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I cant get this plugin to install properly and I would like to request a refund, how can we go about this process?

Hello. We can help you set up Wp Courses. We can see its installation.

That would be greatly helpful and appreciated! Could you please email me at so that we may get started on this process please? When you email, tell me what you need so that we can get started immediately when I email you the response!

Thank you in advance and I am really looking forward to your reply and ultimately having this plugin working at 100%

Hi. Ok. And sent Mail.

Support page does not work. I bought this plugin and it does not work. I need urgent help My email:

hi, i at send email for you. thanks

Support Page NOT work . I bought this plug -in and it does not work . I need urgent Help My email : I would like to request reimbursement um , we How to go about this process ?

hi, send one email for envato and request you refund. thanks.

Hello, the description of plugin is poor, you can send more details of features and resources?

Hi, how are you? You can see more details in the documentation of plugin:

This plugin doesn’t work at all – poor documentation

I bought this plugin, and I installed it following every step, but it doesn’t work. The categories synch with moodle (That’s what it says) but it gives me errors when I create classes. It doesn’t even create the class, which it’s handled as single post. You create the class, and when you publish it and want to see it gives you a 404 Error.

The documentation shows v.1.2 and in wordpress v 1.0 ….....? I just bought this plugin couple of hours ago. Please help or otherwise I need a refund.


What does this mean….? you prefer a refund than helping… really?

I’d rather help you much but you seemed determined to repayment. But let’s go. What is the problem you are having with WpCourses?

Hi, friend, how are you? You could install Wp Courses? this still having problems?

Hello, Does it support Wordpress 4.6 and Moodle 3? What’s exactly supported moodle and wp versions?

hi, sorry for the delay. I tested WpCourses with WP 4.6 and Moodle 3.0

Hi, is it possible to filter questions by tag? Can I do a students performance analysis relating wrong answers by tags? Thank you!

Sorry, currently the WpCourses don’t to do it. I’m working in a new version. I’ll be check about that.