WpCourses Pro

WpCourses Pro

Now WpCourses is Woordle.

Woordle is a plugin for Wordpress that manages online school. With it you can sell your course using WooCommerce, and generate your classes with Moodle.

Updated version to 1.2.8

Fixed all bugs that prevented working with the newest versions of WordPress and Moodle. Tested with WordPress 5.2. and 5.4 and Moodle 3.8.

Coming soon Woordle 2.0

We are working on a more robust and more personalized version of Woordle.

What to expect from the next version:

  • Best interface in the admin panel
  • Customizing templates for courses
  • A faster and safer plugin.

Working with Woocommerce:

  • Update name, price, and direct category in the course dashboard.
  • You can apply promotions and discount coupons
  • Sell ​​the courses with the half payment you wish.
  • Self approval of registrations when the pagemento is completed.

Working with Moodle:

  • You can work with all course formats.
  • Best way to work with classes. You can work with groups, or Cohort.
  • Moodle autologin, your students can log in to Moodle with just one click.
  • More control in the enrollments. You can set them to be approved by a moderator.
  • Teacher registration.

Current version 1.2.8