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Sir we want indian payment gateways, Pay u money, Ccavenue, Paytm …..

please send your mail id & contact no. to info@kittysms.com

Beginers Please don’t purchase this code. This code not working… More errors

I already requested for the bugs list and i haven’t received any reply from you, i request again for the list of issues you are facing. We love our dear clients of India, we have lots of clients from India and if we will lose you, we will not be happy. So please send the list to my admin email at sugotech@gmail.com and we will get your issues fixed within a day or two. Thanks a lot for your cooperation my friend.

Sir one month back i am asking indian payment gateway, You answer razorpay gateway but i have not find indian rupees symbol or INR

I have written the answer in the recent comments :) Thanks again

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Sorry No Worker Found!

Thanks for your purchasing brother, please contact our support desk for technical guideline at https://webinane.ticksy.com, they will remove this error first and then guide you about the payment gateway that you are asking. Thanks again.

Beginers Please don’t purchase this code. This code not working… More errors

Hello KittySms can you please enlist the errors that you are facing, we promise to give you working plugin. We will be thankful if you help us improve it. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

Hello, I’d like to evaluate this plugin, but demo it’s broken right now.. can u fix it?

Sorry for the delayed response, it is working fine now. Thanks a lot :)

Have problem with plugin -WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘undefined’ in ‘where clause’] select worker from wp1cc_wst_connections where location=undefined

Don’t worry evans2016, please submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com and our team will give you its solution in the next support session. Thanks a lot :)

Hi – Having database errors that prevent me from creating anything. I opened a ticket on ticksy. Need to get this resolved asap. Thanks

Thanks for contacting us for support, can you please submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com so that our support staff can get back to you in the next support session and solve your problem immediately. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

Hi there, Pre sales questions : 1- Is it possible to skip the worker selection ? 2- Can we sync the appointments booked with a Google Calendar ? 3- Is the plugin still working with the latest version of WP ?

Thanks in advance !

I am sorry to tell you that it is not possible to skip the worker selection but you can order customization for this change. Yes we can sync the appointment from Google Calendar also it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Thanks a lot


1- Does this support for woo commerce payment.? if not is there a method to integrate it ? 2 – Is there a package system for listing services. and is there a system for getting commission to admin from each booking ?

Thank you

i seen many bugs and user reported and still the rating is low are you planning for any new update with new features. love to buy if the product gong to be in long run.

Yes we are planning a new update and we will launch its update within two weeks of time. If you have suggestions please send me, so that i can improve this product for you. Thanks a lot

this is CRAP the demo itself does not work!!!

We are about to launch its newer version in which everything will work fine. Sorry for the inconvenience but we are updating it. Thanks a lot

Your Demo website is coming up as a reported hacking site.

Answer given in the recent comment. Thanks

Your Demo website is coming up as a reported hacking site.

We have removed the error aand sent a request to Google for removing this notification. Thanks a lot for informing us about this problem.

Hello, can the plugin been used for Book online Tee time for Golf Course ? The only needed is time intrerval every 8 and 7 minutes. for example 08:00, 08:08 , 08:15, 08:23 (one available every 8 and 7 minutes) ?

Tem idioma português Brasil e moeda brasileira?

Hi mate, just wondering if it had a map view option so user could select from map instead of box… Thanks in advance.

I haven’t purchased yet… pre sales question

Hello thanks for your interest in our product, although map option is not available in plugin but if you will be more specific and clear about your requirement then we will add this feature. Thanks a lot

If you see here, book a repair. I need to recreate similar using your plugin if possible.. https://www.fonedoctor.co.uk/book-a-repair

Hi, your demo is not working… Tks!

We are trying to brimg it back on track. Thanks a lot

Interested in purchasing this plugin, but the Demo seems to have been down for an extended period of time.

We are trying to bring it back on track. We will keep you updated about the proceedings. Thanks