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Hi I love this plugin but I have a problem at the top of my home page it says WpChats instead of the sites homepage how can I fix this?

Hello somtmes when useres try to send a message they get a error sending message

Hi, i just bought and installed your plugin, is very nice. I have a group of user with one admin and others are members. I would like to be able to share messages with all members and, at same time, have chanche to have one to one conversation. Is possible to do that? Thanks

I have to wait months before your answer?

To clarify before I investigate this plugin further…can users send messages to offline users? In the demo, it doesn’t appear to allow that.

hi can i chat with client on my iphone or any device and can this do random call agent?

Hi, 1. Please can can i display buddypress profile e.g About me, to where you have the wpchat ” This user has not provided information about them”. I would love to show that of buddypress instead

2. How to display or default sort by “recent activity” instead of alphabetically.

Hi, Like this plugin. I have question. (a) can this plugin extend with WP REST API for iOS and Andorid APP (b) do you do some customization ?

demo does not work