Discussion on WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress

Discussion on WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress

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Is it possible to have 5 columns for the Teaser (post) grid?

Many thanks.

Hi, no 1/5 columns aren’t available.

Hi there. Great Plugin. I currently have it within a theme that I purchased at themeforest. Quick question, is there any intention of supporting a 5 column layout. Currently when i try to use a 5 column layout it stacks or goes one on top of the other. Any quick fix for this?


We are using 12 column based layout, and I’m afraid there’s no way of adding 5 column layout.

for some reason every combo of custom columns works except for 5 columns. Is this a known bug?

Hi, we rely on Bootstrap principles which do not allow to use 5 columns. Bootstrap is based on 12/12 grid system so please build your layout according to their standards.

Hi, is there a simple way to create a page with 5 columns using visual composer. I tried this method but it doesnt seem to work

Hi, Since we are using 12 column grid system from Bootstrap there’s no way to create 5 columns. Sorry.


would it be possible for getting Posts Grid for odd columns: 3 or 5, in masonry style? Moreover, where to look for styling the columns?

My client needs the post-grid in 5 columns (“even” is inauspicious). (Options are 1,2,3,4,6). I first choose 6, then using classic editor, change value to 5 and the vertical grid changes to horizontal. Even if I change the options between Masonry & Fit posts, does not change orientation.

The thing is that it’s impossible to create 5 columns in bootstrap. they are using 12 columns grid system and there’s no number that can divide it evenly in 5 columns.

Hi there, for sure you´ve been asked that many times but I rly don´t want to read all of the comments before me. Is it possible to have 1/5 columns? Thank you very much, Michael

1/5 column isnt possible. We are using 12 columns grid. So you partial (1/x) should divide 12 without remainder.


Great plugin – thank you.

Is there a way to have a custom 5 column custom layout?

1/5 + 1/5 + 1/5 + 1/5+ 1/5 does not appear to work? I can have either 4 or 6, but not 5 columns

Many thanks

Hi, I know that there isn’t a 5 column option in the layout, but is there a workaround to add a 5 column layout? Is this a planned update in the future? Thanks


Right now column count is limited due to the design restrictions. If we’ll add more buttons (to switch row layouts) there will be no place for them at the top. And yes, this is planed. We are going to redesign that part a bit, so more columns could fit.

I need 1/5 columns for the site layout. it works?

THis might be a stupid question, but can I do 5 column layouts? I see 1/4 and 1/6.


Have one question. How can I create 5 column layout? Tried 1/5 + 1/5 + 1/5 + 1/5 + 1/5 but it does’t seems to work. Any clues?


Grid system that is used doesn’t have 1/5 option. It’s based on 12 columns. 12/5=2.4 (should be whole number).

Just bought it, seems great so far. But…. How do I make 1/5 columns? I have 5 members of the Team that need to be on a single row.


Hello. I am not able to make a row with 1/5 columns. I would like 5 columns. Is this going to be possible in an update? It seems there are some column counts that are not supported right now. I’m using this in the Salient theme. Thanks.

Hello, in terms of grid we rely on Boostrap and currently they do not have solution for 1/5 – they rely on 12/12 grid principles so you should look into this. Once Bootstrap will introduce 1/5 column we will adapt to it as well.

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Wow, that’s a bummer. So many more layouts are possible with alternate column counts like 1/5. Well I look forward to either a bootstrap update or a proprietary VC grid system.

Hi, is it possible to create 5 columns in VC? Will this feature be available in the future update?

Hi, We rely on boostrap grid logic and there’s no option to create 5 column layout.

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Support staff of the “the7” theme who have Visual Composer bundled with their theme is telling us that VC does not support 1/5 + 1/5 + 1/5 + 1/5 + 1/5 columns. Is this correct?

Thank you, DesignPoint

Yes this is correct, since VC is using 12 column grid where 1/5 are not possible.

How can I get support for 1/5 or 1/6 columns? With a new project I am working on I need 1/5 columns for the site layout. Is this something you are planing on adding or is there a way I can enable this?

Hi, At the moment smallest column is 1/4, but I’m planning to add more sizes in the future.

Sorry, there’s no easy way of adding that on your own.

There is no element for the revolution slider and I can’t add images from the Frontend editor. Please help

Also how do I add 5 columns?

Hi, regarding revolution slider – once you install revolution slider – the element will appear automatically then within your VC element menu. As for 5 columns – we rely on Bootstrap grid principles which currently do not have solution for adding 5 equal columns in a single row.

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For some reason the “Duplicate” icon for widgets no longer works. I’m working locally and can not share a link sorry.

Also is there anyway we can create a 5 column row?


Why does a 5 column grid not work?

Hello, The 5 column layout is not supported by the grid used to render the columns and hence it is not supported.

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Hi, I’m using the7 theme which contains your visual composer. I have a question about 5 columns in a row – Is there really no way to make it ? I found this tutorial and it shows it is possible. I’ve tried it on my page and it doesn’t work. How it is possible that it works on the tutorial video ?

Hi, in terms of row/column we rely on Bootstrap principles, so there is restrictions from their side on 5 equal columns. The tutorial might work on earlier versions of VC, now we have aligned VC to Bootstrap even more, so this workaround may not work.

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