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Looks Good – Good luck with sales.

Thanks @iFreelancerAsia

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)

Thanks @adamthemes

It looks good. Considering to buy this but after adding one basic required option.

Is it possible to enhance search filter? Just add an option for ‘advance search’ and it’ll show more options related to the category type. For example, when you select ‘car’ category, it should show all the auto mobiles added in the list and by using the ‘advanced search’ option, search can be filtered accordingly.

You already have options available while adding a new product and it shows in the post as well, all you can add those options in the search filter according to the category type.

I believe it’s a basic requirement and you’ll be asked to add this option from many others as well, it’ll help you to increase your sale as well.

Waiting for your reply. Also looking forward to buy it once the ‘advance search’ filter is add.

Best of luck. Bye.

Hi, I have also noticed that there is payment option available. So if anyone is interested to set his / her post as a featured post how would he / she be able to pay for it?

Hi Sherazmudabbar! We are already working on advance search with according to dynamic custom fields also the featured option is in process will update new version soon.

Thanks for showing your interest in our plugin

Hi Sherazmudabbar! I have added the advanced search filters into plugin you can check it working in demo.

I like your plugin and will purchase it soon. But at this time I request the feature “Report” button so people can click report if find the bad post. The feature ADS and payment for it like Sherazmudabbar requested also great too.


Hi gimefree! We have considered your suggestion and will be added in upcoming update!

Thanks for showing your interest in our plugin

Hello @gimefree! the “Report this Ad” feature has been added you can check it working in demo.

Thanks @hedygraphics

HIGHLY INTRIGUED. May come back for this soon! Demo makes it look solid.

Currently we dont have this option but have considered it and will be adding in our next update.

I realized it was not currently available, and was recommending it as it would be very very useful :) I will be adding to my cart, thanks!!!

Thanks for purchasing! Let me know if you need any help.

hi dear, till what level we can go in advance search? demo user and login details are available but demo link is not therer

Hello @Imiustad! The preview link is already there under the banner on item detail page, I also added it into the description above the user and login.

The advance search is totally up to you. When you are adding the custom field for specific type you can select whether to show that field into search or not.

is this one compatable with woocommerce?

Hello @khoyotalmajd! It will not conflict with the woocommerce plugin you can run both of them at same time.

hi can we select cars then theme display only carmakes after select one of them like audi theme display only aud models sam ewith all other makes and with bikes truck alo same after select bikes plugin display bikemakes like kawasaki yamaha then after select suzuki we can see only suziki models like gsxr 600, 750, 1000 because now i see cars then audi but dont see models

hmm i donw know if you understand you explain that we make vehicle type automobili and then add subcategory cars bikes but custon field for parent categroy with models so we have 1000 different models of all carmakes thi si s not waht wew want wqe want again plkease read exact and answer yes or not possibel we want vehicletype cars with categories like audsi bmw ford… after peopel select cars should see only cateogories for cars audi bmw ford not for bikes or trucks then after select aud should see custom field with audi models like a1 a2 a3 a4 if seleect bmw should see onlöy cusatom field with bmw models 316 318 325 m3 ….

i see adsvanced search fields change after seleect parent category like cars but after select bmw same field like for other makes and thi sfields should be differetn per make not for cars i mena one field for models should chanfge all other fields can stay

Hello @robertnbg! If you want to use this plugin for only “vehicles” then yes it is possible but if you want the other types like Property, Fashion, Pets etc Then its not possible. Can explain to you if you want to use it only for vehicles.

Considering buying this plugin as I really like the map feature, however your demo shows the price as the title in the listings. Is it possible to set something other than the price as the title? ... Such as the actual title, perhaps? I’d still like the price to show, but not as the title. That’s rather weird.

Having some serious issues getting this to work right and documentation doesn’t have anything pertaining to these problems. First, how do we create a dashboard page such as on your demo? How about the popup login/register box? (is that a separate plugin?) Finally, I added a single item to my classifieds to test. Via shortcodes, I was able to create a page with map and listing, however when clicking on the item to see details, I get a 404-not found error.

Hello @dmdstar please send me message here https://codecanyon.net/user/nyro009 and I would love to help you with all the issues you are having, also will implement the update you asked for.

Done. Thanks!

very interested. can user add html in description? can videos be embedded?

Hi Flippn! Thanks for showing your interest in our plugin. Right now adding the html and video isn’t allowed but we can help you with that if you purchase the plugin.

hi, I bought this plugin yesterday. i tried to make it work and look like yours. But to much avail and effort working whole night im unable to do anything with it. im unable to make this plugin work, i have tried everything and Nothing seems to work correctly.

can u send me link to the documentation,

my email: jesuismykul@gmail.com

Hi jesuismike! Thanks for purchasing the plugin. I have sent you an email please do reply to that and I will do my best to help you with any issue you are having regarding the plugin.

I am looking to create specific forms for different types of listings. one may be a car, another a pet and another an event.

When I create custom fields for each type do I have the options to choose the field type and options available for them to select from a drop down?

Can it be set as a multi-select or a single item select option?

Is there a corresponding layout manager that allows me to show where I want the collected data to show on the listing page that is rendered on the front end of the site when someone is viewing the add?

For instance may I ask for a youtube url and then on the layout page I configure the code where I want to insert the url that was provided to me within a url embed code with a token that gets replaced within the embed code.

What is up with presale support? Can you please give me an answer to my questions?

Hi, I’m trying to make car & car parts sale classifieds, but I’m stuck a little bit.

My first problem is subcategories.

I have created Cars (Types). Then I created (Categories) like BMW, Audi, etc. And the thing I need is models (Subcategories or children), like BMW 530, BMW 730, etc when BMW is selected.

Please help.

remove this junk demo, it affected my browser with viruses

Hi, your demo nothing work. Thanks

Demo doesn’t work. I take it that this is no longer being maintained then? If not, maybe remove it from here.

I think your plugin is not working good since your demo has been down for quite some time and there has been no response to questions that you have been asked. If this is the case, remove this so that people don’t waste their time!!

Hello, I am developing a classified ads site and i came across your plugin but i want to ask. 1. can i add another payment solutions that is not papal for premium ads? 2. I want to integrate escrow in my classified ads site. Will your plugin suppport it? finally 3. I cant seem to see some features like, filter, map, etc for in the demo site.