Discussion on WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress

Discussion on WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress

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Hi there,

The plugin was inlcuded in my theme and this is no support question!

Its a feature request: Can you please add the ability to add a id to rows?

This is very important for one page layouts, with links to each row.

Thank you Zoker

We will think about that. We don’t want to add option for IDs because IDs should be unique and there’s a human factor and some users by mistake can use same ID multiple times, especially after row duplication for example…

Hey Guys!

Quick question…been using VC for a long time now. This is the first time I am using it on a site with a SSL Certificate.

When I make a button, and add a page link, none of the page links work. Has anyone ran into this issue before? If so, is there a solution?

Thanks for any and all help in advance!

Sounds like a server configuration problem. We are using WP dialog box for link selection (same as wordpress is using). Please open support ticket so we could see that on the live (dev) site.

We encountered a problem between Visual Composer and WPML Multilingual CMS. With this plugin active Visual Composer does not work.

Soon we will have a programming session with WPML programmers to make VC compatible.

Hi, how can I create a custom button color?

You should extend default button element with new color name and then add css styles for that button.

This was sent to me in response to not being able to update VC 4.0.1

If you want to set automatic update – first go to Settings/Visual Composer/Product License. Fill in all required fields, press ‘Save’ and then ‘Activate’. After that go to Plugins/Installed plugins and instead of ‘Download from CodeCanyon’ you will see automatic update notification. Click the link for update to get installed.

When I log into CodeCanyon I see Settings, but not Visual Composer and Product License after I go to my settings. The settings only has information of my company, where I live, and a place to download pictures.


Here how you can find secret api key:

And here you can find info regarding item verification code:

NightMARE since update to 4.1…can t get the short code to work on texeditor. text editor goes blank when rying to back to previous version. 4.1.1 ….just makes the all Word press goes crazy. so i manage to install at the end of the day version 4.0.5 now any time i m making an upade on my page i get this error message: “Your page layout was created with previous Visual Composer version. Before converting your layout to the new version, make sure to read this page. Convert to new version” i did convert but it goes on any new update of course, no answer from support team at WPBakery Support and nothing on the Theme side of the problem just stuck in the midde for 2 days after spending 60$ on a theme and 30$ on the new version of visual composer TX, great work

Everything will be back to normal soon. Sorry for the problems.

Hi There

vc_remove_element not working with your own shortcodes.

- Dzung

I tried custom element in my functions.php. But it not work with me also.

Fixed in 4.1.2

Hey guys. I need some help.

Since i installed 3.9WP my texteditors from visual composer are blanc…there are no options and the text is white…. How can i fix it? The second Problem is: i have visual compser 3.7.4. it was in my WP theme that i bought on this site called “AVIAN”. was it just a testversion? did i have to buy that visual composer now? pls help guys =/

PS: sry for my bad english

Please make sure to use latest VC 4.1.2 version it is taking care of that.


Prblem with latest 4.1.1 :

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homez.502/buzness/www/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/composer/lib/mapper.php on line 147

Four od this line appear in my home before my header as in this shot :



Please make sure to use latest VC 4.1.2 version it is taking care of that.


since I upgraded to the latest the7 version 4.1.1 opn just one page the visual composer always asks me to convert the page to the the new version. (All other pages are working fine). If I click yes I can edit the page. After Updating the Page and reloading the message comes again. Neverending story… Please help!


unfortunatley it still does not work. Using last version 4.1.2

If you previously saved your page after it promted you to convert it, then you should: a) recreate your page from blank or b) use WP revisions mechanism to revert back to the last working version. Sorry for the hassle

ok. not very convenient, but anyway, thanks for your response.

great plugin, can you tell me how to create homepage builder with this or have any document about this (that help me to create homepage builder)

Hi, please have a look at this video: I hope you will find it helpful.

Hi, I update plugin to new version and my function vc_add_param return error : Wrong name for shortcode: shortcode_name. What I do wrong, why before everything worked?

Please make sure to use latest VC 4.1.2 version it is taking care of that.

Hey Mixey. vc_map_update not working with your own shortcodes.

Please make sure to use latest VC 4.1.2 version it is taking care of that.

hi, since the upgrade of wp 3.9 and the new version of visual composer (3.9 ready) , when I want to update something (html module for example) , the browser hangs and I have to restart the browser. This is only for pages with the visual composer plugin. Then later on, it ask if I want to convert my page layout to the new VC version. When I click yes, then everything is messed up. I’ve got a fast moving website with 700+ webpages that are updated daily so this is a big problem for me.

Can you help me? thanks Gille

For now, with the latest update (19-04-14), everything works again. I keep you updated.

Hi, how much RAM does VC use? I am having problems with a theme I bought which includes the VC and the backend theme controls disable when Woocommerce is activated – apparently my client’s package has too little ram to cope with the VC and Woo. Please advise, I am currently tearing my hair out trying to find another theme to do what I need without VC!! Thanks in advance… :)

I can’t tell how much ram it takes, but I can assure you that very small percentage of users are struggling from low server resources. And also one of the next major updates will be aimed at performance questions.

hmm… all I know is that the author of the theme said I needed to ask the hosting company to increase the ram allocation to have both running and working. They would increase it to 2MB but at a considerable cost to my client (who doesn’t want to pay it). So the allocation is less than 2MB I guess, and it’s not enough. Do you know when thte next update is likely to be? Thanks also for your response :)

It’s scheduled within the next month.

Hello there,

I am unfortunately not able to install the latest version (5.1.1) provided with the “chariot” template. On plugin activation it stops with a “plugin can not be activated because it created a fatal error”. WP debug doesn’t show any detailed error. Any suggestions?

and it’s a WP 3.9 installation.

you fixed my column row padding/margin issue in one of the latest patches!!!

Awesome!! Thank you, thank you… now I can finally use the theme without being worried.

Thank you for your patience and you are welcome!


I purchased 7theme.

I want apply “gravity forms” in Visual Composer.

What should I do?

@davidossahdez Thank you. Worked perfectly.


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