WpChats PRO - WordPress live chat and instant messaging plugin with user profiles

WpChats PRO - WordPress live chat and instant messaging plugin with user profiles

WpChats 3.0 WpChats 3.0

WpChats PRO is an ultimate WordPress plugin powering instant chat and private messaging on your WordPress blog.

Along with the messaging tool, WpChats 3.0 now comes with user profiles, much more flexible and seo friendly, AJAX’d all the way.

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WpChats 3.0: What’s new?

Say, everything’s new. We have rewritten the plugin from scratch and brought much cool features:

  • Fast, flexible, AJAX powered interface
  • Translation ready with RTL support
  • Messages attachements upload feature
  • Conversations muting and messages forwarding
  • Messages composing made easy
  • Flexible user profiles with search feature, blocking, banning, preferences..
  • Easy-to-extend profiles, to add more generic user information and data
  • Profile tabs, to add custom tabs with custom content on the go
  • Editable profiles with extensible sections, cover photos, notifications and preferences..
  • User stats
  • User site and email notifications
  • 5+ WpChats widgets
  • Ultimate users widget to list users with custom tabs and search feature
  • Moderation panel to moderate flagged items, watch conversations, add or remove moderators, ban/unban users, and much more..
  • Custom user roles with custom capabilities and limitations (e.g limit messages, uploads and reports)
  • Admin overview stats and useful data
  • Settings panels to set messages settings, users, roles, mailing, translations, ajax and much more..
  • Fast and optimized, caching included..
  • There are much more cool features you should be discovering as you use WpChats to power messaging on your WordPress installation. Give it a go!

    WpChats is a standalone plugin, no other plugins are required to use WpChats features, all you need is a WordPress blog with more than a user, then you are ready to go!

    PHP requirements: 5.3.* at least (anonymous functions used)

    Please note that we are going to put together an official website for more documentation, screenshots, tutorials and customization tips so stay tuned!

    Please try the demo before you make your purchase. If you have any questions the feel free to list them in the comments section or reach out to us privately here. For support, visit the support forums at


    3.0.1 – Fixed couple bugs related to caching, admin, and few more improvements — July 7, 2016 – Fixed couple bugs — June 24, 2016

    3.0 – a new WpChats WordPress plugin with user profiles and much more features. — June 15, 2016

    2.0 – Translation-ready, RTL support, Added audio embeds in chat, improved integration with bbPress/BuddyPress, Link/redirect profiles to author archives or bbPress/BuddyPress profiles, Added few hooks and filters for easily extending and customizing the plugin, and much more.. — Dec 27, 2015

    0.2 – added more quick features, such as the ability to go offline or online, allow that for site users or limit it to admins only. Modified the main script file and dropped some deprecated jQuery functions and replaced them… — Dec 3, 2015

    0.1 – initial release — Nov 3, 2015