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Hey, first: cool App! but when i click on one post the Pictures in the post arent there Sorry for my english :)

lasblo says: “is there any estimate on how long is it going to take? Thanks for the quick support”

We predict to have this published within the next 3 to 4 months. Thank you for supporting our project :-).

Ok, thank you :)

Sure, no problem.


Do you support the Arabic language? RTL Can the installation of me I do not have experience in iPhone

If you will be OK Buy now

thank you

Hi! It should work with Arabic, yes. RTL is natively supported by iOS. Thanks for the interest.

Can you Installation me and send me app ? After the purchase?

You can purchase and use Xcode to install yourself ;-)

hi, im interested in your app design, but can you show me your demo app before i purchase?

There is a video you can watch right here on the item page above.

ADMOB can increase it?

You can add it on top of it, it’s not included. If you want we can develop that for you.

Yes, I need! In addition to pay it?

Ok, please email me at this address: hi [at] hellodev [dot] us.

Hi, can I store images from phone cam directly to wp library or as featured image? Thanks

Hi, this app is not intended to manage WordPress sites, just to show its content.

When I run this app on iPad it doesn’t fill the full screen, how to fix that? None of the heart or share buttons are working, how to fix them too?

This app supports iPhone and iPod touch only, if you want to add support for the iPad you need to tweak it yourself, no complicated job. As for the heart and share, they are dummy buttons. We are going to implement them in the upcoming releases.

Are there any instructions for this app?

Simply downloaded and tried to build the app in xcode, but came up with errors.

Please advise on how to set up the app. Thanks! :)

The app works if you run pod install from a terminal and clean the build. Did you do that?

I installed this on xcode and also installed pod on it. but there is showing error. No such module ‘Alamofire’ :shocked:

You saying you’ve installed but it states here you’ve not purchased. How is that possible? :-)

Check Invoice: IVIP7488972 and order id: 26206439 Can you elaborate how can i use this app.

You simply run pod install on a terminal inside the folder of the app to add all the dependencies. Next time please comment with the account that purchased the item please. Thank you.

Pre Puchase question : This app grap theme costum fields? and custom pages?

Sorry for the late reply, no it doesn’t. What exactly would you have in mind to do with this? A menu with pages? And where to put the custom fields?

Hey there, I got the same error No such module ‘Alamofire’ can you clarify what folder I am to be directing terminal to and the exact command?

Thanks for the quick reply, I’m getting this error in Terminal: wpapp username$ pod install -bash: pod: command not found

Here you have the instructions on how to install CocoaPods (pods): https://guides.cocoapods.org/using/getting-started.html

Thanks, CocoaPods is installed…and I’ve run pod install, got this Pod installation complete! There are 2 dependencies from the Podfile and 2 total pods installed.. I had to open the workspace file (like the video said) to compile it proper.

Thanks so much for the help.

Is there a guide, documentation, or blog that can help me understand how to customize the app and link to my blog?

I was able to find and edit the ‘Contents” file in order to connect to my blog.

My author profile and author image loads, title loads, and excerpt text load. However none of the images are loading.

Also, when I go into the Detail View of an article it only loads the title and author stub at the bottom. There is no body text that I can see. And the feature image is also not loading.

Please help!

Hi there, so sorry for the late reply. Can you please send me the URL and login details to hi@hellodev.us for me to try this out? Thank you.

When will there be a “comment on post”-feature?

Hi letsmakeitwork,

Can you be more explicit on your feature request.

Thank you for contacting us.

Not working for me out of the box. Built the app with your settings and settings from my site and I just get a white screen in the simulator. Do you have a support email address?

Hello ousnr,

Yes we have, contact us via hi@hellodev.us with the details of your problem.

Best regards.

i can’t install cocoapods and i haven’t got any coding skill please help me

i can give you my teamviewer code. Can you do that for me

i can’t test the app … it’s said “No such module ‘Alamofire’ and pod install say : The dependency `Alamofire` is not used in any concrete target. The dependency `ObjectMapper` is not used in any concrete target.

Hey I am interested in this one. Thanks for your hard work, and I wonder how can I edit it. For example, I wanna hide the author avatar because only me. And change the tab bar icon to similar to iOS default style.

“No such module ’Alamofire’ and pod install say : The dependency `Alamofire` is not used in any concrete target. The dependency `ObjectMapper` is not used in any concrete target.


ecalley Author Team


Can you provide us with some additional details, please? Where are you seeing these messages? What are you doing when you see them? Are they coming from the Warehouses plugin? Or is this related to something else?

Any additional you can provide would be helpful.



Hello, I get the error in the terminal, and in the xcode I get “No such module alamofire wppost.swift”