW a page?

Pay to view a page

Are you supporting this plugin still? Is it compatible with the current version of wordpress? Looking for something solid.. Thanks!

Yes this plugin is still supported and should be compatible with the latest version of Wordpress.

if this can be integrated with other than paypal like payza or 2co or skrill or propay please reply must

Can it set a time limit for accessing even it’s paid?