Discussion on WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress

Discussion on WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress

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Does it work with free themes like twenty eleven, Wp estore and WP emember plugins?

Yes it does.

Do you have any of the older visual composer where you can click the arrows to tell which element is to be a certain width? I don’t like the new version as much. I’m sorry

No we don’t track older versions. Backups should be performed on the user’s site.

Amazing plugin!!!! I love what you guys have done with this plugin. Would I be able to add icons to the tour section and the accordion sections?


We are thinking about adding this. So thanks for the nice words, and stay updated :)


I have inserted image gallery, but I am unable to add image. Nothing happens when I click on the plus grey box

Sounds like a javascript conflict. Could you share your login details with me?

p.s. makes sure you are using latest wp + visual composer version, disable 3rd party themes and plugins, to see if it makes any good.

It worked dev server – wp 3.5.1, I am not willing to upgrade my live site to 5.3.1, is there a work around it?

I’m afraid but no


Is it possible to have 5 columns for the Teaser (post) grid?

Many thanks.

Hi, no 1/5 columns aren’t available.


I’ve already written this text but it’s on page 82 and maybe you didn’t see it

Well, I still have the problem of Tabs.

Of course I know there’s a conflict with another plugin “HTML 5 video player”, but maybe you have news about it.

There’s one difference since the update of HTML 5 plugin: before all the tabs were off and now the first tab of a page is running but only this one and no other one.

It’s promising for the next 20th updates…

By reading the other questions, it seems that this issue occurs sometimes.



Hi Jean, I tested this with HTML 5 video player (that I’ve found on and I didn’t see any problems. What exact stapes should I do to recreate that?


It’s a private site, so I can’t give the URL here

But if you wish, I can send you the URL and ID in a private email and you’ll see what I mean



Sure, send them over. There’s a contact form on my profile page. Don’t forget to include problem description again.


my client loves visual composer. thanks much!!! is it possible to add captions to the images in the gallery element?


Thanks for the nice words! Currently this isnt possible, sorry.

If you don’t want it to be responsive, is there a way to change this?


In Settings->Visual Composer there’s a checkbox to disable responsivness.

Hi, great plugin…

For the teasers, I want the image and headline centered with smaller text. I dont know css very well therefore can you please explain and show me examples of how to add css to modify this.

I really appreciate it, thanks.



Add this into your theme’s style.css file:

.wpb_row ul.wpb_thumbnails-fluid > [class*="vc_span"] { text-align: center; }

Great plugin! I have a couple of quick questions – 1) Can I replace the divider with my own? It’s too light and I need something much bolder for my layout. How do I do this? 2) Also, how do I add styling to the divider with text? I need the text to mimic h3 in my design.

Thanks for your help!


I have replied to your email, please take a look into it.

My theme came with VC pre-installed. And since installing it I’ve created multiple pages. At this point I’m not so satisfied with the theme, so I want to switch it to something else. But I want to continue using VC with my new theme.

- Does VC work with all themes? - What do I need to do so that VC continues working with my new theme?

PS: I am wiling to purchase it separately on CodeCanyon, just want to make sure that my previous pages will continue showing and that it will work with the new theme.

Thanks for your help


VC will work with any theme. However, if your theme came with custom content elements (that are theme unique), then they will be gone. But all default VC elements will work the same way.

hi im getting this eror while trying to put masnory with filter

Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in /home/boardsho/public_html/wp-includes/taxonomy.php on line 231


wow! love the plugin

i baught it basically because of the masonry isotope

i have few probelm 1- isotpe fileter doesnt work for me 2- can i change the number of colums beyond 4 3- can i create a grid resmable like website ? how uneven grid with some of the boxes are wider than the other

4-the boxes dont resize only after i do refresh

heres alink


Hi, You have a broken shortcode at the page your provided.

I ‘ve integrated the Visual Composer in the Functions.php using your plugin with the init.php

Hi Mixey,

awesome work! I’m using it for a couple of days now and the Backend is gr8!!!

But i have a problem with the Theme-Integration: Unfortunately it writes the integration-code not in the header. It is all after the end of the page before the tag. So i can’t make layout-changes, because the style.css file is in the header.

How can i get all the files up to the header of my template?


I’m not relly happy with css files in the footer. When I load the Homepage with lower bandwith e.g. on a mobile phone, I want all the CSS to be loaded fist in the header.

How can I put all the CSS-files to the header?

I’ve also integrated VC via your code into the template. So now in the admin everything is in english, but my client needs the german one. How can I switch the language in the Wordpress backend?

There’s a problem loading translations into the plugin right now (when it’s integrated into the theme). But we’ll look into this soon.

hi befor i buy can i achieve with your plugin isotpe layout like


Hi, yes you can. Isotope filter is built into the plugin.

thanks for the replay

can it be masonry also with a screen width strech tnx

Visual Composer elements are adopting to the the container width. So If your page is 100% in width, then masonry grid will take all available space.

Thanks in advance, I love the plugin! How can I get rid of a theme’s bullets that are showing up in Visual Composer tabs and Image Galleries?

Thanks for the response. Here’s a link, it’s to a budget site:

A bullet appears on the upper left of the image gallery. Roll your mouse over the image and 2 more bullets appear on the lower left too.

Your theme is using very strange method for bullets displaying. Please try adding this css code into your theme’s style.css file.
.wpb_content_element .wpb_gallery_slides ul li:before { content: "" !important; }

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks, it worked perfectly. It’s an Artisteer based theme, just so you know.

Hi there,
Is it possible to create my own layout, then insert into your builder?
In other way: is it easy to make modification the layout on the builder?
Is this builder have a kind of generator to create layout?

Great builder, we consider to use it.


I’m not sure I understand your question.

You can create layout in VC and save it as a template. And re-use later.

Hey Buddy!

Love this plugin! How do I thicken the separator bars? Seem a bit thin

Thanks Again!


Hi and thank you! Hope you’ve rated our plugin!

Place this into your theme’s style.css file:
body .wpb_separator, body .vc_text_separator {
    border-bottom: 5px solid #F7F7F7;


I have been advised by my developer that there are 2 JS errors from visual composer that are blocking their execution. This is preventing other 3rd plarty plugins from executing.

Please see the following page for details:

The 3 images are supposed to be party of a 3rd party slider plugin. I have been advised by the developer that the errors are from visual composer.

Could you please take a look and advise what can be done.

Thank-you so much. Love the product. AMAZING.


23 days since my original post, still not resolved.

Mixey, I deactivated the visual composer plug-in, and the js errors do not appear.

It appears to be an issue with the teaser grid (isotope). If you look at this sample page the errors occur. When we have a page with no teaser posts, no errors (e.g

Please help with this asap. I really need this sorted.

Hi, I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to assist you further. This looks like a very individual problem perhaps conflict with theme.

If can share your login site details with me, hopefully I’ll find spare time to dig into this.

Never mind, I figured it out.

.wpb_content_element, ul.wpb_thumbnails-fluid > li, .last_toggle_el_margin, .wpb_button { margin-bottom: [CHANGE NUMBER HERE]px; }


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